Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Evening Post for June 11th, 2016: How D.C. Pray Glide Time Snuck Up On Me Again in a Post-Everything World

**Entry posted June 11, 2016.**

High Ridge Park in southern Howard County, Md., 8:50AM June 11, 2016.

I was at this park this morning with my mom to volunteer for two hours at a checkpoint for an outdoor walk ("volkssporting") event. We later had a really nice lunch in Columbia, Md. It wasn't horridly hot in the morning hours.


I'm back in my shitty apartment in shitty Washington, D.C., at the start of another hot and shitty summer.

Today was shitty, hot, and horrible with temps soaring to 96F both KDCA and KBWI -- neither were daily record highs -- and 95F at KIAD -- which was a daily record.

It was hot and humid with dew points starting out around 68F but falling during the afternoon heating / mixing (with W/SW winds occasionally gusting to 25MPH) but now rising again. The chance for t-storms crapped out and it was just sunny all day -- only high and some mid-level clouds.

I'm sure the jackasses at the CWG were all titillated that it didn't rain. They couldn't wait for this shit weather to arrive, and now they have it.

MARC Penn station, Odenton, Md., 3:08PM June 11, 2016.


I was going to stay at my mom and Ray's place for another night and return tomorrow (Sunday), but it was only 230PM when my mom and I got back to their place in Millersville and the day was already winding down, but there were chores I wanted to do -- and since I was returning anyway on Sunday, it just seemed to make more sense to come back today, which I did.

What I didn't take into account was that this was the frickin' evening of the goddamn annual D.C. Capital Pride parade -- i.e., the climax of what I dubbed last year Pray Glide time.

I caught weekend MARC Penn Line train from Odenton and got back to Union Station very quickly, and I even got a Red Line fairly quickly (a remarkable feat on the weekend these days). But I made the mistake of not getting off at Gallery Place and taking a Green Line train to U Street / Cardozo but instead staying on until Dupont Circle.

The train filled to India-levels of overcrowded -- the doors not closing and the throng stuck in a gay mass of humanity at Farragut North for 5 minutes. I had a seat (in the bulkhead of one of the cars).

I got off along with at least about 1,000 other people (literally) at Dupont Circle and it took 5 minutes just to get to the first escalator off the platform (which, of course, wasn't working).

Of the three ginormous escalators on the Q Street side that remind me of the mouths of the giant Arrakis sandworms, only two are in operation -- one up and one down, the other totally taken apart "UFN". On the upward moving one, the mob was so thick that the nearly mandatory left-side walkers' path was blocked the entire length with people just riding up the escalator.

Then, at the precise moment that I got onto this escalator, the goddamn elevator just stopped. It took another couple minutes for the "expansion fan" of now-moving human traffic to reach the bottom of the escalator, and then it took another few minutes going up it in the goddamn sunshine, heat, and humidity with which everyone is apparently deliriously thrilled.

I was in a mob of people mostly in their teens and 20s, so I looked like an old man. But there was a genuinely old couple trying to climb up the now-stopped elevator and they looked like they were really suffering. People were just going around them.

Little angels must have been singing at Central Operations because there was the risk that someone could just drop dead on the escalator and Metro public relations could shuck and jive about how great is "The System" and "SafeTrack". and thank you for your patience ...

God, I hate Metro.

Next, I had to get past the throngs of gays, lesbians, transgendered, and all those teenage boys who apparently now think it cool to pretend to be gay, or at least bisexual to get a girl. Maybe that's the mating ritual in a post-everything world where rent-extracting markets and identity politics have devoured everything.

But at least M. Wade Tipamillyun and the 17th Street gay mafia did well today with "mucho coins."

Once I got through all that crap, I got home and quickly hurried over to the gym (Anthony Bowen YMCA), where I hadn't been since last Thursday as a result of the twin episodes that knocked me out, in one case literally and in another case, nearly so, and both of which left me facially bruised and in a fair amount of pain.

I only had about 70 minutes -- though to be clear, it wasn't going to be anywhere near my usual 3-hour ordeal even if I had had the time. I wanted to see if I could do a jog, and in the end, I was able to get in a 34-minute / 3.34 mile one on the treadmill and about 20 minutes of weightlifting, plus a pleasant 10-minute swim.

The weightlifting was actually the hardest if only because my right shoulder hurts a bit and my right thumb hurts a lot (second episode). I had been more concerned about jogging because my right knee still hurts (first episode). My knee is hurting a bit now though I don't think I aggravated it. I guess I'll find out.

I'm still leaning against going to work on Monday given that I have a notable black eye and bruise above it (from being pushed into a door), esp. as I'm supposed to do something requiring me to be around the client. I already arranged to be off on Monday and return to work on Tuesday.

Oh, yes, my weight had dropped 2 pounds to 148.2 pounds -- after rising 4 pounds to a bit over the 150-mark recently. Of note, I'm coming up on the 4-year anniversary of my having rejoined the gym when my weight was about 185 pounds -- all the extra just flab.

Yours truly at the Odenton MARC Penn station, Odenton, Md., 3:26Pm June 11, 2016 waiting under a tree for a train.

I would have waited in the indoor station area but it smells too much like an old bathroom.


For tomorrow (forecasted to be another hot and shitty day), I'm meeting Quill for lunch in Bethesda.

For tonight, I think I'm just going to get dinner and stop in one or two places, but I really have no desire to do much of anything. Regardless of what I do, I'm sure it'll be the usual D.C. crappy -- and given that it is the climactic weekend of Pray Glide time, everyone will be sloshed drunk and a mess in thongs, tank tops, flip flops, and beads everywhere, not to mention the dykes-on-bikes set.

My next planned update will be on Monday, I think. I have a batch of 20 pictures from my Friday afternoon in Anne Arundel County including 19 taken in Glen Burnie, a.k.a., the Big Burnout, that I intend to post.

OK, that's all for now. Jukebox Saturday Night Entry -- already just about composed -- to follow in a few minutes.


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