Friday, April 15, 2016

The Omega Block and Greenland Melting Away; A Tower of Life, Then & Now ...

Sunlight filtered through the trees in the 1400 block of U Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:41PM April 14, 2016.

These trees are probably not long for this world -- as they are on the fenced-off grounds of the now-closed Portner Place Section 8 housing that is due to be demolished (eventually) and replaced with mixed used (read: yuppie millennial and urban ghetto housing in a single "development").


Well, it's already getting late and I have to be up by 6AM tomorrow in order to be at a certain DOE offsite workshop (near L'Enfant Plaza) by 815AM, so no screwin' around on the blog until the wee hours.

I went to the gym tonight and had a good, multi-part workout starting with the jog, spanning weightlifting and core, and ending with a swim. I'm home and making a late dinner now.

Yesterday, I met Andrea at Baan Thai and then we went to Trade for a little while. Thereafter, I did what I usually do and stopped at the downstairs bar at Floriana.

Yes, it was an expensive day.

After tomorrow's workshop, I am tentatively meeting someone at Thunder Grill at Union Station in the evening.

A schematic diagram of an "Omega block" over North America with the jet stream pattern that suggests the Greek letter "omega" drawn onto the map (black line)

This image appears in the below-linked CWG entry. I'm unsure if the background weather map -- showing upper level flow at some pressure level along with what I assume are color-coded wind speeds -- is from the current pattern or a stylized one.


The weather sort of sucks in that we are trapped in an "Omega Block" pattern (jet stream configuration) for at least the next week with no rain fall -- indeed, probably no clouds -- even as temperatures warm from their current pleasantly cool levels (highs around 64F and lows around 42F) to much warmer. Pollen levels will also spike.

Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) weather advisories updated 11:57PM April 14, 2016.


There is a frost advisory tonight for points to the north and west of D.C. and Baltimore (see image directly above). However, this is also a southerly breeze tonight ushering in warmer conditions.

A fully-flowered little azalea bush growing on the grounds of the Hampton Courts (my apartment building), Washington, D.C., 6:17PM April 14, 2016.


As for 7 to 14 days of "no weather," the local bourgeoisie / supporters of Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus -- as well as the clueless, the tools, and the fools -- are all happy because endless sunshine = good.

Greenland Melting ...

The 0Z 4/12/2016 ECMWF ("Euro") model showing 6-hour 2-meter temperature anomalies over the Northern Hemisphere (polar projection view), valid at hour 24, 0Z 4/13/2016.

The image has been prettied up by and the temp anomalies converted to Fahrenheit using the color-coding shown on the right. It indicates anomalies of up to +57F above normal in Greenland.


Speaking of the weather and climate change, Greenland is experiencing record April warmth and the melt season is already underway two months early (see above image). Here is the story on

Left side: April 10th and April 11th, 2016 satellite derived "melt area" on Greenland -- defined as more than 1 millimeter of melting; right side: The historical average of Greenland's seasonal melting curve along with the range and this season's melting -- so far, just the spiking blue line indicating a melt rate more like you'd get in June than April.


Sorry, Teabaggers, there is no global cooling no matter what you heard on Fox & Friends. Oh, and James Inhofe's snowball is still missing.

A brilliant mind and great man in action. Oh, wait ...


Oh, yes, a cold ENSO -- "La Niña" event -- is shaping up in the Pacific to replace the "Godzilla El Niño" of the past year.

A few other items ...

I was given a big raise (plus a cool new title) at my new job -- on the order of 15% to something substantially higher than I have ever earned. I'm now officially just 5% of the way to Wall-P's gilded cage / Tool of Oligarchy salary that keeps The Staff into the style to which she has become accustomed.

I'm also about 80% of the way to what this Chipmunk earns for doing, well, nothing really...


I'm still going to try to do the final year of general forbearance on my student loans -- but that can't happen until late May. That will ensure my finances for the rest of the year. If I have figured this out correctly, beginning in June 2017, I really do have to start paying on them.

I also learned today that the little market in the 1500 block of U Street around the corner from where I live is closing next month. That's going to suck. I'll be forced to go to the Safeway at 17th and Corcoran a lot more.

The Tower: Then and Now...

Lastly, I wanted to post this interesting side-by-side pair of photos put into a single image ...

This is an image of my friend Mike G., his wife (on top), and a friend (in the middle). The image on the left was taken in 1989 in the Caspian Sea in or near Baku, Azerbaijan -- whence Mike, an ethnic Russian, was born and raised during the late Soviet era. The image on the right was taken in 2014 in surf of the Atlantic Ocean at Ocean City, Md., in the same order.

Mike calls them the "Tower Images," and they capture the same three individuals in two very different times and places. (Yes, the one on the right was done in black-and-white intentionally.)

The difference in their lives between then and now is just so astonishing. Mike met his wife circa 1988 while they both attended a meteorological institute in then-Leningrad. They came to the U.S. around 1991 with their then-infant son (they now have two sons). His wife's late father was a Soviet era dissident who by then lived (and drove a taxi) in New York City. I met Mike in August 1994 at the start of my deeply problematic meteorology graduate school studies at the Univ. of Maryland, College Park. Today, he and his wife live in Howard County (not far from my other meteorology grad school friend, Chester, and his family) and I see him on occasion when he comes into D.C. (ditto Chester).


OK, I'm going to end the entry now. I'll try to have another entry posted on Saturday evening.



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