Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ENTRY # 1,969: More Late Night Hot & Stormy Notes from This Overheated and Annoying July -OR- Dune Buggied

A stunning cloud-to-ground lightning strike with the Washington Monument in the foreground as seen from the Lincoln Memorial in a picture taken by photographer Kevin Ambrose and featured in this CWG entry about last night's wild (and Sterling (LWX) "unforecasted") thunderstorm here in Washington, D.C.


This is Entry #1,969 -- corresponding to the year I was born. I'm nearing Entry #2,000 ...

This has been a strange day and strange night, albeit a good one, that I'd like to relate, but I'm home now AND so tired (and a bit imbibed) that I must go to sleep.

First things first, I would like to discuss the unexpected / unforecasted wild thunderstorm we had here in D.C. last night -- literally, right over the District and immediate environs and no where else that "officially" dropped 0.46" of rain at KDCA (and nothing measurable at KBWI, KIAD, or KDMH).

Weather-wise, I would also like to detail the impending 100F heat wave for this weekend.

Brief time-lapse film of the thunderstorm approaching downtown Washington, D.C. last night.


I also want to discuss Night 3 of the 4-Nights Hillary Hate -- an extended (multi-night) version of Orwell's 1984 Two-Minutes Hate -- with HRC as the Emmanuel Goldstein and calls for her to be arrested, and, more to the point, executed by firing squad in what is this year's quadrennial NaziCon 2016.

Huffington Post headline from Wednesday on the mouth-foaming Hillary hatred at the Republican National Convention including declarations that she be "executed."


Sen. Ted Cruz's non-endorsement of Trump and the atavistic reaction of the mob there in Cleveland will certainly stand the test of time and be retold. Who knew such a hatemongering ass-wipe could do something so worthwhile??

Huffington Post headline from tonight on the reaction to Sen. Ted Cruz's startling speech at the Republican National Convention, 12:28AM July 21, 2015.

Note: I reposted my previous image with this updated one.


However, I'm rather -- very -- tired right now and need to go to sleep so I can't go into all that right now. I went to Trade after work and had a nice time, but had a few too many. Oh, and then I went grocery shopping at the Safeway on 17th Street.

Yours truly at the 17th Street (a.k.a., Corcoran Street) Safeway, Washington, D.C., 10:06PM July 20, 2016.


I would have stopped at Floriana grotto bar except (1)I'm flat broke until Friday [but tomorrow (Thursday) is a gym night and I have no need to buy anything]; and (2) Dito has on the Republican National Convention, and I just can't watch that.

Two GOP Trump delegates at tonight's Republican National Convention in Cleveland.


OK, that's all for now.

Oh, yes, please see this entry -- my Dune / finding Baron Harkonnen's victim entry -- with a comment from someone in Mexico. Very much worth a read.

Speaking of "Dune" ...

This is where Emperor Shaddam IV has his unwanted meeting with Edric the Guild Navigator when the latter senses there is a conspiracy afoot that could affect the production and flow of the Spice of Arrakis.

Princess Irulan (played by Virginia Madsen) makes an appearance in this scene from the 1984 David Lynch film version.


OK, that's all for now. I'll try to update the blog late Thursday or early Friday, but I can't promise I will.

-- Regulus

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