Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Late Afternoon Update: Mooin' On Out, Mooin' On Up ...

1800 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 3:48PM April 8, 2016.

The ginormous tree is, I think, a chestnut oak. It grows (along with the tree next to it) in the small, triangular plot of land formed by New Hampshire Ave., T Street, and 17th Street NW.


Just a super-quick Friday late afternoon update ...

I'm working from home today. I'm feeling, finally, fully back to myself after the food poisoning sickness of earlier this week. (OK, I realize that some people might find the idea of me being back to myself a tad problematic ...)

Yours truly on the Green Line somewhere between Waterfront and Gallery Place - Chinatown station, 9:47PM April 7, 2016.


Last night, I participated in what turned out to be a very fun company happy hour at Station 4 in Southwest D.C. I also kind of liked that place. Of course, it helped it was a company hour and I didn't have to pay, although I tipped the bartender a couple of times. (It's a reflex reaction from all my decades in the D.C. gay bar world.)

I also met many of my new co-workers. Some of my co-workers who jumped with me from the other company were also there.

Interior of Station 4, Southwest Washington, D.C., 7:56PM April 7, 2016.


Several hours later, I rode the Metro Green and Red Lines back to Dupont Circle, but I got sort of "stranded" in a sea of red-jersey-clad Capitals fans leaving a game at the Verizon Center. (It's one of the few times the Metro is almost entirely white ...) Ohhh, and some of them were in the heavy-weight division of life ...

There were a few folks in light blue jersey for the opposing team (not sure which one), and I happened to sit next to one (a young guy) and talked to him, though I don't remember too much about what I said -- something about how Caps fans will actually fly to Buffalo, as I discovered on my last trip there, to watch games with the Sabres.

Mooin' on out to the 'burbs ...

Washington Capitals fans riding a down escalator at Gallery Place / Chinatown / Verizon Center Metro station, 10:08PM April 7, 2016.


For tonight, I'm heading back to the National Press Club with coworkers -- in particular, those of us who jumped from the other company that collapsed to our current federal contractor -- to kvetch and conspire about possible courses of action.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to try to resume my regular gym routine. Though I went Wednesday, I did virtually nothing.

Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) advisories as of 2:57PM April 8, 2016.


Today is a sunny, breezy, rather cool day -- our chilly April in this globally warming world continues apace -- with temps around 50F with a gusty westerly wind gusting to near 30MPH. There is a freeze watch in effect for tonight and then a chance of rain showers maybe mixed with a bit of snow.

OK, that's all for now. My next planned update will be tomorrow.


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