Monday, June 20, 2016

Suddenly, Frickin' Summer -OR- The Worst Time of the Year in Washington, D.C., Begins

Today is the first goddamn day of summer 2016 and the longest day of the year in terms of amount of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere -- but not in terms of earliest sunrises (those already occurred before the solstice) or latest sunsets (those occur in the upcoming two weeks).

The summer solstice is at 6:34PM EDT (2234 UTC) today.

Let's get this long, hot, shitty summer started and, thankfully, eventually over.

Summertime used to be fun when I was a child at the Jersey shore. Now it just sucks. Maybe it'll be fun again someday in the future when I'm an old man, if I live to be an old man, and I'm out of shitty Washington, D.C., which abso-frickin'-lutely sucks in the summertime for multiple reasons.


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