Monday, March 14, 2016

A Rainy, Migrainy Monday Morning in March ...

Gloomy morning in, of all places, Southern California, March 26, 2012. Source image here.


Gloomy, showery, cool, migrainy Monday morning ...

I'm almost tempted to call in sick today as I have a migraine headache this morning and don't feel well in general. However, I think I can push through this morning blahs and blues and have a regular day.

As near as I can tell, the company has survived another week ...

Doubtful Sound, New Zealand, March 2011. My friend DG took this picture.


Ohhh, and the wild REM dreams I had between about 5AM and 8AM when I finally got up -- flying wildly through some strange world, partly in the here and now American suburbs and partly on (transitioning to) some alien planet(s) with thousand-foot tall strange trees (branches all growing similarly) above which were scattered, enormous transmission-like high tension wires and transmitter towers, disappearing into clouds and what was some rain/snow combo.

Kelp forest off Santa Cruz Island, M. Meier.


By the way, although I always complain about the arrival of daylight savings time -- and this year was no different -- I actually enjoyed the fact that it was darker longer this morning as I tried to sleep and went in and out of REM dreaming.

I think I need to go to the dentist (possibly an issue with one of my tenth, something to which I am no stranger).

Yesterday, Chester and I met up and went to Floriana where we chatted with Jamie for a while. Then the three of us went to Fox & Hounds before Chester and I had some dinner at Commissary. Finally, we ended the night at Trade, where Gary joined us before Chester and I walked back to my place, near where we had parked).

Needless to say, I drank too much.

It rained yesterday -- even with some showery downpours -- although KDCA came in with only 0.26" plus another 0.19" overnight or 0.45". KBWI had a lot more -- 1.11" since yesterday. KIAD has had 0.56". It is cool with temps between 46F and 50F.

OK, I need to get this day started. Tonight is a planned gym night.

I intend to update the blog thereafter, but I really want to be in bed no later than 1AM, so the entry will be limited in scope.


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