Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Crummy D.C. Lifetime No Achievement Award Weekend, but a Good Monday Night Gym Workout; the Confederate Belle Gets a Mercedes

A yellow tiger lily growing along S. Southstreet Ave., Rockville, Md., 3:28PM June 26, 2016.


Home in my wee, lamp-lit efficiency on this summery warm and humid summer night in late June somewhere in the "mid-teens" of 21st Century Washington, D.C., late-stage imperial capital city.

The window air conditioner is purring but not being particularly effective, although I often tend to be internally overheated -- sweating until I am suddenly shivering in the wee hours. I never have understood that, unless it really is "andropause."

A yard along S. Stonestreet Ave., Rockville, Md., 12:09PM June 26, 2016.

Yes, it's called "South Stonestreet Avenue" -- as opposed to "North Rockavenue Street," which wouldn't make any sense. This is in "East Rockville" and located right alongside the Metro Redline and MARC Brunswick Line / Amtrak train line.


It's about 79F outside and the dew point is about 68F, so it's quite humid at the 11PM hour as I write this. There is a bit of southerly breeze. The Sterling (LWX) NWS radar shows some scattered showers and t-storms forming just to the southwest and west of the immediate D.C. area but looking outside from my 5th floor window facing in that direction, I see no lightning, just clouds wanly illuminated by the lights of the city and the skyline of Rosslyn about 2-1/2 miles away (as the crow flies) twinkling and shimmering in the thick night air.

The Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard composite mode looped from 10:50PM to 11:12PM EDT June 27, 2016.


There were a few showers around 6PM but they didn't amount to much.

I'm back from a good multi-part gym workout that represents a triumphant end to a day that began very badly in that I was in a terrible mood following yet another shitty weekend in a shitty life and time. To be clear, nothing objectively bad happened, and I mostly did my usual Sunday stuff of barhopping, but in the end, it was a shitty weekend because, as stated, I'm living a shitty life and time.

Part of the issue is that after my strenuous Saturday workout, I felt rather lousy Saturday night and that sort of morphed into a weird head cold by Sunday. Of course, I had gone to Old Ebbitt Grill and Trade after that, so perhaps there was an element of being dehydrated.

On Sunday, I actually made it to Rockville by noon on a Metro to Shady Grove that -- BAFFLINGLY -- arrived within 1 minute of my arrival at the Dupont Circle station and zipped all the way to Rockville with NO single tracking, NO door problems, NO overcrowding (which contributes to door problems), NO screaming babies, NO smoke in the tunnel, and NO all-purpose mystery delays.

How could this be? It violated every precept of how the Metrorail system actually runs.

Perhaps the War with Eurasia Eastasia really is within measurable distance of ending and the overclass can cease destroying the surplus value of industrial society to maintain and grow its power.

Naaaah ...

(I've been on a 1984 kick the past few weeks including the John Hurt and Richard Burton movie version.)

Anyway, I went over to DD's house near the Rockville Metro station and saw his two ancient basenji dogs that was the nominal purpose of my visit and that it is unlikely I will see again. Thereafter, DD, his wife, and two young children and I walked over to Rockville Town Center and went to a new restaurant called "World of Beer" located there.

The Regal Theatre in downtown Rockville, Md., 2:17PM June 26, 2016.


After lunch, I followed them on foot to a house for sale on which they are considering putting an offer (the next picture below was taken from an upstairs room in that house). Thereafter, I headed back to the Metro (amazingly, equally as fast and delay-free as the outbound trip) and returned to D.C. where, of course, I went to Trade and, thereafter, to No. 9.

I also tried to go another place but that didn't go well -- no, not THAT place (I give up on that one), nor my unlikely grotto bar-in-a-restaurant hangout -- so I just came home in quite a bad mood and went to sleep by 930PM.

Upstairs window suburban view from a house in Rockville, Md., 2:48PM June 26, 2016.


