Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Screw the Cincinnati Zoo; It Doesn't Deserve to Have Endangered Animals In Its Care -- and Thane Maynard, Put the Selfie Stick Somewhere

Sorry, Harambe. Humans kinda suck.


You know what? Fuck the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. It doesn't deserve to have a gorilla exhibit or any animal exhibit.

As for that little four year old brat who slipped over a flimsy rail of some sort and slid 15 feet into a watery moat for the encounter with 17-year old Harambe -- an endangered western lowland gorilla that paid with his life because the zoo failed six ways to Sunday to do its job -- well, I wasn't there, so I don't know the immediate details -- although, to invoke what Jeff Corwin said, it wouldn't shock me if it involved a selfie stick distraction.

Whatever the case, and not surprisingly, the online social media response against the mother, whose neglect that day has been compounded by her flippant and tone-deaf response -- Michelle Gregg -- has been fast, furious, and ugly, which, as sure as night follows day, prompted the internet Thought Police to swing to her defense. This is particularly egregious at the unreadable Salon.com site where a particular brand of female Irish-Catholic feminist thought police flourishes that exists to enforce hyper-political correctness.

This includes Mary Elizabeth Williams and, previously, the incredibly annoying Joan Walsh. They and their ilk are the descendants of the rightwing Republican variant that prospered during the late 1990s Clinton - Lewinsky sexcapade (I'm thinking of the Kellyanne Conway (née Fitzpatrick) sort).

But I'm getting off topic. Instead, let me just I say that it was ROYALLY stupid of Gregg to post anything on social media -- all the more so in a Facebook post, subsequently deleted, that was at once incredibly indifferent about what really happened and instead featured standard American bullshit about how GOD ALMIGHTY, MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH AND ALL THE MULTIVERSE IN BETWEEN, SWUNG INTO ACTION to save her child.

However, I am far more pissed off at the stupid zoo and that camera-hogging, self-aggrandizing executive director, Thane Maynard, who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near endangered animals.

The son-of-a-bitch had ONE task to do in his professional life -- and it DIDN'T involve his own media image and publicity.

Rather, it was to protect a highly endangered, highly intelligent great ape primate that was in his lifelong care (itself a problematic concept but let's not get into that now), and he couldn't do it and instead it ended in the usual American psycho-sexual guns ablazin' way.

Say, Thane, may I suggest a place to put that banana?


Not to worry, though, because Thane Maynard -- always eager to have his "90 Second Naturalist" picture taken in other circumstances, seems just fine to "stand by the integrity of the decision" or some such bullshit. Oh, and did I mention, this was just one day after the gorilla turned 17 years old and the zoo "celebrated" that on its Facebook page (since removed).

I'm glad to hear that there might be criminal charges -- specifically and hopefully against the zoo for negligence and endangering humans and an already endangered species. True, I've no doubt this will end in countless lawyer-enriching lawsuits with high profile attorneys swooping into the fray and nothing will be resolved.

Also, I'm glad that the animal rights group Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! filed a negligence complaint the zoo with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for ensuring safety protocols of zoological exhibits. The $10,000 fine is nothing but still.

According to the news report linked above, the group said in its complaint letter that the child's ability to get past the barrier was proof the zoo was negligent and should be fined for a "clear and fatal violation of the Animal Welfare Act."

Let's face it: Zoos are typically little more than sideshow amusement parks for tattoo-covered, overweight, idiot Americans in thongs and sandals lumbering about on their way to the corndog-cheese fries-and-Dr. Pepper snack counter next to the bullshit gift shop where all manner of worthless kitsch is sold that ostensibly goes to "help carry out the zoo's critical mission," but that's all horseshit.

Oh, and naturally, Donald Trump -- himself a half-human, half-orangutan -- had to say something stupid to draw attention to himself.

So frickin' annoying and just wrong.

