Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for Feb. 27th, 2016: The Feels Good, Ambrosia, and Not Galileo Edition

Let's start off this jukebox Saturday night edition with something really nice ...

"Feels Good" by Jim Adkins from his City Streets release (2008)

Here is Jim Adkins website.


For some reason, I've never featured any music by the group Ambrosia. Let's change that with what was one the group's biggest hits -- not to mention a wonderful song...

"Biggest Part of Me" by Ambrosia from the group's One Eighty album (1980)



And let's end with something more dance beat / electropop ...

"Dynamite" by Taio Cruz from his album Rokstarr (UK release 2009, US revised release 2010)

By the way, when I first heard this song at the gym a few year ago, I thought Cruz was saying "Galileo" instead of "Gotta let go" ...

The video is suitably ridiculous. These young R&B/hip hop singers don't realize that the videos they create are -- once you cut through all the postmodern pyrotechnics and orgasms -- little more than updated minstrel shows. Of note, he is the only male in the entire video.

OK, that's all for now. Heading out shortly. See my previous entry for an update.


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