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Saturday Evening Post for March 5th, 2016: The GOP Monster Mashup Edition

**This entry was posted March 5, 2016.**

The scenic pictures in this blog are actually taken from this YouTube version of Kenny G's Going Home. I was going to post that in my Jukebox Saturday Night entry immediately following this entry, but instead I posted his Songbird. (Some of the images repeat in that version of Songbird as well but the sea with pier and distant thunderstorms is only in the latter.)


Saturday Night.

I just made and ate dinner and also did two loads of laundry.

About the laundry, new washers and dryers were installed this past week here in the building and the new fare machines do not take the old laundry cards but only debit, credit, or pre-paid cards. The cost is $2 per load (both washer and dryer, representing an increase of 25 cents and 50 cents, respectively).

There is also a "hold" of $7 put on for the first washer and the first dryer used.

I opted to use my credit card because I didn't want this money to come out of my checking account. In looking online, I see that two $7 holds or $14 was put on the card with both saying "pending." If this works out, it means that the $14 should reduce to $8 (two wash loads and two dry loads).

Earlier this afternoon, I went to the gym and had a good multi-part workout over the course of 3+ hours including the jog, weightlifting, core, and swimming.

Yesterday, after work, I met Andrea at Baan Thai and then we went to Trade, where Imara joined us. I remained after they left but things got a bit fuzzy. I recall (vaguely) walking home -- book bag with computer in tow -- and then walking up around quarter to three in the morning. (No, nothing bad happened -- I remember bad things. Sorry to disappoint you, MH.)

I should note this ...

There are another series of caucuses and primaries tonight -- dubbed "Super Saturday" -- but three of them are in very low population states. Unfortunately, sociopathic hatemonger Ted Cruz is doing well, having won both the Kansas and Maine GOP caucuses (with 48% and 46% of the vote, respectively), while Kentucky is leaning for Trump (43% with 30 percent of the vote in). Louisiana has yet to report.

New York Times online headline at 9:44PM March 5, 2016.


In the Louisiana Republican primary, Trump is well ahead (43% of the vote to Cruz's 34%) and is projected to have won, but only about a third of the vote has been counted (or whatever it is they do in Louisiana with votes) as of the writing of this entry.

I'm not sure if this represents in the media-pundit retelling a "bad night" for Trump or not. Trump still leads in the delegate count even after tonight.

New York Daily News headline for March 4, 2016.

In all cases, Rubio ("Little Marco") has fallen off a cliff, and that's a good thing since he was probably the most formidable in a general election just given the particulars of everything.

On the Democratic side, Bernie has won both the Kansas and Nebraska caucuses (68% with 100% counted and 55% with 49% counted as of this writing) while Hillary has overwhelmingly won the Louisiana Democratic primary (71% to 22% with 42% of the vote in as of this writing). All three races have been called by various news organizations.

New York Post headline for March 4, 2016.


I'm unsure how badly Trump was hurt in that politically gruesome free-for-all GOP "debate" on Thursday night, the main remembrance from which will be Trump assuring America that he has a large penis (see above image).

I was going to write more about this but I sort of want to go out tonight instead. Before I go, though, I do want to note two good reads:

Paul Krugman's Friday New York Times op-ed (link embedded): Clash of Republican Con Artists.

Bottom line: Trump may be a con artist, but so are the other two candidates (Cruz and Rubio), as is the entire Republican Party conservative movement. Trump's sin against the GOP Establishment, as it were, is that he is peddling the wrong kind of con.

This is really a must-read.

The sub-headline reads: While the Republicans compare dick sizes and howl at the moon, the fight for the Democratic Party is just starting.

OK, that's all for now. Jukebox Saturday Night entry to follow momentarily ...


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