Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Day After: A Slow Recovery -OR- The Note-Taker Takes Some Notes

The grounds of the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park, Falls Church, Va., 1:21PM April 5, 2016.


So I made it to work today, or rather, to the conference at the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park (the hotel is actually located in that non-incorporated portion of Falls Church that is in Fairfax County).

I also got a ride from someone at the other company that is also providing technical support services to the agency. I even made it to L'Enfant Plaza (to get the ride) by 805AM (which, if you know me, is incredible early; however, I went to bed at 830PM and, after being up for about an hour between 10PM and 11PM, went right back to sleep).

Another view of the grounds of the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park, Falls Church, Va., 1:21PM April 5, 2016.


However, having said that, I am still not fully recovered from yesterday's food poisoning-induced violent illness.

Indeed, my appetite has only modestly returned. Whereas yesterday (following a lot of violent vomiting in the morning and early afternoon) the only thing I could keep down was liquid -- including a whole damn canned six-pack of Canada Dry ginger ale and an Ensure nutritional shake (plus a chocolate pudding).

Today, I had a light lunch -- provided at the conference (it was actually quite a nice one) -- and I'm having some chicken noodle and wild rice soup tonight plus some ginger ale. Oh, and I did have some hot tea.

My throat actually is sore because of just how violently (and repeatedly) sick I was yesterday. (Yes, I know that's disgusting.) Also, my teeth hurt for some reason.

Exterior of the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park, Falls Church, Va., 1:21PM April 5, 2016.

This place is really located in a suburban / borderline exurban no man's land -- hemmed in by freeways whose steady white noise "ssshhhhh" endlessly fills the air.


My mom kindly sent me this article on the topic (it has some good advice in it). Oh, and my neighbor Fred brought me some chocolate pudding (as I requested) yesterday evening -- and then didn't take any money for it.

Changing subjects, I'm not waiting up for the Wisconsin Democratic and Republican primary results to start rolling in. Besides, we know what to expect: Sanders and Cruz both win their respective primaries.

I still consider this to be the worst possible outcome for reasons I outlined here. Furthermore, the real action moves to the mid-Atlantic and New England states next week where things will be decided.

Also on a political note, I would like to note these two articles (links embedded):

Can't we just already toss Mississippi (and Alabama) out of the Union altogether? Why do we have to be in the same country. Just SECEDE already and go off into oblivion.

As far as Indiana goes, it is in the same league as Kansas: Elect crazy Republican politicians -- legislation for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires in one hand and microscopic probe (or baton) in the other to stick inside some non-GOP approved group -- and this is the garbage you get.

Actually, the Indiana article is kind of hilarious.

Anyway, I'm really not in the mood to get into any political discussion tonight. I just want to go to sleep.

Oh, yes, I should note the weather: Despite being a sun-flooded, lovely spring day, it was surprisingly cold all day.

Lows this morning and highs this afternoon included:

KDCA 30F / 46F
KBWI 28F / 45F
KIAD 29F / 45F

As near as I can tell, none were daily records in any way.

Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) weather advisories as of 9:00PM April 5, 2016.


For tonight, there are extensive freeze warnings in effect including for the entire Metro D.C. and Baltimore areas and also well south of here including the entire Tidewater area and much of North Carolina including the Outer Banks. (This is because the growing season has already started.)

NWS Eastern Region weather advisories (map) as of 9:23PM EDT April 5, 2016.


Looking ahead, it is forecasted to warm up to around normal (not above) and also be wet tomorrow night into early Friday.

Exiting the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park, Falls Church, Va., 6:04PM April 5, 2016.


For tomorrow, I have to be at L'Enfant Plaza even earlier -- 745AM -- to get a ride. Then on Thursday I (finally) go back into the office. (Of note, I was about 15 years younger than the two folks with whom I carpooled today, and especially in the evening ride back into D.C. -- when I just decided to stop talking altogether and was completely ignored anyway -- I really felt that age difference. Just transcribing the dialogue of two millennials would make an interesting stand-alone chapter in any contemporarily-set book.)

For tomorrow night, I'm going to try to go to the gym but I am unsure, and if I do, it's going to be a light workout.

With that, I am signing off and going right to bed.


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