Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday Morning Update: Electioned and Hurricaned Out; Night of Weird Dreams Recap

A blue sky mottled with what look altocumulus clouds as seen above the Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., Sept. 10, 2016; Flickr photo by John J. Young and reposted in this CWG entry.


Brief update.

Another morning. I'm heading into work an hour late this morning.

I didn't have an opportunity to post a new entry last night, but the fact of the matter is I'm both electioned out and hurricaned out.

For the former, I'm so fed up hearing about Trump and the frickin' mainstream media treating him as anything except a dangerous lunatic in a party that's just nuts. And I ESPECIALLY don't want to hear the usual bullshit about who "won" and who "lost" last night's VP debate.

For the latter, it now looks like Hurricane Matthew will have a major impact on the Florida Atlantic coastline -- my dad may have to evacuate from his trailer in Flagler-by-the-Sea -- but for here in the D.C. area, nada (now there's a shock) ...

The hurricane is now forecasted to recurve and stall south of the Outer Banks over the weekend (and weakening over time) as it fails to get picked up by a passing shortwave to its north. This morning's forecasted track from NHC is shown above.

As for me, I got home after meeting Andrea last night -- we ended up at the Black Rooster -- and then going briefly to Dito's grotto bar, although I left as the VP debate came on. I was home and in bed by 11PM.

It was quite a series of dreams that I had throughout the night, waking up intermittently. They included the following:

... riding in a hybrid airplane/helicopter with my friend Chester over a suburban residential neighborhood until pulled over by the police. (There was a whole lot more to it that I just don't recall.)

... being in a high-rise apartment in Dallas (on the south side) at night with my mom and Ray and her pet in the form of a small hybrid bunny rabbit / cat that was running around the apartment. I then saw the radar image on TV, watching a rain shower approach from the northwest. I went outside on a tiny balcony as it started to rain.

As I looked at the city lights flung far and wide, and toward the darkened hilly terrain to the west (that doesn't exist in real life) and what appeared to be a nighttime silhouette of the Washington National Cathedral, all of a sudden, I saw below in my peripheral vision the small hybrid bunny rabbit / cat rush outside and over the edge (through the gap in the black wrought iron bars).

Unsure it the animal had fallen, I was then frantically searching the cluttered apartment for the rabbit/cat but realizing it had fallen over, only to have Ray start talking about his retirement money ...

...being in some parallel Earth in its Southern Hemisphere (seasons in reverse) on a sunny day, in a United States that had never broken away from Great Britain (I saw the Union Jack painted on a street). The dream actually started out with me being in what appeared to be a prison, except much of it was outside in a large field hemmed in by a low yellowish brick wall.

However, I was able to pass through the prison gates into freedom with a badge. Toward the "end" fo the dream, I was at a small gas station shop (which I had to enter crossing a narrow, busy highway). Someone commented that I had strange hands -- those of a Sumo wrestler (but in that case, implying I was both fat and short). The man I was with (who was my partner of some sort) made a nonchalant comment (that I can't remember) about it.

Maybe it's a dream about my notion of one day moving to New Zealand. Anyway, my alarm woke me up out of that one.

OK, that's all for now. Tonight is a gym night, so I'll post something afterwards.


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