Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for March 19th, 2016: The Waters of March and Love is King Edition

Well, since I've referenced it so many times in the past week, let's just start with this wonderful song ...

"Waters of March" ("Águas de Março") as sung by Susannah McCorkle on her release From Bessie to Brazil (1993)

This ultimate Brazilian basso nova song is by the great Antônio Carlos Jobim written in 1972. McCorkle sings the Jobim's lyrics in both Portuguese and English.

The black and white photographs featured in this video are wonderful.

So sad about Susannah McCorkle (and also Todd Armstrong whom I mentioned in my previous entry).


"Waters of March" has been redone countless times and featured in all kinds of popular culture references including as the tune for the Coca-Cola "Coke Is It!" campaign series of the 1980s, the best one of which (in my view) is the following ...

Actually, this one contains both the U.S. "power ballad" one and a Brazilian one featuring none other than Antônio Carlos Jobim himself. I featured it in this entry that I wrote semi-drunk and happy in the wee hours of Nov. 10th, 2013.

(The video is a bit grainy and takes a few seconds to start.)


I'm going to end on a really smooth jazz note (rather than an energetic song) ...

"Your Love is King" by Sade from the group's Diamond Life album (1984 - UK, 1985 - US)

"Sade" here refers to the group, the lead singer to which was (and still is) Sade Adu.


OK, that's all for now. I'll try to update the blog tomorrow.


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