Friday, August 12, 2016

This Lost Summer: The Ongoing Series -- Some Friday Late Morning Thoughts and Comments on the Doggiest of August Dog Days

Serene winter thoughts on the doggiest of August dog days.


Friday late morning.

I just wasn't able to post anything last night, although I had a rather good gym workout after work. And now I need to get to work. I had to finish a client task at home this morning and get it off to our partner company.

It's going to be -- already is -- an absolutely disgusting day with temperatures near 100F and high humidity (dew points well into the 70s Fahrenheit) with heat advisory criteria being met.

This photo captures my favorite kind of weather and time of year and in upstate New York.


What's more, Sterling (LWX) has actually issued an excessive heat watch for the Baltimore/Washington region for tomorrow (Saturday), meaning heat indices of 110F or higher. I know how loathe that office is to issue that particular weather product.

Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) weather advisories updated 10:18AM August 12, 2016.


There really isn't much of a chance of thunderstorms either -- and what there is this summer continues to miss shitty D.C., the worst place on Planet Earth for many reasons including meteorological and climatological.

Mount Holly / Philadelphia (PHI) CWA weather advisories updated 10:24AM August 12, 2016.


The Olympics are getting on my nerves, especially the American hero-and-gold-medal worship and nonstop bleating of NBC with every frickin' commercial tied into the Olympics in a seamless blend of the for-profit media/entertainment complex juggernaut. We'll return to the political themed part as soon as the Rio games are over.

Rio Olympics medal tally through August 11, 2016.

Americans can watch and love the Olympics because they are vicariously winning while breaking wind in front of the television set and eating a corndog.

As an aside, can you imagine the bizarre correspondence that the female gymnastics team must be receiving from dirty, creepy old men??


It is worth pointing out that the seemingly superhuman swimmer in the form of Michael Phelps has now won 4 gold medals at the 2016 Rio games and 24 Olympic gold medals in all, including in 13 individual events, apparently breaking the purported ancient record of someone named Leonidas of Rhodes during the original Greek Olympics -- only that guy did it naked, or so the story goes.

Michael Phelps after his most recent victory yesterday, noting that he has won 4 gold medals in this Olympics.


Speaking of politics, the Donald Trump fascist-buffoon-in-America sideshow continues apace with more garbage spewed every day -- two days ago, he suggested "Second Amendment people" kill her and yesterday he said that President Obama and Hillary were both personally the CO-FOUNDING MEMBERS of ISIS.

Donald Trump, fascist buffoon. And megalomaniac.


So far, though, post-convention, Hillary is still doing well in the polls nationally and in those much-discussed "battleground" states and she is even competitive in North Carolina and EVEN perhaps Georgia.

In terms of the horserace aspect, the frickin' TPM Scorecard site uses too many weird tracking polls and is widely all over the place and her 10-point average spread is suddenly down to 2.5 points with her and Trump in the low 40s:

TPM's erratic poll tracker trend of Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump from Aug. 2015 through August 12, 2016.


By contrast, the site now has Hillary's chance of winning about as high as it has ever been: 87.3% to Trump's 12.7%:

FiveThirtyEight's electoral map and odds of Clinton and Trump winning the 2016 presidential election, updated August 12, 2016.


It currently has a forecasted popular vote of 49.0% to 41.4% with Gary Johnson -- the libertarian whack doodle (all libertarians are as such) at 8.2% and that nut and Ralph Nader spoiler wannabe Jill Stein not listed. But the electoral spread is wildly in Clinton's favor, at least now.

FiveThirtyEight's trend line of Clinton and Trump chances of winning the 2016 presidential election since June, updated August 12, 2016


Despite this grave threat that Donald Trump and the Republican Party with its atavistic base, its morally depraved Ayn Rand mindset, and its billionaire donor class economics, the Washington Consensus -- in particular, its apotheosized form of Fred Hiatt and the Washington Post editorial board he has overseen for decades with his Jackson Diehl sidekick -- and which, admittedly, recognizes Trump for the national catastrophe-in-waiting that he is -- reverted to old form with a mind-numbingly stupid editorial (likely written by Ruth "Mother" Marcus) about the "lack of specifics" in Hillary's economic plan. It frets about "protectionism" and lack of support for TPP.

That's Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus whore-speak for "Why won't Hillary be our neo-liberal shill and party like it's 1999??"

Above: Fred Hiatt's 1990s Old School Post editorial gang of Sebastian "Free Trade" Mallaby (top) and Benji "Drone Everybody! I love Guantanamo Bay!" Wittes (bottom) and Uncle Fred himself (in the middle).

While there is no appearance of the usual benign-sounding Trojan horse of "entitlement reform" -- i.e., turning over your Social Security money to their Wall Street crook friends -- in this one (that being a budgetary issues, I suppose), the editorial, as ever, is all about more "free trade" agreements with savagely mercantilistic countries or ensuring that global corporate conglomerates have limitless power.

As willing tools and lapdogs of the corporate oligarchical overclass, the Post and larger Washington Consensus only and always support moves that further obliterate the American working class, although at this point, it's hard to see how West Virginia or Harlan County, Kentucky or Detroit and Newark get any more Third World hopeless and impoverished than they already are.

Then the Post, Cokie "Rhymes with Witch" Roberts, and Sally Quinn's Georgetown-and-McLean dinner set party wonder why Donald Trump exists.

Hillary Clinton. I love this woman.


As for how Hillary will govern if she wins, I for one believe she will be much more progressive than Bill was or, more importantly, ever was able to be during the 1990s. It's just a different time now, and she can be truer to who she really is.

OK, that's all for now. My next entry will likely be tomorrow evening.

Chester -- I still owe you "Part 2" of the Family Feud entry.


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