Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday Notes from the Wonderful Washington City of Oz on an Overheated July Afternoon

**This entry was posted July 23, 2016.**



Saturday early afternoon.

Having just gotten up after a bad dream-plagued, roiled, frequently interrupted sleep since 4AM, I'm miserable in this life situation, but I'll be going to the gym around 3PM and I'll be there for my full 3-hour multi-part workout.

I hate living in Washington, D.C., and all that accompanies it.

The weather is brutally hot with a current 1PM air temp at KDCA of 95F and a dew point of 73F giving a heat index of 105F. KBWI is at 94F with a 69F dew point or 99F heat index and KIAD is at 93F / 69F with a heat index of 98F. It could reach 100F air temp today.

The Sterling (LWX) NWS forecast office actually finally issued a heat advisory for the entire Baltimore/Washington area.

Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) weather advisories updated 1:58PM July 23, 2016.


Philadelphia / Mt. Holly (PHI) county warning area (CWA) weather advisories updated 1:53PM July 23, 2016.

The Philadelphia / Mt. Holly NWS forecast office is much more lenient with its heat criteria and related hot weather products than is Sterling.


The number of comments in it reflects, in part, the tiresome and stupid global warming "debate" with all the internet trolls. I posted several comments (Arcturus24), including this comment, which got quite a few likes (10, as I last saw):

I can't wait to be a retired old coot collecting my Social Security and trolling websites for any reference to climate or weather so I can post my tiresome and stupid "global warming is an Al Gore hoax" comments while eating a sardine sandwich on Wonder Bread in my paneled basement rec room in front of my 10 year old computer. Just 20 or so years to go!

The larger debate centers on whether or not any air temperature reading of 130F or higher -- all of which came from 80+ years ago -- are actually reliable.

The way those temperatures were recorded -- mostly at Death Valley -- probably not meet the current NWS and WMO standards for measuring temperatures. The comments were all over the place including arguments between two people -- almost certainly men -- about whether there was a warm bias then and how to account for the move of thermometers in the U.S. from urban locations to airports during the mid-20th Century. (That part of the comment section was, surprisingly, kind of interesting rather than the usual internet comment garbage fire, although it, predictably, devolved into insults.)

Any internet news article or opinion piece comment section.


As for last night ...

I went out last night and had a shitty time overall. I was going to stop at Larry's Lounge and Trap House, but I caught sight of Gasy the Chipmungorilla there and didn't go in. Thankfully, he didn't see me.

He was at the bar and, I presume, on Long Island iced tea number 5 or 6.

Yeah, but you got Gasy!

I stopped at that new place called Brick Lane on 17th Street for a drink. It was fine. Then I went to Floriana, where a wildly-heated political argument about Hillary and emails was raging between two regulars in the downstairs grotto bar -- wholly inappropriate for such a place and, in fact, Chad the chef came out to tell one of them to lower his voice.

Oh, yes, Hillary picked Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) as her running mate, which is probably a good choice. The RNC NaziCon 2016 is, thankfully, over, and our side's turn is next week, but Herr Trumpster is as close to ever as actually becoming president and destroying our country's political institutions outright.

Anyway, things simmered down and we watched one of Dito's periodic airings of Auntie Mame starring Rosalind Russell. I stayed a bit too long and left in a haze, walking back toward my apartment, but then I stopped at the place Exiles on U Street right near where I live. This is formerly The Saloon Stetson's, and the place looks less sleazy, but that's not much of a feat.

I probably embarrassed myself as the 40-something weird little leprechaun-like man that I am and with one more drink and then went home and cooked two pork chops, ate, and went to bed.

I'm past my sell-buy date in this Young and Mean Person's City of Oz.

Now let's get this damn day started.

Apartment view onto 2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 2:10PM July 23, 2016.


I intend to post my jukebox Saturday night entry tonight.


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