OK, one more entry to follow tonight.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Memento Mori Memorial Day 2016 with Some Old Town Alexandria Rainy Day Pictures

Founders Park on a rainy day along the Potomac River, Old Town Alexandria, 6:13PM May 29, 2016.


As the briefest of updates, today is Memorial Day and I'm off from work. Despite my stated efforts, this holiday weekend so far hasn't really been that enjoyable, and instead it has been more like a typical one in which I get up too late to do much of anything and for the usual reason. I did go to the gym on Friday (which I basically took off from work) and on Saturday.

200 block of King Street, Old Town Alexandria, Va., 6:01PM May 29, 2016.


Yesterday, I took a walk as I had planned with the main part from Old Town Alexandria Metro station to National Airport by way of Old Town and the Mt. Vernon bike trail. I also stopped for an early dinner at the Warehouse Bar and Grill where I had dinner at the bar.

Marina, Old Town Alexandria, Va., on a rainy early evening, 6:03PM May 29, 2016.


It ended up being a very rainy afternoon as the moisture from what was briefly Tropical Storm Bonnie surged up the Eastern Seaboard in a favorable upper level pattern. I walked for about 90 minutes in the rain -- eventually my little umbrella was of no use. Unlike last Sunday when I walked in the light, cool rain, this was a heavier, more soaking one in a very tropical air mass (75F air temp. / 72F dew point).

A duck in the rain along the waterfront, Old Town Alexandria, Va., 6:06PM May 29, 2016.

I thought it was Mattie McWade the Duck, and I yelled, "G'AAAAH OUT THAT RAIN AND THAT WATER!" and the Mattie replied, "QUA-QUA-QUA-QUACK! QUACK! Like, whatevah!"


I took some pictures while walking including on the trail, some of which I am including in this entry. There were very few bicyclists on the trail, although I was very nearly hit by a bicyclist -- a heavy set young woman who appeared to be wearing little more than a bathing suit, though she had on a helmet -- who took me by surprise right near mile marker 13. I was very startled and annoyed but she was good-natured about it.

Rose bushes in Founders Park, Old Town Alexandria, Va., 6:11PM May 29, 2016.


Regarding the weather, I had not been paying attention to it and so all the rain sort of surprised me a bit and indeed, despite what I wrote a couple entries back, it was a washout yesterday afternoon / evening. Given how wet it was, the actual amounts that were recorded at the three airport climate stations and Baltimore Inner Harbor were surprisingly low with Dulles pretty much missing everything.

The May 29th rainfall totals were as follows:

KDCA: 0.43"
KBWI: 0.32"
KIAD: 0.01"
KDMH: 0.15"

While at the restaurant, I sat at the small bar and watched the (thankfully muted) Weather Channel. The hyperventilating over what was just Tropical Depression Bonnie was quite impressive with the channel in full-on weather-porn mode, howling over a few spots with 7 to 8 inch rainfall in South Carolina where the circulation had come ashore.

Some radar images from this morning:

Moorhead City, N.C. (MHX) NWS radar, standard base mode reflectivity, 11:16AM - 11:55AM EDT May 30, 2016.

All THE GAYS from D.C. down on the Outer Banks this holiday weekend are getting rained on. Good.


Wakefield, Va. (AKQ) NWS radar, standard base mode reflectivity, 11:17AM - 11:58AM EDT May 30, 2016.


Sterling, Va. (LWX) NWS radar in standard base mode reflectivity looped from 11:24AM - Noon EDT May 30, 2016.


For today, I don't really know what to do. I guess I'll follow my original plan of going up to Bethesda on the Metro for lunch and perhaps walk back on the Capital Crescent Trail (likely to be overrun with bicyclists unless it rains again).

I continue to way overspend, and it's not even enjoyable. I don't get any enjoyment out of life.

Mt. Vernon bicycle trail, rainy day, Alexandria, Va., 6:31PM May 29, 2016.