I slept for nearly 11 hours less any time I was awake and trying to fall asleep (after about 4AM, it was all brief REM-state sleeps with the usual wild dreams including one where Flippo, my plush powder blue stuffed hippo, was an actual blue dog, of a sort, with a round head and that I was petting).

I was not a happy camper at work this morning and continued to ponder about whether, when, and how Quill and I will move in together in a more tranquil Montgomery County, Maryland suburb in the next six months or so. My colleague and sometimes supervisor Laura is actually good to talk to in those circumstances.

Colorful fake balloons* in the 1700 block of P Street NW, Washington, D.C., 4:25PM June 26, 2016.

*These aren't real balloons but the fake balloons on plastic sticks. They last a lot longer than actual balloons. This was placed outside the Gables Dupont Circle apartments.


My workday was OK, although things are bit up-in-the-air as the new contract year gets underway in July. I'm working on an important document involving one of DOE's national laboratories and I'm trying to write it well, all the more so given the intended ultimate audience.

I almost skipped the gym tonight given how crummy I felt, but I went and had a good workout including a 6.67 mile jog (60 minutes plus 5 minute cool down), weightlifting, a core workout, and a 15-minute swim.

My weight has notched up to 150 pounds (from a low of 142 pounds about 15 months ago but still down considerably from the flabby 185+ pounds four years ago). However, I am fairly certain a good part of this is some muscle mass that I've put on (and can notice) in the past several months.

I think.

I just want to avoid going back to as pudgy and awful as I was ...

Well, actually, this is a picture of a ginormous grazing hippo in Chobe National Park, Botswana, Dec. 3, 2009 that Quill's brother took this photo while on a trip Africa.


That's about all for now. I had planned a political-themed update as well, but I'm just not up for writing that right now.

According to the radar, it should start raining shortly with at least a brief (maybe 10 to 15 minute light-to-moderate rain shower). I hope so.

For tomorrow evening (a non-gym night), I'm not sure if I'm going to go to the happy hour at Hill Country over by Gallery Place with Andrea & Co., I may just skip that since the place is a bit expensive and that isn't really my kind of cuisine. Besides, I'm still a bit reluctant to see one person -- ohhh, never mind. I don't want to get into that now.

Instead, I may just meet my neighbor Fred at Floriana. I'd like to hear about his 40th high school reunion last week.

Trade, Washington, D.C., 5:02PM June 26, 2016.


It's now raining outside. Good. Oh, and one of my few remaining friends from 5+ years ago (recall I've had a general housecleaning of friendships in the past few years, especially of these older friendships, or so it would seem), the one who lives down in Metro Atlanta has a new car.

I refer to the Confederate Belle.

Yes, the Confederate Belle is now tooling around Greater Atlanta in a Mercedes (and still NOT taking MARTA). The new Mercedes is "through work" because his employer decided he needed one to go with a new title.

He sent me a picture of this new Mercedes, but out of respect for his privacy, I won't feature it.

Suffice it to say, it's not another one of M. WADE Tipamillyun's silver-white BMW jobs that he buys every 18 months like clockwork to prove those Virginia exurban-sourced pedigree bona fides.

Wall-P -- with whom the Confederate Belle used to work at some hideous, high-octane D.C. law firm years ago -- is duly impressed as is The Staff. She'll be "Jonesing" it, wanting -- demanding through tears -- Wall-P get one. Wall-P will dutifully comply.

However, he'll insist over her objections on having over the review mirror large fuzzy dice and a bumper sticker for the "Republic of Poontang" with silhouetted female figure.

That's Wall-P's idea of "whimsy" and "play" when he's not doing the bidding of his oligarchical overclass paymasters -- and being enthralled by power and money and wowed by the Neoliberal World Order's Washington Consensus conventional wisdom. Of note, that Neoliberal World Order continues to shit a brick over the Brexit vote.

As for you, Confederate Belle and your new Mercedes, just don't be drivin' it to frickin' Alabama on random weekends.

Finn relaxing in his suburban Atlanta home.

Will he get to ride in the Mercedes??


OK, I'm done with this entry. Next planned entry will be Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.


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