Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for July 30th, 2016: The Ella, Euge, and Brian Edition

Let's begin with something just terrific ...

"Misty" by Ella Fitzgerald from her live album Ella in Berlin: Mack the Knife (1960)

As The Keeper of All Knowledge explains, "Misty" is a jazz standard that was written as an instrumental in 1954 by Erroll Garner and was later paired with lyrics by Johnny Burke and became a Johnny Mathis standard starting with his 1959 album Heavenly.

This version by Ella Fitzgerald is from her live album of recordings made at a concert in Berlin in February 1960.


It's been a while since I featured a piece by the terrific Euge Groove, so let's change that ...

"Miss Bane" by Euge Groove from his Got 2 Be Groovin' release (2014)

Just a nice, smooth jazz piece.


I'm going to end with this great Brian McKnight ballad ...

"Back at One" by Brian McKnight from his album of same name (1999)

This is an interesting staged live performance edition -- sort of a music video but not quite.

There aren't too many love songs in which the lyrics "repeat steps one through three" make perfect sense.

OK, that's all for now. See previous two entries -- here and here -- for updates.


Saturday Evening Post for July 30th, 2016: Weather or Not, National Airport Still Totally Sucks as a Place for a Climate Station

**This entry was posted July 30th, 2016.**

Augustana Lutheran Church, Washington, D.C., 3:13PM July 30, 2016.

This is the view outside my apartment building.


I was going to include this in my jukebox Saturday night edition I'll post shortly, but I opted instead to have it as a separate entry.

It's a lightly rainy, humid night here in D.C., although it has been far wetter and stormier north and northeast of here stretching from Montgomery County into the Baltimore area including Anne Arundel County -- as both the radar and texts from my mom in Millersville indicated.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard composite mode looped fro 7:10PM to 7:28PM EDT July 30, 2016.


Between 6PM and 9PM (in order to not count last night's rainfall that also mostly missed KDCA), shitty KDCA recorded a shitty 0.16 inches of rain. By contrast, KBWI is at 1.37 inches. KDMH is at 1.05 inches. For its part, KIAD had 0.28 inches.

There were many areas that had 3 to 5+ inches of rainfall in central and northern Montgomery County with flash flooding in places.

What this means is that my expectation was completely and totally met, namely, that shitty National Airport would shitty miss everything.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base mode reflectivity looped from 8:21PM to 8:48PM July 30, 2016.


The bottom line and the upshot is there: Frig National Airport and its climate station, not to mention Washington, D.C., in general. But don't expect the NWS to change the official spot. That will never happen.

Location of the KDCA ASOS.


Instead, Sterling will go on and on about how "robust" and "statistically significant" are KDCA's numbers and why it is, after careful consideration, the most representative spot to measure anything. Oh, and how "proud" they are of the "professionalism" and "dedication" of the FAA contractors who take the obs there.

Reagan Washington National Airport: Worst Climate Station on Planet Earth, Bar None.

FWIW, my recommendation is to move the KDCA observation post rain gauge to Mount Waiʻaleʻale and its snowboard -- not to mention its snow ruler -- to one of those mountainous villages facing the Sea of Japan on Hokkaido Island.


That aside, I went to the gym this afternoon and had a full, multi-part workout (jog, weightlifting, core, and swim). I just finished my laundry. I'll probably go to Old Ebbitt Grill Old Bar later on and then Trade and/or No. 9.

Tomorrow, I'm meeting Quill for lunch in Bethesda and Andrea back in the city for dinner.

My next update will likely be late Monday night or early Tuesday. Of note, have to work from home on Tuesday because our small office at L'Enfant Plaza is being redone to handle the number of people who are in the office. (We're all agency contractors but offsite from the agency itself.)

Jukebox Saturday night entry to follow soon ...


Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Night Foul Ball: General Dyspeptic Update with Topically Unrelated Pictures of a Mid-July Rained-Out Bowie Baysox Game

An approaching thunderstorm as seen from Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 5:42PM July 16, 2016.

NOTE: All but one of the pictures in this entry were taken on July 16th on my trip to Prince George's Stadium in Bowie, Md., with my mom and Ray to see a Bowie Baysox baseball game versus the Richmond Flying Squirrels (!) that was rained out in a thunderstorm deluge. Those pictures are wholly topically unrelated to the content of this entry.

I had these pictures prepared for a Monday night entry that I never posted.