For the work week coming up, I absolutely have to finish one particular project (the BTO peer review project summaries) by Thursday as I'm starting on another one (the big VTO Annual Merit Review, the multi-day conference for which I am attending the following week). My planned gym nights are Tuesday and Wednesday.

OK, that's all for now. I recommend reading this Paul Krugman op-ed in today's New York Times: Feel the Math.

National Airport control tower as seen through a rain-slicked window of a Metrorail Blue Line train, 7:40PM May 29, 2016.


OK, that really is all for now. My next planned update will be late tomorrow night.


Will GASY the Chipmungorilla Go To Cincinnati? When Will Hillary Be Indicted in Gorilla-Gate?

**This entry was posted May 30, 2016.**

Too bad it wasn't GASY the CHIPMUNGORILLA that was at the center of this action ...

Of course, in GASY's case -- as I was reminded again last night --everyone lines up TEN DEEP to kiss his ass and sing his bogus praises.

The parents of this little brat who caused so much trouble should be legal liable for the cost of bringing a new gorilla to the Cincinnati Zoo. Instead, Gloria Allred and Nancy Grace will show up and soon he'll be found to have a "peanut and gluten" allergy and therefore a "victim" who needs lifelong therapy and the "love of the community."

Nancy Grace will feature the family in "an all new and very special" episode of her unwatchable show and they'll be joined by Milk Dud Moms Anonymous to emote all over each other and hold hands and cry in between ads for Celexa and Atarax.

By the way, recall the 1985 event at a zoo in England when a boy fell into the enclosure and the gorilla Jambo showed affection toward the child -- holding off more aggressive younger gorillas until the boy started to regain consciousness and cry. At that point, Jambo fled and a whole recovery episode had to happen to get the badly injured boy while one and then two guys held off one young, aggressive male gorilla with a stick.

Here is the video. The volume is quite low but it's still quite riveting:

Had this sort of event occurred in the United States of Donald Trump, there would have been shrieking and howling and guns ablazin' and DEF CON TERRA ALERTS at well-sponsored NASCAR events and POLITICO articles explaining "why GOP operatives are smiling" and dark ruminations on "when will Hillary be indicted over the emails and making this gorilla so aggressive?" followed by 2,500 troll comments.



Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for May 28th, 2016: The Coltrane, Waterfall, and Heart & Soul Edition

As I'm on a Coltrane -- and a train -- kick, let's start off this Jukebox Saturday Night entry in an appropriate way ...

"Blue Train" by John Coltrane, the lead song on the album of same name (1958)

This video features a number of still images of Coltrane playing, carrying, or just posing with the saxophone.


Next up, something New Agey and nice that I have always liked ...

"Behind the Waterfall" by David Lanz and Paul Speer from Lanz's album Natural States (1985)

Well do I remember this haunting New Age instrumental piece from the mid-1980s, listening to it as a teenager living in Glen Burnie on the old WLIF FM radio station in Baltimore.

As an aside, you weren't supposed to like that kind of "elevator music" at that time as a high school student but instead like all the "hair metal band" rock music that was popular with the working class Glen Burnie set of that time.

Indeed, during a brief, ill-fated stint at "PS 203" in Baltimore City as a sixth grader between about Dec. 1st, 1981 and mid-February 1982, I was regularly asked the question if I liked the rock band AC/DC, which I did not know what that was. I was also ridiculed because the boys in the class decided I had said it was a "power pack" (i.e., a battery), which I never did. I attended that school briefly after my mom and Ray had returned from Texas and were living with Ray's truly horrific family, but before they settled in Glen Burnie.

In the meantime, my mom sent me back to New Jersey to live with my dad.

This particular video contains some stunning natural scenery and wildlife footage that must have been taken from one or more nature documentaries (of the sort PBS used to show all the time back in the late 20th Century).

