Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Handful of Cherry Blossoms -OR- (My) Life in the Imperial Capital (Springtime Edition)

This picture must have been taken in spring 2013 when the scaffolding was going up (or coming down, I can't recall) on the Washington Monument to repair the Aug. 2012 earthquake damage.


So I have my new laptop and it is (mostly) set up. I am posting this entry right now since I'm unsure if I will be able to get an internet connection established at home.

Things have been somewhat chaotic around me since my previous company effectively collapsed last week and the bulk of the billable staff came over to the new and far better company (it is the prime contractor, the old one was a subcontractor). However, not everyone came and because of staffing issues, I had to be onsite at Forrestal for the past two days.

I've also skipped the gym the past two days, instead going out after work stopping at my usual places (Baan Thai, Trade, and Floriana). I also went with a coworker (who came over with me) to the NPC two nights ago.

Tonight is a gym night.

As for tomorrow, I have a dental appointment in the morning and then I'm meting my mom at Union Station at our usual Thunder Grill spot. Originally, the purpose was to lend me money because of the job situation, but that is (mostly) unnecessary now.

The weather is sunny and very warm today with temps. having reached 77F at the three main airport stations (KDCA, KBWI, and KIAD). There is a red flag warning in effect as well. However, it is supposed to rain tomorrow and cool down.

The cherry blossoms -- the Yoshinos, that is -- are rapidly blooming and the city (that is, the Monumental core and Tidal Basin) are overwhelmed and overloaded with tourists. The kwanzan don't open for another two weeks or so.

Anyway, I'm going to sign off now. I'll try to update the blog tonight, provided I can get an internet connection at home.

That aside, I just want to say I'm very happy with my new "old" job and how things have (so far) turned out.


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