A big, puffy cumulus (congestus) cloud as seen from a MARC train just leaving Union Station heading north, Washington, D.C., 4:11PM July 16, 2016.

I was heading to Odenton, Md., to meet my mom and Ray.


OK, this isn't going to be a long frickin' entry -- one that nobody reads except the usual Island of Misfit Toys cast member rejects.

First, the weather ...

Even though it isn't as hot as it was earlier in the week, it still touched 92F for a high at shitty National Airport (KDCA), which incidentally had far and away the least amount of rainfall in yesterday's thunderstorms. (It was 104F on this day in 2011.) It also reached 92F at KBWI and 89F at KIAD.

Stormy skies gathering, Bowie, Md., 5:00PM July 16, 2016.


The rainfall totals for July 28th (yesterday) into the wee hours (after midnight) of today were:

KDMH: 2.53"
KIAD: 1.33"
KBWI: 1.06"
KDCA: 0.37"

Frig you National Airport, and Washington, D.C. The LWX crew is happy, though, because it "proves" this or that. And the Palka-Cabra She-Dragon, a.k.a., Miss Snake-Eyes, got what it wanted.

There is another chance of showers / t-storms over the weekend, but I call bullshit.

Donald Trump supporters. Bowie Baysox fans lined up at Pr. George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 5:23PM July 16, 2016.


As is often the case, I was remarkably uncomfortable all day long -- and this follows yet another night of night sweats that are, quite honestly, rather gross. Even with an a/c and a fan, I manage to wake up all sweaty clammy and my pillows and sheets oddly moist. Oh, and I had the usual farrago of bizarre morning dreams involving swimming pools, a moth flying underwater being eaten by one of two ducks, and sewage / dirt washing into the pool.(This pool was a ginormous one that was in my mom and Ray's oversized house -- in the dream, that is.)

Oh, it also featured my stepfather Ray in a bunk that looked like a jet overhead storage bin.

A young child in a little red wagon-like stroller by his mom and with his family, Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 5:25PM July 16, 2016.


My clothes are so ill-fitting with my pants always in the process of falling down and my shirts looking like crap (especially in the summer when I tend to not wear button-down shirts, which I find inherently uncomfortable). Speaking of which, I had to go to the bathroom all day and I CANNOT do THAT anywhere but at home unless it is the most extreme emergency, which only happens two or three times a year (or there is a lockable, private bathroom).

So I spent the whole damn day uncomfortable from the spicy Thai dish I had at Baan Thai last night.

The baseball field and stadium stands, Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 5:35PM July 16, 2016.


Additionally, my old shoes were also incredibly uncomfortable today because they are very old and the Dr. Scholl's footpads were badly worn out. So after work, I went to the Metro Center Macy's and bought four new polo-type shirts (two Nautica and two Club Room) that were medium and, in one case, small). I've had to get rid of all the voluminous large ones I had, but small is a bit too small since I'm 46-years old and incapable (due to age and lifestyle) of being totally and completely trim even with my gym schedule.

Of note, I'm getting rid of the remaining large polo shirts I have. As it is, I would prefer the more golfing like (such as Champions Tour brand) polo shirts with long sleeves. I have three of them and never have luck finding them.

A thunderstorm deluge drenches Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 5:59PM July 16, 2016.


I also bought an alright-I-guess pair of new Rockport shoes. It wasn't the Timberland pair I wanted -- the shoe section looked like it had been ransacked with slim pickings remaining.

The elderly black fellow, Ronald, who has worked at that Macy's for 35 years -- well before it became Macy's when it was Hecht's -- attended to me as he has for so many years. He's old school, including his politeness and diligence. 

I walked home, uncomfortable and sweaty, but I feel better now, sort of. I have my window a/c going and it has cooled off in here enough to be comfortable.

Approaching squall line as seen from Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 5:53PM July 16, 2016.

My mom and I got the heck out of the picnic area -- located under a large tent covering that was shaking like crazy in the wind. Ray sat there for a while until someone told him to move, and then he came into the main part of the stadium, wheeling his little oxygen tank, soaking wet. Next time, we'll just drag him with us.


For tomorrow, my plan is for a typical Saturday: gym and then laundry and then a jukebox Saturday night entry and then, probably, Old Ebbitt Grill Old Bar for dinner and Trade and/or No. 9. For tonight, I'm going to Floriana and listen to Dito's stories about attending the Democratic National Convention. (Of note, his cousin, Anastasia Somoza, actually addressed the convention on Monday night and Hillary Clinton referenced her in her wonderful acceptance speech last night.)

