Saturday, May 21, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for May 21st, 2016: Jazz and Jazzed Up Impressions for a Rainy and Cool Night in the City Edition

John Coltrane and his quartet performing "Impressions," a jazz standard that appears on his album of same name (1963)

This is a live TV performance from a show called "Jazz Casual" from the National Educational Television (NET) network, the predecessor to the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). This particular episode "John Coltrane Quartet" aired December 7, 1963 and if features Coltrane on saxophone, Jimmy Garrison on bass, Elvin Jones on drums, and McCoy Tyner playing the piano. (There was also Art Davis on double bass but he isn't featured here.)

Only McCoy Tyner is still alive (he's 77).

According to the Wikipedia article for "Jazz Casual" -- yes, there actually is one -- the quartet performed this song and two others (Alabama and Afro Blue).

This is the kind of music I'd love to hear live late at night in a restaurant / bar. Trouble is, the places that feature this nowadays tend to have outlandish cover charges and very expensive menus. There is JoJo restaurant and bar literally across U Street from my building that I would like to try. It frequently has live jazz, but it is also very crowded.


Next up, a really nice smooth jazz piece ...

"Dreamin" by Cabo Frio from the group's album of same name (2015)

This is the title track on that album. This video doesn't feature any of the nice tropical still images that you would seem to go along with it. I think this video was provided to YouTube by the band itself.


And let's end with something suitably upbeat for a Saturday night ...

"Blame It On the Girls" by Mika from his album The Boy Who Knew Too Much (2009)

Some of the lyrics are great, and the video is fun to watch, too, with the female dancers dressed "half and half" to give the impression of a man and a woman.

Now it turns out that I posted this song in a sort of "Sunday supplemental musical interlude" back in October 2012 (when I was doing my predecessor Friday Night Musical Interlude series). I discovered in that entry, though, that there was some MH bullshit which I have now removed. There was also a picture of me from July 2011 taken in Daytona Beach when I was a lot heavier than I am now.


OK, that's all for now. I'm not posting any update tonight, nor am I posting one tomorrow as I need to devote several hours to a work-related task that I mentioned in my previous entry.

My next planned update will be late Monday. I did make it to the gym today, and I did my laundry tonight. I think I'm going to go to the Old Bar at Old Ebbitt Grill again this Saturday night and then Trade.

It is a drizzly, damp, low-overcast, cool night -- very un-May-like for Washington, D.C., but I love it.

Also please see my previous entry for a weather update.


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