This particular image -- above -- seems almost artificial what with the juxtaposition of palm fronds and a rugged snow-capped mountain. The tropical setting is probably misleading in that this image is possibly from somewhere in New Zealand and having subtropical vegetation (almost like a saw palmetto) in that cool but never really cold and wet climate isn't that unusual.


OK, and let's end with something Saturday night upbeat ...

"Heart and Soul" by Huey Lewis and the News from the group's hit album Sports (1983)

This is a really nice song, but the video is weird. I almost don't like it. Huey Lewis has to be the most straight guy I've ever seen -- at least back in this period.

Oh, and it sounds to me like Ray Parker Jr. was and still is a real pain in Lewis's ass.


Augustana Lutheran Church as seen from outside my apt building, Washington, D.C., 3:44PM May 28, 2016.


OK, that's all for now. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I have cleared Sunday and Monday (Memorial Day) entirely so that I can just have them to myself, taking a walk each day from an outer Metro station (in Montgomery County -- probably Bethesda -- and North Virginia -- most likely Old Town) and back to D.C., having lunch, and just being on my own.

That being the case, I may not update this blog again until Tuesday night, not that anybody would frickin' notice.

I made it to the gym today and did my laundry. For tonight. I need to get dinner, although I'm not sure where, and I'll go to one of my usual bar haunts.


Entry No. 1,924: Memorial Day Weekend 2016 and Still Serving an Apparent Life Sentence in Oz -OR- Approaching 2,000 Blog Flushes

**This entry was posted May 28, 2016.**

Updated/Corrected 7:20PM 5/28/2016: This is actually entry no. 1,924. I have changed the blog title to reflect that, although the URL is the same.

2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 2:32PM May 27, 2016.


Saturday afternoon, Memorial Day weekend 2016. Somewhere in Washington, D.C., my Local Bubble Universe where I am, apparently, serving a life sentence. Or better yet, Oz. The Emerald City and Imperial Capital, late stage American Imperium.

Welcome to Oz. You'll be serving a life sentence here.


I really don't have much to say.

I'm in a deeply depressive funk -- is there any other kind? -- and don't feel like writing anything of note. I'm stuck in a terrible, intractable rut of life: Work, bar, gym, blog, sleep.

That's it.

Besides, my blog readership is now near zero anyway. I guess I'm mostly just trying to get to 2,000 entries. This is entry 1,923 1,924.

Remember the 2,000 Flushes toilet cleaning product and its dumb commercials? Well, I'm aiming for 2,000 entries.

At this rate, I'll reach that number sometime in mid-to-late August.

I'm also depressed that it is looking like Hillary is not going to be able to pull it off and we will end up with a potentially cataclysmic Trump presidency facilitated by wall-to-wall Republican rule. That's a real dystopian scenario and is a real possibility, and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it.

Sky and trees, 2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 2:32PM May 27, 2016.


On a personal note, other than Andrea and, occasionally, Quill, I don't really have any friends anymore. Well, I suppose I should include Chester and Mike G., although I don't really see them that often.

There are people with whom I have a friendly rapport, including at work, but everyone who was once a close friend -- including Wall-P, GASY, the Hysterical One, Miss Wendy, Jamie, and anyone of a number of other people -- have more or less vanished from my life. The reasons differ -- and in one case, due to an unforgiveable action (in the context of a lot of other bad stuff), while in other cases, the person just morphed into something ugly (Wall-P) or was already too nutty (the Hysterical One). In the remaining cases, we just drifted apart.

My long-term plan is to live with my mom when she is widowed (Ray is not in good health). I would like her to live in the D.C. area, probably Montgomery County (Bethesda or Grosvenor/Rockville).

I spoke to my dad on Thursday night -- for whatever reason, he called -- and he is still half-expecting me / half-not-expecting me to visit him down in that Flagler Beach, Florida dump -- the new downwardly mobile American Third World that encompasses most of the geographic extent of the country outside the cities and upscale suburbs -- and also do some weird trip to the Caribbean later this year.

