Monday, April 4, 2016

I'll Spare You Any Photos in This Entry -OR- I Paid $34 For This??

**This entry was posted April 4, 2016.**

Sick this morning from both ends.

As I have done on a number of Sundays in the past several months, I went to Commissary yesterday in the early evening for the bar food and drink happy hour. This time, what I ate made me sick. In addition, I exacerbated it by having some vodka drinks afterward.

I had a feeling from the get-go this was going to happen (the two little dishes I ate were disgusting), although I didn't throw up until this morning. It is a very painful experience, but it was short (though hardly sweet). I think that part is at least over.

Anyway, I'm a bit waylaid this morning. I'm not going to that conference this morning, although my actual note-taking duties aren't until tomorrow and Wednesday.

That is all.

Updated 8:50AM 4/4/2016: Well, it turns out the "front end" part of this isn't quite over yet, either. I think I'm going to be out of commission all day.

And to think I paid $34 for this experience.


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