Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday Evening Post for August 6th, 2016: Debuting the "Top 10 Things I Hated This Past Week" Feature

**This entry was posted August 6, 2016.**

Sunrise over Washington, D.C., with the Potomac in the foreground, August 3, 2016; Photo by Flickr user George Jiang 2012 and posted here on the CWG photo pool.

I cropped the image somewhat.


I'm in a lousy rotten mood and I've been all day even though I had a full, multi-part gym workout. The music at that Anthony Bowen YMCA has become a problem again with nothing but frickin' hip hop / R&B / rap with FAR, FAR too much Rihanna and Usher.

Thirty years on and there's still no sign of hip hop going away.

The grounds, such as they are, between my Hampton Courts apartment building and the Northumberland, Washington, D.C., 3:18PM August 6, 2016.


Last night sucked, although in the end, I met up with Andrea, Imara amp; Co. at Big Hunt -- after another shitty 17th Street evening, this time involving a belligerent drunk at Annie's (no, not me). I was there with my neighbor-friend Fred and it was fine until it wasn't (involving someone else, not Fred).

I don't recall too much at Big Hunt other than being there with about six people I know through Andrea and that I like. I know I did a shot with Tommy and talked to Nick and his wife, Luana as well as Tommy's wife, Roni.

I walked home, or maybe I took a cab. I don't recall. I'm pretty sure nothing bad happened because I remember that stuff.

I slept until 2PM this Saturday and got up and went (as noted) to the gym.

A towering cumulus cloud -- cumulus congestus -- east of Washington, D.C., catching the rays of the setting Sun, August 2, 2016, as seen from Independence Ave. in the Capitol Hill section of D.C.; Photo by Flickr user Angela N. and posted here on the CWG photo pool.

I caught a glimpse of this cloud walking down 16th Street but, of course, couldn't get a picture of it. There was an easterly flow with mT air coming off the Atlantic Ocean and finding its way to shitty D.C.


Weather-wise, we got dicked out of another chance of showers and thunderstorms as an August-useless cold front sagged southeastward across the mid-Atlantic back into the Third World section of America known as Appalachia with a broken line wafting across the immediate D.C. area between 1 and 3 PM, but in the end, virtually nothing falling except in the southern suburbs.

National Assport (KDCA) got a totally worthless 0.06" while KIAD had 0.02" and KBWI recorded no measurable precipitation.

The Palka-Cabra Creature is, of course, happy, as are the anti-weather magicians at Sterling LWX.

"And you know what, Morris?? I now think we're in the clear."


It's still too goddamn summertime hot and humid with a high today at National Assport of 94F and dew points as high as the mid-70s Fahrenheit (76F at one point).

The Palka-Cabra first thing in the morning.


Now it's just going to be sunny and near 90F hot tomorrow and fucking Monday. I hate summer in general these days and, in particular, summer Washington, D.C..

While I'm hating on the summer weather in Washington, D.C., it seems a good time to debut a new occasional feature: Top 10 Things I Hated This Past Week.

Here are the Top 10 Things I Hated for the week ending August 6th, 2016 (from least to most hate):

10. Cirque du Soleil
9. M. WADE Tipamillyun and his Beloved Crow Creature (they're a pair, a unit and collective entity until the End of Time).
8. Summertime
7. Summertime in Washington, D.C.
6. Washington, D.C. -- everything non-weather related
5. Chris Hayes of "All In"
4. Millennials
3. The Summer Olympics
2. The American news media and entertainment complex -- including its professional sports appendage
1. My dust death trap of an apartment

For comparison, here were the Top 10 Things I Hated for the week ending July 31st, 2016:

10. The Palka-Cabra
9. Summertime
8. Summertime in Washington, D.C.
7. Wall-P and his fucking money
6. M. WADE Tipamillyun and his Beloved Crow Creature
5. Washington, D.C. -- everything non-weather related
4. Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus
3. Southern gated McMansion communities and my leprechaun-like appearance (tied)
2. My dust death trap of an apartment
1. The D.C. Metrorail system

OK, that's all for now. I intend to post a jukebox Saturday night edition shortly. For tomorrow, in addition to just taking a walk in suburban Maryland -- Silver Spring to Bethesda on the Capital Crescent Trail, perhaps, Metro "SafeTrack" disruptions permitting, I also would like to post a follow-up entry to my previous one since I forgot a few other memorable lines from my dad's tape recordings of my grandparents fighting.


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