Thursday, June 30, 2016

After the Rain and Humidity: A Brief Weather Update; Forget Brexit, Will This Supermodel Get to Keep Up Her Quarter-Billion-Dollar Lifestyle?

The C&O Canal and its adjoining towpath in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., at evening, June 28, 2016.

This photo featured in this CWG entry and reposted from Hannah Campbell's Twitter feed.


Very tired as I start this entry shortly after midnight. It's honestly and truly not going to be a lengthy one. I got back from the gym a short while ago. It was a full 3+ hour multi-part workout with jog, weightlifting, some core, and a swim.

Gyms night endings are almost always infinitely better than my bar night endings -- and the next morning IS always infinitely better.

Just sayin' ...

A cloud-to-ground lightning bolt striking somewhere in or near Silver Spring, Md., with the Washington Monument and downtown Washington, D.C., in the foreground, as seen from a balcony in Crystal City (Arlington), Va., June 28, 2016 in a photo taken by Tyler Reber and reposted his Flickr page to this CWG entry.

Given the darkness, this picture had to have been taken in the wee hours of June 28th since the storms were over by nightfall on the 28th.


I just cooked dinner -- steamed broccoli, jasmine rice, and pork chops. I love steamed broccoli -- all the more so because the Bush Pork Rind Dynasty hates it.

McPherson Square with its equestrian statue, Washington, D.C., 7:13PM June 28, 2016.

I had just gotten off the Metrorail and a drenching downpour had just ended. Here the storm clouds are visible to the south.


Of note, the Safeway on 17th Street has been out of a lot of items lately -- apparently, because the cargo elevator isn't working that allows the store stockers to bring the food to the floor. The big absence has been Seltzer water, which is really annoying for me, although I found one 12-pack of Canada Dry. (I also mix the Seltzer water in fruit punch-flavored Gatorade to weaken it.)

I was busy at work today although I need to be a bit more quicker on a major task that is just getting underway (the multi-part production of the annual ginormous VTO AMR).

Evening sky looking west northwest as seen from Thomas Circle just after heavy rain showers, Washington, D.C., 7:20PM June 28, 2016.

Note the anti-crepuscular rays of the Sun. These are also sometimes called "Buddha Rays." Crepuscular rays shine down and are poetically called "Jacob's Ladder," among many other names.


I had wanted to post a rainfall / precipitation update since there has been decent rainfall -- generally in the 1/2" to 2" range, depending on location -- across the Baltimore/Washington region over the past three days, but the Sterling (LWX) climate page was down earlier and I've already composed this entry.

NWS Doppler radar estimated precipitation for the Washington, D.C., area for June 28, 2016. This image appeared in the second CWG entry linked above.

The code (in inches) is on the right.


As a result, the only info I had was from the 3-day hourly observations for KDCA, KBWI, KIAD, and KDMH. (KIAD was the exception in that it got very little, but it is the highest of the four main regional NWS climate stations for year-to-date and month-to-date.)

KDCA: 1.22"
KBWI: 0.56"
KIAD: 0.06"
KDMH: 0.53"

The rainfall has come in bouts of showers and thunderstorms. However, a cold front cleared the area and today was a lot dryer and with blue (rather than blanched white) skies.

To bring it home, at the current midnight hour, KDCA is at 70F with a 55F dew point -- as opposed to 86F with a 75F dew point at 4PM on Tuesday (creating a 95F heat index).

Looking ahead, the Fourth of July holiday weekend is almost upon us -- it falls on a Monday this year -- so the office will be fairly empty by Friday. I don't have any particular plans on the 4th, although on the 3rd (Sunday), I am meeting Quill and Andrea for lunch in Bethesda at either Rock Bottom or Tapp'd. They haven't met before and I'd like them to meet.

It's odd that my closest friends these days are all straight women including Andrea, Quill, and (I have to say these days), my mom.

Receding storm clouds as seen looking almost directly up from the 1400 block of P Street NW, Washington, D.C., 8:07PM June 28, 2016.

It was more of a heavy downpour than a thunderstorm.


Keeping Up a Supermodel's Quarter of a Billion Dollar Lifestyle ...

Before concluding this entry, I would like to point out this article that appeared on the Daily Beast website that, in turn, comes from newspaper accounts in the UK including in the Telegraph, Daily Mail, and Mirror (no, it's not about Brexit). Here is the article headline (with link embedded) and associated image:

Sub-headline: Former supermodel Christina Estrada is pleading with a London court for millions from her ex to keep up her high-flying lifestyle-including $1.3M a year for clothes

Long story short, Estrada was married to Saudi billionaire Dr. Walid Juffali, now being treated for cancer in a Zurich hospital, who in 2012 decided to marry another woman while married to her (remember that having multiple wives -- that is, polygamy -- is encouraged in Saudi Arabia, especially if you are bajillionaire and/or in the House of Saud), so they broke up and now she is suing for a ginormous sum.

The problem, as I see it, is that rather than just saying she wanted a percent of his purported US$11 billion wealth, Estrada laid out her "lifestyle to which she has become accustomed" expenses in such morally agonizingly offensive detail.

The article has to be read to be believed in terms of her purported expense needs.

My guess is her attorney, sorry, solicitor Frances Hughes, had her do this -- and in the process, gave her royally bad advice because it allowed the other side play up the outlandishness of it all to the rapacious British papers, which were only too eager to oblige.

The part about the opera expenses and seeing The Nutcracker -- and being Estrada then being told it is a ballet -- is kind of hilarious.

Too bad that wasn't televised (was it?).

I was thinking that if M. WADE Tipamillyun had a such a bajillionaire husband -- instead of the one he does -- and they broke up, he'd have the same kind of lawyer who would have him draw up the same sort of list, except items such as the £109,000 ($146,000) a year for haute couture dresses would instead be for "the latest and greatest lines of Diesel jeans" and rather than a £40,000 ($53,000) annual budget for fur coats, it would be for ridiculous plunging "V" neckline muscle shirts.

Oh, and instead of it being in London's High Court, it would be at D.C. Superior Court's Family Court Operations Division.

The possibilities for hilarity to ensue would be endless.

Evening sky after the rain, 1400 block P Street NW, Washington, D.C., 8:07PM June 28, 2016.


OK, I guess that's about all for now. My next planned update will be either Friday or on Saturday. For tomorrow (Thursday) night, I might be going to the National Press Club with a friend / co-worker who is a member.


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