Continued thunderstorm deluge, Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 6:05PM July 16, 2016.

I would say at least 1.5 inches of rain fell at the stadium, although the two nearest official weather spots -- KBWI and KDCA -- had much less.


I'm not going to try Larry's Trap House and Lounge again since Gasy the Chipmungorilla is usually there on Friday nights. Speaking of Gasy, I thought of him because while crossing Dupont Circle to walk home, wearing my uncomfortably fitting clothes, my right pants pocket was such that all my cash -- including the $100 in twenties I had just taken out from the Bank Ho America ATM -- fell out onto one of the lanes.

The rained-out picnic starts to resume, Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 6:35PM July 16, 2016.

The picnic-with-baseball game was for my mom's walking group, although not everyone looked as though they walked all that much.


I saw the fallen cash immediately and, thankfully, there were no vehicles coming, so I was able to pick it up very quickly. Now if I hadn't seen it -- and if Gasy had been with me -- that money would have went bye-bye. Thankfully, that failed friendship is over.

I also don't want to go to Larry's Opium Den and Lounge because I just dislike so many of the people who go there including the whole B&A crowd and an incredibly annoying idiot friends with Honking LP, another former friend.

The only thing worse would be if Wall-P showed up (he did once, years ago) with The Staff.

That aside, on Sunday, I'm supposed to meet Quill for lunch in Bethesda.

Mooin' on back ...

Picnic goers returned after the thunderstorm but, alas, the baseball game was rained out, Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 6:48PM July 16, 2016.

Don't try to get between Americans and their hotdogs and cheeseburgers.

Yes, two of those ladies are featured in this entry.


As for The Madame's speech last night, I wanted it upstairs at No. 9 in a crowded room full of gay men who actually stopped drinking for the roughly 1 hour she spoke. I was there with long-time acquaintance Mark, with whom I had gone to dinner at Baan Thai earlier. Mark and I are almost friends these days -- which is precisely the opposite of my relationship with [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH A NAME, ANY NAME] these days.

A young man, Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 7:35PM July 16, 2016.


I thought Hillary did just fine ...

A picture of one of the TVs showing Hillary's acceptance speech, No. 9, Washington, D.C., 10:58PM July 28, 2016.


...and notwithstanding all the bullshit about her voice, Marco Dumbo Rubio ass-hat tweets, Ron Fournier-like "fact checking" by self-appointed Professional Centrist guardians and "objective" journalists (who turn into stenographers around GOP pols), and today's tribalistic and cult-like Republican Party and its authoritarian demagogue and would-be President Catastrophe Donald Trump.


Now whether she wins in November or not is a wholly unknown since such a large portion of the country's voting citizenry has gone seriously off the rails even as the whole frickin' neoliberal world order tries to wheeze on like it's, as ever, 1999. (Yes, I realize the somewhat problematic nature of my saying that and my strong HRC support, but it's not l999 and she won't govern that way.)

The tarp covering the hopelessly muddy field, Prince George's Stadium, Bowie, Md., 7:45PM July 16, 2016.


OK, that's all for now.

My next planned update will be tomorrow night with the jukebox Saturday night feature.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

This Overheated and Stormy July: Hot Weather Recap and Tempestuous Political Portents

Stunning image of a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt as seen from Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C., July 25, 2016

This picture taken by Flickr user NM Beintema and reposted in the last of the CWG entries linked below.

Note: This is the reworked weather portion of my planned Monday night entry that I never finished. It is updated to include a bit of info on the weather for Tuesday and Wednesday as well. It also includes some political commentary that is different from the earlier version.


It reached 100F at all three regional airport climate stations on Monday, July 25th -- KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD -- while the Maryland Science Center (KDMH) hit 101F.

The KDCA not only tied the daily record high for July 25th -- set in 1930 in the pre-airport period -- but it was also the first 100F temperature since July 26, 2016 (one day shy of four years to the day).

KDCA weather observations in tabular form from 9AM to 9PM EDT July 25, 2016.


KBWI also tied its daily record set in 2010 and reached 100F for the first time since July 18, 2012 when it topped out at 104F. KIAD surpassed its 98F daily record set in 2010 and reached 100F also for the first time since July 18, 2012 when it reached 101F.

