Sunday, April 17, 2016

Never on Sunday ... Well, Maybe Just This One Time

The newly "leafed out" boughs of a maple tree, V Street and New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 2:51PM April 16, 2016.


Sunday afternoon.

It is a sunny, mild day -- getting too dry for April. We need rain. The tree pollen levels are stratospheric, so to speak (and I need to take Claritin before heading out). While today is forecasted to reach about 72F, tomorrow will be closer to 80F for a high.

NWS national composite radar looped from 1538UTC to 1638UTC April 17, 2016.


The "Omega Block" pattern has yet to break down so it's totally dry in the Eastern and Western U.S. with a sluice of heavy rainfall right up the all-virtuous Great Plains middle in places where people see that slimy, hateful reptile Ted Cruz as Jesus H. Christ, Savior.

NWS weather advisories updated 1717UTC April 17, 2016.

This does not include the legend.


As a brief political aside, this week's New York primary and next week's Pennsylvania one should reset things in favor of Hillary on the Democratic side and Trump on the Republican side, although the latter just ensures more chaos in Cleveland this summer. On the GOP side, the Cruz Brown Shirts have been busily stealing Trump's delegates and Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus approves and Cokie Roberts is smiling.

Needless to say, this is not playing out well with the Trumpsters.

A plant in the office at 1201 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, D.C., 12:36PM April 15, 2016.

This plant was in the office where the two-day workshop was held. The plant has such lovely and oddly waxy leaves, but I don't recognize the type. Any ideas?


Last night, I went to Floriana with my neighbor and friend, Fred, and then later I went to Trade, where I met my fellow Hampton Courts resident, Andrew, who seemed oddly eager to hook me up with his dinner date while he worked the crowded bar.

Earlier, I had a good multi-part workout at the gym. Of note, my weight has been about 146.2 pounds -- or down 3 pounds on average following my nasty food poisoning episode two weeks ago.

I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. You see, I'm happy that I've kept off the 40 pounds of fat, but I've put on some muscle mass.

Oh, yes, speaking of Floriana, apparently I went there late Friday after my night out with somebody that began at Union Station around 430PM (after I got off work early following a 745AM arrival to attend a workshop) and ended with me taking a cab back to Dupont from his place. However, I have no recollection of having gone to Floriana, talked to Dito, and had dinner at the bar.

That's not good. However, it would further explain my Friday expenditures.

The National Museum of the American Indian and the U.S. Capitol dome, Washington, D.C., 3:59PM April 15, 2016.

I was walking to Union Station past large, slow-moving herds of touristas. I'm glad that the ugly scaffolding on the Capitol dome is slowly being removed.


I probably should wrap up this entry soon if I want to get out and about and enjoy my one truly free day, I would like to mention, though, that I'm still deeply upset last Sunday's ugliness. However, I said I would not talk any more about it.


FIB is right, Chipmunk. Say, Chipmunk, I hear that tangerines are on sale at Giant. They're always on sale at Giant. Go away, Chipmunk.


Looking ahead, this is going to be a busy week as I have three tasks to complete -- one minor but that I need to finish tomorrow, and two major, one due Tuesday COB and another by the end of the week. I might have to work late tomorrow night from home after the gym -- as in, work into the wee hours -- and this will likely curtail my blogging this upcoming week.

Flowers growing somewhere in Washington, D.C., 6:29PM April 15, 2016.

I'm not even sure where I took this -- somewhere along 1st St NW north of Union Station. Bad part of the city. I had gone with someone from Thunder Grill to another part next to where My Brothers Place used to be.


For Tuesday afternoon, I'm supposed to meet my mom at Union Station for lunch. We're going to Thunder Grill, although I may mix it up instead by going to Uno's there.

One last item: I'm having issues with my 401k as a result of the collapse of my previous employer. While rolling over the amount to my new company's plan is not a big deal, I am now (apparently) technically in default on a loan to myself from a few years ago, and that could have retroactive tax consequences.

I need to figure that out. I am not happy with OneAmerica. I sent an email to our plan POC saying that the company should do more than be a fee-skimming middleman in the giant racket that is the 401k system, but I realize that's asking a lot.

My view is that the company knew -- or SHOULD HAVE KNOWN -- that my former employer was failing repeatedly to make 401k contributions for months. (I'm sure there is some shitty law that protects them from that.)

"Eh. Eh. Ehehehe. The courts have ruled that it is an employee's responsibility to ensure that all contributions are being made in a timely manner by the employer. The only responsibility of a financial services firm is to increase shareholder value by ensuring contracts are enforced. Therefore -- "

Ohhhh, shut-up Wall-P, you vulgar, little corporate stooge-bot. I might have known you'd show up and say that.

Above: Having just entered into a IDIQ matrimonial contract, Wall-P receives its instructions from The Staff on what are it's allowed opinions (and which it confuses with Deep Insights).

Not to worry, though, as Staff checked with Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus and everything is in alignment with the needs of the Neoliberal World Order.


OK, I think that's all for now. Again, blogging is going to be somewhat uncertain this upcoming week.

For today, I think I'm going to take the Metro up to Bethesda and go to Rock Bottom and then take a walk.

Peace Out.


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