Monday, May 30, 2016

Will GASY the Chipmungorilla Go To Cincinnati? When Will Hillary Be Indicted in Gorilla-Gate?

**This entry was posted May 30, 2016.**

Too bad it wasn't GASY the CHIPMUNGORILLA that was at the center of this action ...

Of course, in GASY's case -- as I was reminded again last night --everyone lines up TEN DEEP to kiss his ass and sing his bogus praises.

The parents of this little brat who caused so much trouble should be legal liable for the cost of bringing a new gorilla to the Cincinnati Zoo. Instead, Gloria Allred and Nancy Grace will show up and soon he'll be found to have a "peanut and gluten" allergy and therefore a "victim" who needs lifelong therapy and the "love of the community."

Nancy Grace will feature the family in "an all new and very special" episode of her unwatchable show and they'll be joined by Milk Dud Moms Anonymous to emote all over each other and hold hands and cry in between ads for Celexa and Atarax.

By the way, recall the 1985 event at a zoo in England when a boy fell into the enclosure and the gorilla Jambo showed affection toward the child -- holding off more aggressive younger gorillas until the boy started to regain consciousness and cry. At that point, Jambo fled and a whole recovery episode had to happen to get the badly injured boy while one and then two guys held off one young, aggressive male gorilla with a stick.

Here is the video. The volume is quite low but it's still quite riveting:

Had this sort of event occurred in the United States of Donald Trump, there would have been shrieking and howling and guns ablazin' and DEF CON TERRA ALERTS at well-sponsored NASCAR events and POLITICO articles explaining "why GOP operatives are smiling" and dark ruminations on "when will Hillary be indicted over the emails and making this gorilla so aggressive?" followed by 2,500 troll comments.



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