Friday, May 13, 2016

A Late Night Weather-Themed Entry with Some Weekend Pics -OR- Palka-Cabra Numerology and //HFA Wall Hieroglyphs

A waterfall at the Merrifield Garden Center in Fairfax, Va., May 12, 2016 in a photo taken by Bruce Sorrell that is featured in this CWG entry.

Some of the other pictures in this entry were taken (by me with my cheap flip-open cellphone camera) in the wee hours of Sunday morning at and outside of Nellie's.


Home at this late hour after a decent day at work and a good, multi-part gym workout.

I did have a slight problem with someone using the bench press for, like, 20 minutes with no sign of getting his just-out-of-college 20-something fraternity ass (he was wearing a Alpha Gamma Omega shirt) off of it (even as he knew I was waiting and would stop for extended periods), but I don't want to get into that right now.

There are many groups of people with whom I won't directly get angry at them for a variety of reasons. He was not one of them, which I admit is my problem. However, he subsequently tried to say something to me / confront me, I walked quickly away and told him to just get away from me.

There you go.

I will say that if is part of "AGO," you'd expect a little bit more consideration and not such behavioral tone-deafness.

A bachelorette party in full swing on the crowded upstairs Nellie's dance floor, Washington, D.C., around 230AM May 8, 2016.

As far as bachelorette parties at gay bars and clubs, this one wasn't annoying -- if only because the place was so mobbed and is a quarter-to-third straight anyway, and they weren't especially obnoxious (with no penis-shaped straws). There were picture cutouts of the groom's face on sticks, though.

One girl -- a short, boyish one not in this picture -- tried to dance with me. I felt like I was 60 years old and politely moved away.


Anyway, at the gym tonight, I did a 6.70 mile jog (over 60 minutes plus 5 minute cool down), weightlifting, a nearly half-hour core workout, brief steam room stint, and a 15 minute pool swim. That's my gym night. Tomorrow night will be a bar night.

Nellie's, Washington, D.C., about 230AM May 8, 2016.


The night is an overcast, mild one with temps around 63F. The nonstop bellyaching and moaning over "all the rain" continues (see recent CWG entries including those to which I linked in my previous entry), although today there was no measurable rain at KDCA, breaking the 15-day streak of measurable rainfall (most of it quite light).

As I left the gym, the TV near the entrance was tuned to frickin' Fox 5 (alas, with the volume turned on) and the news was on -- and that She-Dragon, the Sue Palka-Cabra, was doing the weather segment.

Talk about bad timing.

The Palka-Cabra had an infographic up on the screen saying that (through May 12th), it had rained for 16 days consecutively at KIAD and 15 days at both KDCA and KBWI, which is technically true if you count any drops of water, however small and briefly, falling from the clouds.

There she is, the Sue Palka-Cabra ...



However, as the NWS reckons it, there were days at KIAD and KBWI when only "trace" fell, and that just doesn't count. Looking at it that way, KIAD is at 7 days (with three instances of "trace" for a 16-day period) and KBWI is at 2 days after having gone 12 consecutive days (with one instance of "trace" for a 15-day period).

For May 12th, KDCA and KBWI had zero while KIAD had a trace.

In the City of Electric Dreams ...

Drizzly night looking north along 15th St from P St NW, Washington, D.C., 11:38PM May 6, 2016.


Anyway, showers and maybe a thunderstorm are forecasted tomorrow followed by some clearing. A strong cold front is progged to punch across the Eastern U.S. late Saturday with unseasonably cool weather for Sunday into Monday. The front returns on a return flow and another period of showers is forecasted for the middle of next week.


As for the Palka-Cabra, she is starting to look like a 60-year old drag queen.

By the way, Sterling (LWX) is now issuing its area forecast discussions NOT IN ALL CAPS. It looks as though it started on May 11th in the 915PM AFD (last night).

Screenshot of the Sterling (LWX) area forecast discussion webpage (top part only) issued 9:19PM May 12, 2016.


OK, I had an extended political-themed entry that followed, but it is already quarter after midnight and I'm too damn tired to even try to get images and post it, so it will have to wait until perhaps after work tomorrow.

Instead, I'll just end with this great picture ...

A young couple standing outside Nellie's on U Street by 9th Street NW, Washington, D.C., as it started to rain, about 3AM, May 8, 2016.

There is along U Street a generalized weekend night chaos that occurs as the bars close and let out with throngs of young people (black, white, Hispanic, mixed, various and male, female, and gender unspecified in a way that would upset Pat McCrory) trying to flag down cabs or find their Ubers and other forms of transportation.

That really ugly building on the other side of the street houses the D.C. Housing Finance Agency. It is still there despite the frenzy of gentrification and new buildings going up (some shockingly and disappointingly ugly). The "II" on the exterior fa├žade aren't letters but, apparently, stylized designs (modern-day hieroglyphs?) -- perhaps meant to be back slashes, //HFA.

I don't think DCHFA actually does anything related to its stated mission, or rather, as a D.C. government agency, I'd be surprised if it does, but your guess is as good as mine.

As an aside, I don't go to Nellie's that often anymore. My walk is 7 blocks west along U Street to just before 16th Street.




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