The KDMH data set doesn't yet have a full 30-year "normal" base period -- and hence no daily records to which to compare.

KBWI weather observations in tabular form from 1PM to 9PM EDT July 25, 2016.


The humidity was very high on Monday with dew points mostly in the 70s F. Indeed, the 75F to 78F dew point reading at KDCA combined with the 95F+ heat to create heat indices that reached as high as 113F -- and remained above the excessive heating warning criteria of 110F heat index that exists in the Sterling (LWX) forecast region.

Oh, Great Oracle of the Limpopo Hippo (and thy Little Companion), please share with us thine Divine Prognostications Meteorological and, in this tempestuous time, Political...


However, Sterling refused to issue an excessive heat warning and -- what I consider to be a deeply irresponsibly decision -- held to its heat advisory all day, even for the urban centers of D.C. and Baltimore, perhaps on the basis of the idea that "daytime mixing" -- with a gusty breeze -- would lower the dew points below advisory criteria.

The exterior of the Universalist National Memorial Church, Washington, D.C., 2:54PM July 24, 2015.

Is this one of those super-ultra-progressive "All Our Welcome" urban Protestant churches where, in the spirit of all that liberalism, nobody actually attends?

I mean, how can you have a religion if you don't hate at least a few groups??


Or perhaps the excuse was that KBWI and KIAD didn't "officially" reach 110F heat indices -- but the downtown areas certainly did. At this point, the excessive heat warning product for the LWX region is basically useless since Sterling always finds a reason never to use it.

Evening sky above Washington, D.C., as seen from McPherson Square, 7:07PM July 26, 2016.


There are two eternal weather-related verities in the Baltimore/Washington area:

1. National Airport's snow total in a major snowstorm will ALWAYS come in suspiciously -- if not outright bogusly -- low.

2. Sterling (LWX) will do everything to withhold the hot weather forecast products and drop them the nanosecond the criteria isn't met (105F in the case of a heat advisory).

While I have a hunch why the first is the case, I'm baffled why Sterling is so anti-heat products. It'll put up an air quality alert at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, here are two relevant CWG entries:

Washington is the steamiest big city in the nation

Heat records set: D.C., Dulles, and Baltimore all soar to 100 degrees

Later on Monday night, a cluster of thunderstorms formed south of D.C. and really blossomed over Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's Counties, Md., with a dramatic lightning display visible even here in D.C. off to the south and southeast. I caught a bit of it as I walked home from the gym.

Those storms appeared to be energized by an outflow boundary from a smaller cluster of t-storms over Anne Arundel County that moved south and southwest (I even noticed low clouds moving toward the southwest as I walked home form the gym.)

The lightning display actually was mentioned in this subsequent CWG entry: Photos: Hot summer days fuel dramatic nighttime lightning shows.

A summer sky as seen from U and 15th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 12:16PM July 27, 2016.

If you're wondering, I worked from home this morning and went into the office early afternoon.


Note there are only two comments in that entry -- one from me and an "LOL" reply from Jason Samenow. (The comment section to a WaHoPo editorial on the "unique threat to American democracy" posed by Donald Trump it is not.)

To be clear, "heat lightning" is actually a thunderstorm in the distance, not the hot air somehow "causing" lightning and nothing else, which is the implication when most folks use that term.

YouTube video of the lightning display over Southern Maryland that is featured in that entry. It is 3-1/2 minutes long and was taken around 1:30AM on July 26th by Tyler Reber from Arlington looking to the southeast with National Airport in the foreground.


The weather remained hot and humid the next two days with KDCA highs of 98F and 97F on Tuesday, July 26th and Wednesday, July 27th, respectively.

For KBWI, the highs were 96F and 95F, respectively and for KIAD, it was 95F and 94F, respectively. KDMH reached 95F both days.

None of those were daily record highs.

Overnight was, of course, too goddamn warm, including lows of 80F and 81F at KDCA as the friggin' excessive heat really isn't dissipating. (The other two spots fell into the 70s Fahrenheit each night.)

I'm not sure if those are daily record high lows since the daily climate summaries don't give that info and you have to just wait until Sterling mentions it in an area forecast discussion.

There is a better chance of showers and thunderstorms the next several days even as temperatures trend gradually downward into the mid-to-upper 80s Fahrenheit by next week (which is above normal for the beginning of August).

OK, that's all for now. Well, no not quite ...