I have serious reservations about. I don't trust him and -- to quote Sophia on "The Golden Girls" to her ex-son-in-law, Stan, "where there is no trust, there is no family." Bad things could happen to me down there and he would be secretly happy and even perhaps encourage it to happen.

I'm going to the gym shortly. I went yesterday as well, but that was to make up for missing Thursday night. I'm not sure I'll be able to do the full routine including the hour on the treadmill because I did it yesterday and two days in a row is difficult for me given my three-hour visits.

For Sunday and Monday (Memorial Day), I am a totally free man with NO plans except to take long walks from outer Metro stations back into D.C., stopping for lunch and so forth. To do this, I need to get up at a much more reasonable hour than is my weekend / off day custom.

The weather is sunny and warm today. There is a chance of showers and t-storms tomorrow and Monday but it won't be a wash out.

OK, that's all for now. I might post a jukebox Saturday night entry but I might not. I dunno. I see how I feel.

Welcome to Oz.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Night Somewhere in L'Enfant Plaza

My current office space somewhere in L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 8:04PM May 26, 2016.


Well, this week has been rather topsy-turvy schedule-wise owing -- presently because of a major work assignment I need to have wrapped up by June 1st (next week). This involves the BTO peer review project summaries. In addition, next week I have to get ready for the big VTO AMR event the following week, so I need to have this wrapped up by then.

As a result, I'm at work late again tonight instead of going to the gym, as I had planned. My new plan is to telework tomorrow -- that is, work from home -- but also go to the gym early afternoon. (The office is probably going to empty tomorrow anyway.)

I'm here now because I have three monitors -- see lead image to this entry -- that makes it far easier to work. I'm presently (for the time being) sitting where an office administrative assistant would sit. Remember that I'm not "embedded" with the client (I'm not onsite at Forrestal but next door in the L'Enfant complex).

I'm listening to the AccuRadio smooth jazz station (in between annoying commercial breaks that I mute), have set up a lamp, and have a fan. I haven't had such a good office set up since I was at UMCP in the public policy school back in 2006 working as a sort of graduate research assistant.

Anyway, I don't have much to say now, especially as I want to do another two hours of work. I still have 20 summaries to do and each one takes at least an hour since I have to cull through pages of reviewer notes and summarize them in a "summary" way rather than "chronologically" as the reviewer comments were entered.

The weather was too damn hot today, and there is a general air quality alert in effect for moderate ozone levels. Highs today were as follows: 88F at KDCA, 90F at KBWI, and 89F at KBWI. National Airport was the lowest probably because it is on the tidal Potomac, although I should note that the Maryland Science Center (KDMH) at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore reached 91F.

I suppose the CWG and its D.C. area suburban bourgeoisie are ecstatic, thrilled, scintillated, titillated with the weather. I've not checked over there in a few days since I don't want to be annoyed.

Speaking of National Airport, I can see it from my office, or rather, I can see the Potomac River and Washington Channel and part of East Potomac Park and the more distant Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The airport itself is blocked by the 950 L'Enfant Building hulking structure. From that building, especially its upper floors, there is a spectacular down-river view including the airport. Even from my office vantage point, it is a lovely view -- day or night.

OK, that's all for now. My next planned update will be Saturday evening. I'm not going to update the blog tomorrow unless some circumstance warrants.

In the meantime, here are yesterday's and today's "Pearls Before Swine," respectively ... Both are somehow relevant ...

Ha ha

Hippo-campus -- hilarious!



Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy MH B'Day with Train of Thought Tribute; What a Relief: Now GASY-Free; the Washington Weather Consensus Suns Itself; that Insufferable Idealism of Susan Sarandon Trumps Sanity Again

A lovely panorama of the Italian countryside in Montepulciano, May 24, 2016.

My co-worker and occasional supervisor is on vacation in Italy and sent me this picture on Tuesday. Seen in its 2MB original size on a large monitor, it was really stunning.


