Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Morning Tenure of a Turbulent Week -OR- Still Mentally Eclipsed

A midday total solar eclipse as seen from the Indonesian island of Ternate in a photo by Babek Tafreshi and featured in today's APOD.

The eclipse transited from west-to-east the International Dateline, so it actually started on March 9th local time and ended March 8th local time, prompting this New York Times story and headline.


This entry is a significantly shortened version of what I had intended to post last night because I simply don't have time to post a proper entry. What's more, I have at this precise moment no pictures to include in it, which for me typically renders my entries me un-post-able.

Yesterday, I had an OK day at work (yes, I'm still there and getting paid, at least for now), although I'm signficantly behind on a project I've been working on and I had to cover a certain program's regional monthly calls as note-taker, and that's always a bit difficult. This one was the South Central region and I had a hard time with some of the thick accents (from my mid-Atlantic perspective).

My gym visit was a good, multi-part one spanning a bit over 3 hours including jog, weightlifting, core workout, and swim. My next gym visit will be on Saturday.

I'm home this morning (groggy as hell after a turbulent night sleep). I am going into work later this afternoon. Before that, though, I am meeting my mom at Union Station around 1230PM for one of our periodic Thunder Grill lunches. She's taking a MARC train into D.C. for a couple hours to meet me at the restaurant.

Yesterday, it was too damn warm today for early March with record daily highs at both KBWI and KIAD -- 82F at each, surpassing the 79F at both (in 1964 and 2000, respectively). KDCA reached 79F, missing by 1F its daily record high of 80F set in 1964.

Today is forecasted to be about as warm but thereafter it should cool off and with a chance of rain over the weekend.

OK, I'm ending the entry now. My next update might not be until Saturday, although I'll try to post one Friday evening.


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