Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flooded Out Horses, Hangry Chipmunks, and Gorillas Best Left Alone -OR- "It's the New Zoo Revue, Comin' Right at You!"

A stylized Virgin Mary statute in the small yard at 1300 17th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 6:06PM April 18, 2016.


Well, I wasn't going to post a blog entry tonight, but rather just focus on the second of three work assignments I need to complete (the second by COB Tuesday/tomorrow).

However, I'm just back from the gym and I'm so tired that I think I might just go to sleep in a bit and get up extra early tomorrow. The main issue is that I am supposed to meet my mom for lunch at Union Station tomorrow. I think we will go to Uno's this time instead of Thunder Grill.

Tomorrow night is a non-gym night. I may go to Floriana to watch the New York primary results come in. Finally, an primary season election with results worth watching.

A (blurry) picture of the lobby leading to the 17th Street side exit of the Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., 6:50PM April 17, 2016.

I was there because I had to make a pit stop in the lower level bathroom. I hadn't been in there in, like, 15 years.

Alas, I don't have enough time to relate right now my 1990s-era Sunday early evening relationship with the Mayflower Hotel -- in between mass at St. Matthew's and stopping at JRs for dollar vodka night.

Benji Wittes and the rest of Fred Hiatt's Gang of 500 courtier class have fond recollections of it since it is where Monica stayed during her Ken Starr deposition during the height of the Clinton Impeachment Follies.

That was during the halcyon days of the Washington Consensus when the stakes were so much lower -- and before the blossoming of post 9/11-Deep State. That whole media farce also revealed the weird puritanism of the Beltway Courtier Class -- a puritanism whose face is none other than Cokie Roberts herself.


Turning to the weather, it was too goddamn sunny, warm, and dry today with highs OF COURSE already reaching into the 80s including the following:


None of these were close to daily records, which at this time of year are already well into the 90s F.

Everyone was deliriously happy at the sunshine and heat -- even with super-elevated tree pollen levels. There is no real chance of rain until Thursday or Friday.

I dislike the Baltimore/Washington area weather -- in particular in the District and points south and east -- most of the time, but I especially hate it at the start of what promises to be 5 agonizing months of heat, humidity, insufficient rain, and the usual nastiness. I don't want to live in this climate anymore

Alternatively, I'd like a Greenland to hurry up and catastrophically melt, create a new Younger Dryas episode, and return the mid-Atlantic region to a nice Newfoundland-like climate.

NOAA global mean temperatures for 2015. Go, cold blob, go!

Source image here. (Sorry, Teabaggers, it's not a fake image.)


Houston Area Flooding ...

A scene in the Houston area of the flooding on April 18, 2016 compared to normal. This split image appeared in a tweet that is reposted in the CWG entry below.


The "omega block" pattern of this past week has lived up to its promise of weather extremes with the Houston area inundated by up to 17 inches of rainfall and 12 to 18 inches of late season snow in the Denver / Boulder area.

Here is the CWG article about the Houston inundation (link embedded): Houston region swamped and shut down by 'historic' flood.

Greater Houston area Doppler radar-estimated rainfall (with legend) for part of April 17th and 18th, 2016.


As an aside, I wonder how many people in and around the Houston area -- deep in the Fox News Entertainment Complex Bubble -- are busy praising and glorifying Ted Cruz and blaming "the Muslim Kenyan Socialist Atheist in the White House" and "that lesbian" for their weather predicament.

Rescuers work to save a horse from drowning at the Cypress Trails Equestrian Center along the flooded Cypress Creek north of Houston, April 18, 2016.

This image doesn't even look real -- but it is. It appeared in a tweet reposted in the above-linked CWG entry. Nearly 100 horses were rescued, which is kind of amazing.


Here is the CWG article about the Denver area snow (link embedded): Photos: Parts of Colorado high country buried under four feet of snow; One foot in Denver.

A former co-worker I have who lives in Denver said a 8 inches of wet snow had fallen.

Changing topics, yesterday I had a really nice time at Rock Bottom where Andrea unexpectedly joined me. It turned out she was nearby in Bethesda as well for a bridal shower. Later, back in D.C., I met up with another friend at Trade.

Oh, yes, I learned that The Chipmunk has revealed a REASON for its violent attack, namely, because the victim of the attack (yours truly) "grabbed food" from it. Now given that about one-in-three things The Chipmunk says are flat-out bullshit untrue (as in "at variance with objective and empirical reality") and the other one-in-three are a mixed bag, this literal account seems suspect.

Far more likely, it's in some unfalsifiable gray zone in which The Chipmunk really means, "I was thinking of ordering food at that moment ..." or "The tangerines at Giant were suddenly on sale in the self checkout line."

You never know what's what with The Chipmunk. The only verities are that The Chipmunk is always and only about itself at all times.

However, what's not in dispute is the male silverback gorilla-like strength of The Chipmunk.

Yikes. This guy would tear you apart.

Actually, he reminds me of MH a bit, at least a little bit around the eyes.


OK, on that note, I think that's all for now. My next update won't be until at least late Wednesday, maybe early Thursday.


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