Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Evening Post for April 9th, 2016: The If-I-Were-King-For-a-Day Edition

**This entry was posted April 9th, 2016.**

Inside Station 4, Washington, D.C., 5:18PM April 7, 2016.


Saturday night.

It is a gusty, blustery, cold night -- very un-April-like for Washington, D.C. -- as a strong upper level trough digs across the Eastern U.S. and surface high builds into the mid-Atlantic from the Ohio River valley.

There were rain and snow showers earlier today, and while it cleared up, there were scattered snow showers around the region in the afternoon. I think KDCA will actually end up with "Trace" of snow today. Ditto KBWI and KBWI.

St. Augustine Catholic Church, Washington, D.C., and the sky above it on a chilly evening, 7:00PM April 9, 2016.


It is 40F at the 8PM hour at KDCA with a gusty northwesterly wind (21MPH gusting to 30MPH), giving a 30F wind chill. There are scattered stratocumulus clouds but it is mostly clear at this point -- a young crescent Moon starting to sink in the western sky. KBWI reported rain and snow showers at 7PM and 8PM with an air temp of 36F.

Of note, Oakland, Maryland had 7 inches of snow today ...

A snowy spring day in Oakland, Md., in a photo taken by Jeremy Siegel earlier today and posted here on his Twitter site and re-posted in a Capital Weather Gang re-tweet.


Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) advisories as of 9:00PM April 9, 2016.


There are extensive freeze warnings across portions of the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern U.S. including the entire extended Metro D.C. and Baltimore areas. In parts of southwestern Virginia, West Virginia, and eastern Kentucky, there are hard freeze warnings in effect.

NWS advisories for the eastern region of the United States as of 9:04PM EDT April 9, 2016.


The lows this morning and highs this afternoon were as follows:

KDCA: 34F / 50F
KBWI: 35F / 49F
KIAD: 34F / 46F

The normal high at KDCA and KIAD for April 9th is 65F (and 62F at KBWI) so these temps are substantially below normal -- and noteworthy given how much time we spend being above normal in the present era.

Despite what I said in a recent entry, it looks like KDCA should easily go below freezing tonight. I also suspect the above lows will be surpassed before midnight. The record lows for April 10th are as follows:

KDCA: 28F (1997)
KBWI: 22F (1985)
KIAD: 19F (1985)

The KBWI and KIAD ones will be a stretch to break.

It is forecasted to be rainy during the work week.

2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., outside my apartment building, 7:08PM April 9, 2016.


I had a good gym workout today -- doing my hour-long treadmill jog and hour-long light-to-moderate weightlifting. I skipped the core part but I went swimming for about 10 minutes (the pool was rather crowded even up against the 630PM Saturday closing time).

I'm so happy to be back to physical health after what happened earlier this week.

The view from the S9 bus going down 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:40PM April 8, 2016.

I was heading to the National Press Club and there was a well-timed bus. Usually, it's four buses in the direction you don't want -- leap-frogging past one other at each stop -- and none in the direction you want.

As you can see, the trees and vegetation are blooming -- hence the freeze warnings.


Last night, I went to the National Press Club to meet a friend and co-worker (who is a member) and a few other co-workers showed up along with our supervisor. (More folks would have shown up except we had the company happy hour the night before.)

Franklin Square, Washington, D.C., 5:52PM April 8, 2016.

The WaHoPo's new Jeff Bezos digs are located directly across the street (appropriately fronting onto K Street). So right there from Neoliberal World Order Central, Fred Hiatt can look out upon Franklin Square while putting together the next day's assemblage of editorials and Gang of 500 op-eds that meet the approval of the 0.1% oligarchical overclass.

Oh, and Benji Wittes, the Mascot of the Washington Consensus, can periodically stop by and tell him the latest and greatest discussions and WHITE PAPERS from the day's BROOKINGS PANELS. As ever, the question is: Is today Free Trade Day or Bomb/Invade Wherever Day??


We talked about what transpired at the collapsed company and what to do. Based upon what my supervisor said and the issues involved, I am a lot less inclined to join and class action legal case -- since there could very well be legal battles between the two companies that could adversely impact us. (This presupposes the other company or its bogus corporate shell is able to get it together, right now it is still in bitter internal recriminations among dueling preferred shareholders.)

National Press Building, looking onto the 13th floor, Washington, D.C., 8:03PM April 8, 2016.

You're not allowed to take pictures in the bar and restaurant area -- i.e., the club itself.


Later, my co-worker friend and I went to Old Ebbitt Grill to the Old Bar for some after-11PM shrimp cocktails (half off) and more drinks. We parted and I headed to Trade for a bit before walking home.

All-in-all, it was a very nice night.

For tonight, I am going to Floriana and then perhaps get dinner at Logan Tavern. Needless to say, I will never, ever be going to Commissary again.

For tomorrow, Quill and I are meeting for lunch at a place we like in Bethesda.

A homeless person asleep on the sidewalk, 1400 block P Street NW, Washington, D.C., 2:07AM April 9, 2016.

This sort of pointless, needless human tragedy makes an odd assemblage of people happy: morally-diseased libertarians, idiot white liberals, and the Neoliberal World Order, each for different reasons.

If I ran the world (yikes), I would have all kinds of mental health services and homes for these people BUT! sleeping outside like this would be totally illegal.


That's all for now except to say that I'm glad that nearly all of the damn Democratic caucuses in 100%-white, population-less-then-D.C. states are over and the real and decisive contests can happen later this month -- while the Republican side continues in its self-destructive vortex.

Chris T. sent me this picture of Finn taken in suburban Atlanta, April 8, 2016.


Jonathan Chait had this interesting piece (link embedded): The Pragmatic Tradition of African-American Voters.

As the title suggests, it is about how African American Democratic voters and why historically they have been so pragmatic -- and in opposite to the Sandernistas, who in their refusal to accept compromise in a winner-take-all, two-party system where Republicans have large structural advantages, and their notion that a politician should agree with you 100 percent is the ultimate expression of white privilege.

OK, Jukebox Saturday night entry to follow momentarily ...


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