Here is a late night blog entry that in my previous entry I said I wouldn't / couldn't post. However, it turns out I have a bit of leeway in finishing a particular project at work by COB Friday, so I have time to do what I normally do after a gym workout night.

First things first ...

Let me note it is MH's 39th birthday! It seems like it was just his 35th birthday and then, three years later (and one year ago) his 38th birthday, but there you have it.

While last year we celebrated his birthday "Mattie Wade"-style with a rousing rending of Frankie Laine's "Mule Train," I think this year -- while keeping the train theme -- we'll have a bit more of a pensive one -- seein' as the big "4-0" is a mere year away. I can say that when I crossed that threshold with much vitriol, it really was for me the end of being truly young.

(Yes, I'm showing pictures of him from five and more years ago. I don't have any more recent ones -- but he still looks the same.)

So our tribute this year is from the Pat Metheny Group, a jazz-fusion band founded in the very year he was born.

"Last Train Home" by the Pat Metheny Group from its Still Life (Talking) album (1987)

Let me just add a few cents' worth of philosophy:

Just being in your 40s doesn't mean your life is over. Far from it -- although as a gay man, life loses the (admittedly vapid) purposes it (probably) had when you were in your 20s and 30s.

Those purposes are often some combo of "clothes," "looking hot / buff" "gym," "bar," "relationship," "job/money," and "gym" (oh, I mentioned that already). (Of course, I never was much like that, but I'm a weird little gay man of an outlier.)

What's more, because you're (probably) not married with children (your wife, or in this case, your spouse/husband), having turned you into a buccal-pumping frog on a suburban lily pad, you are forced to try to find meaning elsewhere.

Above: Anyone of a number of my straight male "married, with children" erstwhile friends from the 1990s as they now appear in 2016.


That's not always easy. Indeed, it is something some gay men never resolve to the detriment of the duration of their lives.

In my case, I'm significantly better off than I was in November 2009 when my life really was in a bad place career and money-wise. In addition, during the intervening years, I've gotten in much better shape, losing a substantial amount of weight (approx. 40 pounds of fat that I've kept off for a few years) and putting on muscle mass in place of doughy flab, although truth to tell, I'm an "in shape" 46 year old man, not a 26 year old man.

Indeed, I'm chagrined that I basically look like a ashen-gray leprechaun now with aging skin. You that "fear no mirror" CoolSculpting ad campaign? Well, my version is "veer away from mirror."

But this isn't about me, so back to the birthday wishes and notes ...

May 25th, 1977 also featured the debut of the original Star Wars movie, and it was the day that the great Russian author Yevgenia Ginzburg -- who wrote the powerful book Journey Into the Whirlwind about her 18 years spent in the gulag of Stalinist Russia -- passed away.

And with all that in mind: Happy Birthday, MH!

Those birthdays just keep comin', don't they??

Now please don't confuse the gorilla image with the Chipmungorilla named "GASY" that physically attacked me this past April, presumably because I "took food" from him.

This is the "Oscar Jonesey" (yes, "OJ"), one of the male silverback gorillas at the San Francisco Zoo. Such obvious intelligence and incredible strength -- but unrestrained by any human morality.


GASY is a chipmunk with the strength of a gorilla, hence he's a Chipmungorilla.

GASY eating. Are those Giant tangerines??

GASY and I are through and done for good, which is delightful and wonderful by me.

The last thing I need to "make up" with GASY with some fake apology (words are meaningless to him) and end up waiting for him to show up at my apartment 2 hours late and running out the door to another, better engagement (all while pretending, of course, that he's doing me some big favor, lies and nonsense pouring out like water over Niagara Falls), but not before going into my bathroom and, among other things, checking the toilet for any poop stains that your brush and Pine-Sol may have missed ...

You're just all jealous 'cuz I got GASY and you don't ... Oh, wait ...

