Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Bullet Dodged, the Trump Card, and a Drink at Madame's Place* -OR- Some Nearly Springtime Notes from This Old Dust Trap

*With apologies to the late Wayland Flowers.


Well, at the very least, Marco Dummo Fucko Rubio -- the Great GOP Establishment Hispanic Hope and wind-up doll of the 0.1% Oligarchical Billionaire Donor Class -- is out of the race on the Republican side.

No worries, Little Marco ...

I'm sure there is some golden parachute combo of cash-laden Fox News gig and corporate boards of directors where you can land.

On the Democratic side ...

Hillary Clinton -- a.k.a., "The Madame," as she is known at Dito's Bar -- did very well indeed last night.

Here is Jonathan Chait's take on why we dodged a bullet with Marco Dummo Fucko Rubio. And here is an excellent piece by Franklin Foer from last week on that very matter. Finally, here is the WaHoPo Official Inverted Marxist GOP Party Line in-depth story about Rubio's flameout.

Oh, and here is a funny HuffPo piece: RIP Marco Rubio: Media Darling, Political Loser.

So we are left with Trump, Cruz, and Kasich, although not really Kasich, with Trump the top dog and warning the Party Establishment not to fuck with him, as this headline shows:



Anyway, I'm working from home today -- for the reason I mentioned in my previous entry about the entire D.C. Metrorail system being closed because it is such a rotted and severely and embarrassingly incompetently run system.

The "World Class" D.C. Metrorail System ...

Rosslyn Metro station with the URGENT MESSAGE of a system-wide March 16th closure announcement, Arlington, Va., 7:47PM March 15, 2016.


But it was a mistake to stay home. It is a warm, sunny spring day and this tiny, dusty, awful, but awesomely located and financially affordable little apartment, while a cozy and pleasant place in the wee hours and to sleep, is a prison during daylight hours.

View from my apartment, 2000 block, New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 1:44PM March 16, 2016.


For tomorrow, I'm going into work even if I have to walk the 2-1/2 miles to Rosslyn, although there is a bus from Farragut Square.

As for the company and its perilous condition, I was told by my supervisor that we should probably get paid on time on Friday.

View from my apartment looking down on parked cars, 2000 block of New Hampshire Ave, Washington, D.C., 1:19PM March 16, 2016.

I actually took this picture because a guy who lives in the building across the street -- The Brittany -- was walking his old dog, and he has to lift the poor thing up the steps when they reenter the building. However, you cannot see them in this picture under the tree.


I'll try to call my dad tonight. I arranged by brief call and text to talk to him at 11AM today, but he didn't answer -- in the six times I tried. He called and left me a message when I wasn't looking. I replied that I didn't have the mental energy today to play this "bizarre game of telephone tag" with him right now.

He texted the following:

"It's no fuckrn game it's gotta be. A demon in this bloody phone...I sotry. Rich."

Well, he tried to text. He IS 75 and his brain is fried.

Oh, I just realized that March 16th is the anniversary of the death of his only sibling, his brother, not to mention my namesake, my great uncle Richard.

A very rare picture of my parents together taken in West Long Branch, N.J., on January 27, 2013 on the occasion of my late great Aunt Babe's 100th birthday party.


I replied that he needs to get a new phone, and that I'll try to reach him this evening.

That's all for now, but before I go ...

... I should note -- because, well, why not?? -- Crazy Chris suddenly started inundating me with text messages from a new 508 area code. I really wish he would leave me alone. If he reads this blog, he should know that I'm not answering any of them, and not just because of that other situation.

OK, that really is all for now. I'm going to the gym for the afternoon.


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