Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for July 30th, 2016: The Ella, Euge, and Brian Edition

Let's begin with something just terrific ...

"Misty" by Ella Fitzgerald from her live album Ella in Berlin: Mack the Knife (1960)

As The Keeper of All Knowledge explains, "Misty" is a jazz standard that was written as an instrumental in 1954 by Erroll Garner and was later paired with lyrics by Johnny Burke and became a Johnny Mathis standard starting with his 1959 album Heavenly.

This version by Ella Fitzgerald is from her live album of recordings made at a concert in Berlin in February 1960.


It's been a while since I featured a piece by the terrific Euge Groove, so let's change that ...

"Miss Bane" by Euge Groove from his Got 2 Be Groovin' release (2014)

Just a nice, smooth jazz piece.


I'm going to end with this great Brian McKnight ballad ...

"Back at One" by Brian McKnight from his album of same name (1999)

This is an interesting staged live performance edition -- sort of a music video but not quite.

There aren't too many love songs in which the lyrics "repeat steps one through three" make perfect sense.

OK, that's all for now. See previous two entries -- here and here -- for updates.


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