Changing topics ...

So the flippin' Sun came out today and everybody was flapdoodling around as if they hadn't seen the damn thing in a century or more. I'm sure everyone was in a bourgeois frenzy over at the CWG. I didn't bother checking the site today.

It's the "Washington Weather Consensus" run amok, all neoliberal and "professional centrist" like in a way that scintillates Fred Hiatt and the Gang of 500.

There's nothing that bothers me more than a gloating "winner" -- especially when they've done nothing to "win" anything. It's all the more annoying after the endless moaning and groaning and bellyaching and howling and yowling that was done on that site over the "WORST MAY EVER FOR D.C. WEATHER" because of some cool, wet conditions.

Maybe Jason & Co. at the CWG can give out "Weather Purple Hearts" for all the good D.C. suburban bourgeoisie who had the "courage" to "endure" a couple weeks of cooler and wetter than normal conditions.

For me, the Sun was too bright and glaring today, and I felt, as ever, vampire-ish. It's not that I hate the Sun, but rather it is so bright, and invariably it is the start of a D.C. summertime -- characterized by being too damn hot and too damn humid yet too damn rainless and too damn long.

All while I'm trapped in D.C., seemingly serving a life sentence.

I'm particularly vexed at the thought of it being at the start of a frickin' presidential election year when the country -- its political structures badly fraying -- runs the real risk of electing a dangerously unqualified, clownish buffoon who is equal parts fascist and megalomaniacal -- and with one of our two main political parties has lost its mind, having become a cult defined by fear and loathing and fed by a rightwing media - entertainment complex.

Yet as David Roberts wrote, the American "political ecosystem" treats the whole goddamn thing as a choice of "Coca Cola versus Pepsi" instead of what it really is, namely, a choice of "Coca Cola versus sewer water."

Back to the weather ...

I want to be clear: I don't hate sunny, warm weather. Quite the contrary, I enjoy it when at the beach or in the country in the summertime. But as I am almost never in either setting, but instead I am serving a frickin' life sentence in Washington, D.C., and because summers here are so hot and horrible, I simply dread going into this time of year.

OK, I think I'm going to wrap up this entry. But read these three pieces (links embedded):

Prof. Krugman deconstructs the five general archetypes in the Sanders movement. The "Purists" are the Susan Sarandon worst. As Prof. Krugman writes:

"Quite a few Sanders surrogates were Naderites in 2000; the results of that venture don't bother them, because it was never really about results, only about affirming personal identity."

Darby makes very good points, but it won't make any difference to the "purist" faction -- see Krugman's piece above. Maybe a few of the idealists will change their minds, though.

And to end on a more optimistic and humorous note, this piece by Richard North Patterson on Huffington Post:

Short answer: Hillary will easily win the electoral college. The piece is actually kind of hilarious, too.

Excerpt (with paragraph breaks added):

"In three weeks as the GOP's presumptive nominee, Trumps behavior suggests a man who is driven, not by strategy or consistent beliefs, but by a profound personality disorder which limits his day-to-day ability to be tactical or "presidential." And it is a mortal lock that, when it comes to exposing Trump as an imbecile, the Democrats will be as merciless as Republicans were spineless.

"Armed with money and ferocity, from June to November the Clinton campaign will assault persuadable voters with evidence of Trump's narcissism, vulgarity, ignorance and instability -- not to mention his callousness and failures as a businessman."

"Their biggest challenge is winnowing print, video and tweets for the most repellent moments in an infinity of repulsiveness. This requires a constant state of readiness -- when it comes to providing fresh examples of odiousness and vapidity Trump, like rust, never sleeps..."

Left: A very "carboniferous" image of ferns galore that Andrea took on Sunday in Bear, Delaware where she was on a half marathon.

Alright, that really is all for now. I'm headin' to bed now.  It's only nearly 3AM. Next planned update will be late Thursday or Friday.