Screenshot of President Obama addressing the Democratic National Convention earlier tonight in Philadelphia.


Unfortunately, the political-themed portion of that entry is going to have to wait -- and by the time I post my next entry (either Friday evening or Saturday evening), the Democratic National Convention will be over. Pres. Obama's speech tonight -- which I watched at home after the gym on YouTube on my computer* -- was just terrific and super-energized the crowd there in Philadelphia (and, hopefully, Democrats in the country).

* carried the YouTube live feed. Frickin' online C-SPAN and CNN both demanded viewers "log in" to some bullshit account to view this speech.

Tomorrow night, The Madame herself speaks, and I want to watch it -- probably at No. 9 upstairs, where it will be shown.

As I wrote in my previous entry, if she doesn't get some post-convention bounce out of this -- and one that becomes a sustained lead over Donald "Madman" Trump (R - Dictator Wannabe) -- then things really are hopeless, Pres. Obama's wonderful speech on this topic notwithstanding.

Oh, and I have to mention this truly extraordinary story from early Wednesday ...

Donald Trump's call for the Russian government -- under Vladimir Putin, Trump's pal and the head of the Russian syndicate with whom he and his inner cadre apparently does extensive shady business dealings -- to hack Hillary's emails and find the missing ones is really tantamount to a call for treason.

Above: The cover of the print edition of the New York Daily News for July 28th, 2016. It is a riff on the anti-Hillary chants of "LOCK HER UP!" at the RNC hate-fest and atavistic freak show.

New York Times online headline, July 27, 2016.


So bizarre was the story that it was actually breaking news on the New York Times website on Wednesday (see image directly above) and the Washington Post had its own banner story -- and thousands of comments with the story (see image below).

Here is Jonathan Chait on the matter: Donald Trump Asks Vladimir Putin to Help Him Win.

Washington Post online headline: Donald Trump urges Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's emails, July 27, 2016.


Donald Trump protestors and supporters square off in Salt Lake City -- yes, Salt Lake City -- on March 18, 2016.


But the deranged, white-hot Hillary hatred of some Trumpster Fire supporters and, more generally, the intense fear and loathing that they feel -- in many cases, admittedly, because of failed neoliberal world order policies -- and that the degenerate Republican political-media-entertainment complex actively encourages -- is so great that these "rule of law" types are eagerly supportive of Russia committing cyber-espionage.

As for the GOP that fans all of this, it's not just SAD! but also very sick.

Another image from that tense standoff in Salt Lake City, March 18, 2016.


I say this based on some of the comments I read on the New York Times site -- which screens all comments before posting them, and then enables them to be filtered as "Times picks", "Reader picks", and "All".

More mayhem and fights between Trump supporters and protestors, this time in San Jose, Calif., date uncertain but presumably in the past few months.

Get ready for a lot more of these kinds of scenes if Trump actually manages to win. But I still just don't see it happening -- or maybe I just can't fathom it happening, but that doesn't mean it can't.


OK, that really is all for now. Next planned update will be either Friday or Saturday evening.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Late Morning Interim Update: Still in a High Summer Daze

The leafy entrance to 2019 N Street NW, Washington, D.C., 3:13PM July 24, 2016.


Apologies for no entry last night ...

After leaving work -- and it being a non-gym night -- I went to Trade where at 730PM (as planned by text), I called my dad. After a half dozen failed attempts and a text exchange, I finally reached him and we had a 64+ minute phone conversation that was actually quite good. (I was outside in the enclosed deck area during that time.) I wish I had a transcript of it. Thereafter, I called my mom and talked to her for about 24 minutes.

16th Street near T Street NW, Washington, D.C., 2:53PM July 24, 2016.

It was too frickin' hot and sunny.


Thereafter, I went to No. 9, where I stayed and watched among a boisterous crowd Bill Clinton's speech to the Democratic National Convention, and by the time I walked home, the only thing I could do was go to sleep.

It was quite a speech by the end -- the old Bill Clinton, even if the former President is looking quite old and haggard these days. But he made a great case for Hillary.

Josh Marshall has a good take on it.

If Hillary doesn't get a decent post-convention bounce and manage to pull ahead of a sociopathic, narcissistic lunatic in the form of Donald Trump, then I just don't see how she wins in November.

So my intention is to go to the gym tonight after work and then post the entry I started on Monday night but never completed, although that entry -- discussing the 100F heat on Monday afternoon and the chaotic day 1 of the DNC -- seems a bit dated already.

