Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wall-P's Nest Egg; M-WADE's Tippings and Its Beloved Crow; and All This Hideous Sunshine

**This entry was posted on June 19, 2016.**

I'm going to take a long walk today. I'm not sure where, and it doesn't really matter. Probably in the Maryland suburbs and back into D. SHITUMBIA C. Or maybe across the Potomac Ocean on the Northern VaVa (Virginia) side.

For my next entry, I'd like to discuss shitty Wall-P's nest egg and how its assets are growing with time because of its legal and overall intellectual brilliance.

Oh, Wall-P, when will others start realizing their failures and your successes, you little tool of corporate oligarchy??

"Eh. Eh. EHEHEH. I've been asking myself that as well but I'd RAHHHTHER just let my brilliance and achievements speak for themselves."

Oh, Wall-P, I knew you were just like a FRED HIATT Washington Consensus editorial.

That makes sense, given that you worship and glorify its conventional wisdom as genius insights since it helps with the money-mongering and power-fawning.

And, BOY, did The Staff get lucky when she ensnared you. How's that 47-room mansion coming along?? Are all the rooms now painted off-white?? Did you purchase yet another Velvet Elvis and Plexiglas shark mouth, not to mention more giant pieces of coral dynamited out of some distant tropical sea that you bought ON LINE with HUEUEUEGE asset holdings?? Such cultural finery with commensurate underlying sophistication.

Photo from Wall P's matrimonial contractual "execution" day.


We should also discuss M. WADE TIPAMILLYUN and all those undeclared MILLYUNS in tippings over the past 20 years. Its BELOVED CROW will make a cameo appearance, too. After all, that's a 20-year REAL LOVE.

Of note, a few days ago, I got a mass spamming -- yet again -- from one of the Crow's email accounts because the Crow is so dumb it doesn't even know, apparently, how to have a non-hacked account.

But let's save all the good stuff for another time. The frickin' great out-of-doors is calling me what with its ugly D.C. urban noise, crap, and garbage and suburban bourgeoisie under a relentless flippin' Sun of endless hideous sunshine and near 90F heat.

Please, thermohaline circulation off of Greenland: COLLAPSE already with Greenland meltwater and get us to a Nova Scotia-y or even Newfoundland-y climate here in D. SHIT C.

Good, I hate you, too.


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