Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Note-Taker's Postscript: Under the April Sky, a Return (Nearly) to Normalcy

The outside the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park, Falls Church, Va., 1:28PM April 6, 2016.

Isn't that a lovely spring day??


I'm writing this entry even though I am very tired and need to go to sleep.

I got up at 5:45AM this morning -- and was not feeling well, still lingering after-effects of my utterly horrid Monday due to food poisoning on Sunday, but in this case, intermittently light-headed, possibly because I hadn't eaten much in the past few days.

However, I managed to get where I needed to be by 7:45AM (yes, 7:45AM), and I was soon back out at the Falls Church Fairview Marriott Hotel that is located, despite its name, in the unincorporated Fairfax County part of Falls Church about 1.5 miles from the Dunn Loring Metro in a sort of suburban / exurban no-man's land.

I also got through the day as note-taker, finishing my this assignment and heard some interesting (as well as boring) things at the peer review.

Another view outside the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park, Falls Church, Va., 1:28PM April 6, 2016.


Earlier tonight, I made it to the gym -- but only to show myself that I could go. My workout was virtually nonexistent -- with just a 1 mile treadmill jog (rather than the usual 6.5 miles), 5 minutes of weightlifting (rather than an hour), and no core or swimming (just the steam room and a refreshing shower).

I'll try to get back in the near-regular gym routine on Saturday.

As it is, my appetite hasn't returned anywhere near normal, and I've certainly not been drinking any liquor.

Returning to my work day, and given what I said in my previous entry, I should point out that I rode between L'Enfant Plaza and the conference venue with a different set of young folks from the same partner contracting company -- and it was a very different and much more pleasant experience with the earnest, intelligent, and thoughtful head of the group making me feel welcome and part of the team.

This stands in opposition to being in the car of a highly intelligent and aware, hyper-talkative 31-year old who couldn't give a damn that you are in the car, have views on anything (some of which might even have a touch of wisdom, or at least be interesting), but instead is doing a virtual monologue with another Millennial playing a supporting role.

The Jefferson Memorial as seen on approach to the 14th Street Bridge, Washington, D.C., 7:52AM April 6, 2016.

The Washington Monument is just visible on the far right behind the trees. Oh, and the top of the Jefferson Memorial (not quite visible in this blurry image) is -- I just noticed this week -- surprisingly dirty looking.


For tomorrow, I should be back in the office as usual at Elephant L'Enfant Plaza.

For tomorrow night, there is a company happy hour at a bar in Southwest D.C. near the waterfront, but I'm really not at this point up for drinking.

However, I am planning on attending the follow-up "working happy hour" at the National Press Club on Friday night by a number of my co-workers who jumped from the collapsed other company to our current company where we will discuss our legal options against senior management and the other cast of characters involved in that flaming pile of poop (the name(s) of which, alas, I cannot reveal).

Of note, I have been having the weirdest dreams about the whole situation and a few co-workers -- except one of them (a buxom young female with a strong personality and a sailor's mouth) is occupying my bed with another guy (in a sort of apartment / dorm room setting), and I'm trying to figure out another place to go to sleep in a house -- which, all of a sudden, becomes a giant tree, and I'm waaaay up high in the large boughs before flying off into the clouds or dense fog above a strange city.

OK, then.

The Weather ...

The weather is cloudy and cool tonight (about 50F) following another brisk but brightly sunny early spring day. Rain and even a possible thunderstorm is forecasted tomorrow and tomorrow night ahead of another cold frontal passage.

NWS composite radar mosaic for the Great Lakes sector looped from 0038UTC to 0148UTC April 7, 2016 (7:38PM to 8:48PM CDT April 6, 2016).


On Friday, another bout of rain is forecasted -- and it might even be cold enough to have a touch of mixed precipitation early Saturday. (That is highly unlikely in Washington, D.C., proper in our present climate epoch, but I did want to mention it since rain and snow showers are in the D.C. zone NWS forecast.)

The lows this morning and highs today were as follows:

KDCA: 32F / 56F
KBWI: 24F* / 53F
KIAD: 24F** / 57F

*The 24F broke the previous daily record low of 26F set way back in the pre-BWI Airport period in the historically cold winter of 1898.

** The 24F tied the previous daily record low of 24F set in 1966)

Of note, KDCA's daily record low was also 26F. That was set in the same year as the KBWI record (back in the pre-National Airport period). There's no danger of breaking that in the present era.

This will probably be the last time that KDCA proper touches freezing until next winter season.

And with that, I shall sign off. I probably will not update the blog again until Saturday late afternoon / evening. In the meantime, peruse this piece by Jonathan Chait. As ever with Chait, it's very worth a read.


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