I'll figure it out. And I hope we get some thunderstorms today but Thursday - Saturday look more promising for that.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In Lieu of Planned Heavy Dinner Entry, a Late Night Light Snack: Two Big Fig Newtons -OR- Still Universally Massively Attractive

The decorative glass façade on the 900 16th Street Building at, yes, 900 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 11:49PM July 23, 2016.

I was walking last Saturday night to Old Ebbitt for a (very) late dinner and drinks. What used to be at this spot was a hideous "Brutalist" style Third Church of Christ, Scientist that loopy urban liberals fought to "preserve" as being "historic." The Christian Scientist congregation, which wanted a new church, has a presence in this new office building complex.


OK, I started an entry tonight but it's already a bit after 1AM and I really want to go to sleep and get to work at a decent hour tomorrow morning. The entry is a combo weather update (it reached 100F on Monday at the three airport stations) and some political commentary as the Democratic National Convention gets underway.

My plan is to complete the entry after work tomorrow. Tomorrow is a non-gym night.

Bio-Physics Lesson: Fig Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation ...

F[gravitational attraction between two m(asses)] =
                                   G * m(ass1)* m(ass2)
Physics. The Basic Science. Indeed.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for July 23rd, 2016: The Fool, Fast Trains, & Fun Edition

Let's start out with something really nice ...

"Fool on the Hill" by Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66 from album of same name (1968)

"Fool on the Hill" is, of course, a famous Beatles song that appeared the group's 1967 album Magical Mystery Tour. As pointed out in the Wikipedia article, this version by the group Sérgio Mendes and Brasil '66 has a really nice basso nova rhythm with strings accompaniment. It was quite popular in the U.S. when it came out in 1968.

At the time of this 1968 album and the above video, the group Sérgio Mendes and Brasil '66 consisted of Sérgio Mendes (keyboard / band leader), Sebastião Neto (bass), Dom Um Romão (percussion / drums) and Rubens Bassini (percussion), and vocalists Lani Hall (lead vocalist) and Karen Philipp (second vocalist).

The lead vocalist, now Lani Hall Alpert, is still quite active, as her website indicates. She recently wrote a book, Emotional Memoirs & Short Stories.

Watching the YouTube video, she reminds me as a young woman of my friend Wendy.

Left: Lani Hall Alpert. She looks darn good for 70.

Yes, Lani Hall Alpert is married to Herb Alpert -- he of Alpert & the Tijuana Brass fame. He is now 81 years old.

I love the lyrics of this song as well.


But the fool on the hill / Sees the sun going down / And the eyes in his head / See the world spinning round.

Well on the way / Head in a cloud / The man of a thousand voices / Talking perfectly loud

But nobody ever hears him / Or the sounds he appears to make / And he never seems to notice ...


Next up, another nice piece, slightly more up tempo ...

"Fast Train to Everywhere" by Chris Standring from his album Blue Bolero (2010)

As the description states on the YouTube website (which is part of Chris Standring's channel):

"Taken from Chris Standring's 2010 award winning orchestral jazz album Blue Bolero. This video features Chris travelling to London and Paris, and some very old vintage black & white footage. All aboard...."


Let's end with something Saturday night energetic and upbeat ...

"Lips Are Movin" by Meghan Trainor from her debut album Title (2015)

Everyone always look like they're having such fun in a Meghan Trainor video. Of note, at least two of the backup singers in this video are also in "All About That Bass."


Brief Update ...

Cumulus congestus clouds in the evening sky as seen from near the southeast corner of Meridian Hill Park, Washington, D.C., 7:09PM July 23, 2016.


OK, that's all for now. I had a good, full, multi-part gym workout today and I did my laundry. For tonight, it's Floriana grotto bar for a drink and then Old Ebbitt Grill Old Bar, and then the bars Trade and/or No. 9.

The usual.

For tomorrow, I may go to the Francis Swimming Pool over at 24th and N Streets NW (West End) with a gym acquaintance, but I'm not sure -- esp. given how hot, sunny, and crowded it is likely to be there. I've never actually been there (or to any of D.C.'s public swimming pools for D.C. residents).

Of note, it reached 98F at all three airports today (KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD). Tonight is just thickly warm and humid. There were a few widely scattered t-storms including one that grazed BWI Airport and Millersville where my mom lives.

My next entry might not be until late Monday (early Tuesday).