Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Morning Fumarole -OR- Another Frickin' Summer in District of Crapumbia, Capital of the United States of Utopia

**This entry was posted July 8, 2016.**

The Benjamin Banneker Park fountain, Washington, D.C., 2:48PM July 6, 2016.


I dreamed just before I got up that I was trying to make a phone call on one of those 1970s "Ma Bell" era push-button telephones but couldn't find a five-digit code -- and I ended up destroying the phone's button face because I was hitting them so hard. The dream took place at some variation of the University of Maryland, College Park -- where all my dreams of late seem to occur -- in some unspecified future.

It was deeply frustrating.

By the way, I hate UMCP. That was a failed quarter-million experiment. The entire higher education system in America is a sky-trillion dollar indentured servitude racket for the sake of corporate banksters and oligarchs.

The base of the fountain at Benjamin Banneker Park, Washington, D.C., 2:49PM July 6, 2016.

This plaza looks like something the Nazis would have built.


Another hot, humid, disgusting day with blazing sunshine is starting -- and contrary to what I wrote in this entry, it is actually even hotter (low to mid 90s Fahrenheit) with no goddamn rain / thunderstorms late day (except for some useless ones down in frickin' central Virginia -- and I hate Virginia).

We'll try again today. With the thunderstorms, that is.

These days, I hate Washington, D.C., all year long, but I especially hate it in the summer time. The fact that the Palka-Cabra (and sometimes the CWG), not to mention the suburban mall-shopping booboisie all thrilled at this weather this time of year makes it more annoying.

The Sue Palka-Cabra.


Maybe we should do like many American parents and go to a Chuck E. Cheese with our 3-year old and "dialogue" with the brat while letting the brat run riot, screaming and ordering everyone around. Oh, and here's your new kindle, your new Smartphone, your new free everything, and are you feeling "self-actualized" yet? Has Nancy Grace found any "hyper-predators" in your neighborhood on which mom can fixate in good Puritan style except during commercial breaks??

The sky above L'Enfant Promenade, Washington, D.C., 2:53Pm July 6,2016.


I'm also deeply frustrated that my computer internet connection is all bollixed up. I managed to get on the internet this morning but a seemingly innocuous change was made (by a coworker) on my computer to allow WiFi access at the office, and now the goddamn RCN network connection refuses to come up -- or rather, it's as if that connection has vanished.

I' m going to have to call the IT department at work. Also, I may need to have an RCN technician visit (although the RCN person on the phone decided it wasn't the company's problem the second I mentioned the setting change).

Because of these internet issues, I may not be able to post any entries over the weekend and until I get this matter resolved. If I can access the internet, I'll post an update this evening (the one I had intended to post last night but the events in Dallas got in the way and resulted in my previous entry).

15th Street NW looking south from the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue, W Street, and Florida Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 6:38PM July 7, 2016 .

If you look carefully, you can see the Washington Monument poking up 1-1/2 to 2 miles away (click on image for larger version). Also, the clouds in the sky were associated with a thunderstorm located about 30 to 40 miles south of D.C. near Port Tobacco, Md. I was walking to the gym when I took this picture.


I hate hot and humid weather, I hate the internet, I hate computers, I hate our ridiculous system and awful society that is so clueless and deluded that it thinks Jesus personally OKs every absurd belief system and directs every action and outcome.

Alright, let's get this goddamn day started.


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