Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Rainy Tuesday Morning Update - Weather and General Stuff

**Updated 10:55PM 2/16/2016: See below for clarification on snow totals for the entire two-day event.**

Snowy cars, 2000 block New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, D.C., 1:46PM February 15, 2016.


This is just a quick morning update.

It is a very rainy, gloomy, much milder morning with the temperature having popped up to 52F by the 9AM hour (at National Airport). This follows yesterday's wintry brew of morning snowfall and freezing rain last night.

Yesterday's snow totals were as follows:

KDCA: 2.8"
KBWI: 2.2"
KIAD: 2.2"

Yes, frickin' National Airport actually had the most.

For the month and season so far we have:

KDCA: 3.1" and 21.9"
KBWI: 2.6" and 32.6"
KIAD: 3.1" and 33.0"

All of these are above the current 30-year full seasonal averages (i.e., for the whole snow season).

Update / Clarification 10:55PM 2/16/2016

The above totals are for Feb. 15th. The two-day "storm" totals were as follows:
KDCA: 3.0"
KBWI: 2.2" (none fell on Feb. 14th)
KIAD: 2.4"

A map created by Jordan Tessler for the CWG and posted in this entry showing snow totals for Feb. 14-15, 2016.

Notes: (1) The date on the map is given as Feb. 15th but there was some accumulating snow on Feb. 14th as well. (2) The 3.0" total at KDCA appears to have been tossed out for purposes of making this map. Good. (3) It is a rare event to have the typical snow amounts reversed with more in far southern Maryland versus along the PA border and into the Blue Ridge.

End of Update.


Sterling (LWX) weather advisories (with legend) as of 9:10AM February 16, 2016.


Sterling (LWX) was annoying in how it kept changing the advisories in the immediate D.C. area, in particular flipping the District, Prince George's Co., Montgomery Co., between winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings, always overly eager to drop the most significant warnings and never issuing a freezing rain advisory even though we certainly met the criteria last night, especially in Howard and Carroll Counties.

I have never understand Sterling's overly legalistic approach to weather advisories, in particular certain types of weather.

Sterling (LWX) weather advisories (with legend) as of 11:49AM February 15, 2016.


For a comprehensive, near real-time overview of yesterday's storm with lots of images, see this CWG entry.

Now we are in the warm sector the storm and it is rainy steadily. The radar is quite impressive ...

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in base mode reflectivity looped from 8:18AM to 8:54AM February 16, 2016.


NWS composite radar, 1328UTC February 16, 2016.


Yesterday, which I had off for the Washington's Birthday (formerly known as Presidents Day) federal holiday), I went to the gym in the mid-afternoon and got in a full 3-hour workout. I got home and made dinner and had a 45-minute phone conversation with my dad. That Thanksgiving trip to some Dominican Republican resort is beginning to take shape as an idea.

NWS high-resolution surface weather map for a portion of the eastern U.S. as of 12Z (7AM EST) February 16, 2016.


Last night, I was going to go with Fred to Larry's Lounge (where I've not been in quite a while), but then I realized the goddamned Grammys were on (there is an endless parade of "special events" this time of year starting with the Super Bowl and running through the Oscars that are always on TVs explosively and offensively loud in many bars). In addition, it was ridiculously icy and I didn't want to walk far, so I nixed all of that.

Apartment view overlooking New Hampshire Ave and 16th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 1:48AM February 15, 2016.


Instead, I went to his place next door and he and I and his partner Doug talked and had a couple Manhattans. I came home and was in bed by 1130PM.

Some Fiesta ceramic dinnerware at Fred and Doug's place, 9:10PM February 15, 2016.

These pieces date from the 1930s. Apparently, the candleholders are quite rare and have been in his family ever since.


For tonight, I am planning on a supplemental gym night, although only a partial workout. I intend a fuller update tonight after the gym.

Right now, I need to head to work. I'm back in my regular Rosslyn office today. (Actually, it is deluging as I write this, so I think I'm just going to telework for the time being. As it is, there is a 3-hour delay for the federal government, and we piggyback off that.)


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