Friday, April 22, 2016

Inside a Hubble Bubble Volume: The Lost Prince and the Birthday Queen

The 8,000-light year-distant Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) in a four-image mosaic captured by the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3. For more info, see here.

I guess we can call this stunning image (as folks already are) the Hubble Bubble. Then there is a Hubble Volume, but let's not get into that now.

April 24th will mark the 26th anniversary of the launching aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery of the Hubble Space Telescope (although it would be about three later that its bum primary mirror would be replaced and the Hubble would go on to become the venerable rock star that it is today).


This is a morning update. I'm teleworking -- that is, working from home -- today. I'm actually having a hard time getting started as I'm still quite tired. I need to finish something by 530PM-ish, although I do have technically until Sunday now to complete it.

One of the buildings in the Federal Triangle complex, Washington, D.C., 12:13PM April 21, 2016.

I think this is part of the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, but I'm not entirely sure. It fronts onto Constitution Avenue. I had gone to the dentist yesterday morning and ended up walking all the way to work (at L'Enfant Plaza).


Last night was a non-gym night and after work, I went to Trade and then I later met Mark at Logan Tavern for a late dinner that included a couple more drinks.

I'm feeling still quite sore from the Wednesday night workout including the Instinct class that, I guess, was effectual after all if the goal is to "feel it" a day or two later.

Evening sky as seen at the northeast corner of McPherson Square at 15th and K Streets and Vermont Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 6:51PM April 21, 2016.


The big news, of course, is the sudden death of the singer Prince, who was found dead yesterday in his Minnesota home from an as-yet-unspecified cause. Even the online New York Times is giving this big coverage. Prince was 57.

New York Times online headline at 9:53AM April 22, 2016.


Below are some article links and associated images:

Prince gestures while performing.


(Normally, I read O'Hehir for his political commentary in this election year and despite the fact I am very much a Hillary supporter -- including this one -- but O'Hehir is first-and-foremost a film and cultural critic.)

Even President Obama commented on Prince's passing.

Prince and President Obama; Rolling Stone photo montage.


President Obama: "Few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly."

Prince sporting a big 'fro and wearing what looks like a dashiki; photo by Matt Sayles, AP.



From tragedy to celebration ...

Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday meeting some of her subjects, April 21, 2016.


Other news yesterday included the 90th birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II. The Huffington Post had this piece showing "ER2" from when she was a toddler to today.

A Royal Flush.


Not to ruin the mood or anything -- I'm a big fan of Elizabeth -- but I can't stand Philip (although I should note he is now 94 and still in near perfect health). By contrast, I like Prince William and Princess Kate. I think together they will carry on the tradition very well. (I'm assuming the Crown is going to pass right over Prince Charles directly to Prince William, at this point.) As for Prince Harry, he's kind of a moral gigolo.

Queen Elizabeth II and her grandson, Prince William, at Royal Albert Hall, November 2015.


For tonight, I'm supposed to meet a friend and go on a sort of mini-pub crawl starting at Trade, going to Post Pub and the Bottom Line, and ending at the Old Bar at Old Ebbitt Grill. This may be the last time I see that particular person, so I wanted to do something like that.

Trees on the grounds of the National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C., 12:15PM April 21, 2016.

As noted above, I was walking from the dentist office at 12th and Mass. Ave to work. The procedure was very quick and easy. The longest part, by far, was the wait (nearly 45 minutes).


It is a mild, mostly cloudy day with temps. here in D.C. about 67F. There is a chance of some needed showers and thunderstorms this evening. I hope so -- both for the rain itself and to wash the tree pollen out of the air. The trees are in full bloom and the world has "greened up" or "leafed out" fairly quickly.

Along 15th Street NW (between, I think T and S Streets), Washington, D.C., 10:23AM April 21, 2016.


I should note it is Earth Day 2016. Directly below are two of the Google Doodles for it -- and both very appropriate.

Drawing of a polar bear on (melting?) Arctic ice floes beneath a vivid aurora borealis -- and not a "global cooling" Teabagger in sight.


Drawing of an elephant on the African savanna at sunset (or maybe sunrise). Better keep away that dentist who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt.


OK, that's all for now. I really do need to get busy with some stuff I have to finish. My next planned update will be tomorrow evening after my usual Saturday gym routine.


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