Monday, February 1, 2016

A Quiet Night Caucusing Alone at Home -OR- To Scotty's Junction, the South China Sea (Well, OK, Just to Rosslyn) and Back

Dramatic looking sky created by the setting Sun shining on the anvil head of a distant thunderstorm as seen from Yellowstone National park, September 16, 2013.

I don't know where I found this picture or who took it. Indeed, I've no idea where I got most of the images in this entry or who are the photographers that took them. I'm happen to be informed by any random person who comes across this blog. I do know that I've posted most of them before over the years.


Home tonight after a busy, shortened day at work helping pack up things for the office move -- in particular, the contents of our kitchen as I had already packed up my paltry cubicle stuff -- and then a regular gym workout, although I went earlier than normal.

A lovely green forest in Cromarty, Scotland in a picture taken May 31, 2005.


I'm home quietly watching the Iowa caucuses results updated on the site via my laptop. The operative word is QUIETLY with no goddamn TVs or pundits, breathless reporters, or nonstop American commercials for the usual shit.

As I need to initiate my new schedule and routine tomorrow -- to trek to Rosslyn rather than L'Enfant Plaza every day, except when I'm onsite at DOE HQ -- and that schedule is theoretically 60 to 90 minutes earlier, I'm not even going to pretend to do a blog update.

Re. the caucuses, the final results are not yet in but Hillary and Bernie are in a virtual tie (Hillary the tiniest bit ahead) at or a whisker below 50-50 (with Martin O'Malley receiving about 0.5 percent) while on the Republican side, it was a three-way split between Cruz, Trump, and Rubio (28-24-23), which is a big psychological loss for Trump.

Left: Iowa caucuses outcome with approx. 90% results reported.

Whether this seriously damages his perceived commanding lead in New Hampshire remains to be seen. That state's D. and R. primaries are next Tuesday. (Hillary's showing, while solid, will naturally be spun as evidence her campaign is collapsing and that she personally ordered the Benghazi attacks in a deleted email.)

Scotty's Junction, Nevada located just outside the Nellis Air Force Range with its spooky "Area 51."

Scotty's Junction makes a brief cameo in the movie The Philadelphia Experiment -- at least the 1984 version of it (I haven't seen the 2012 version).


Actually, while I was writing this, Cruz was declared the winner with 27.7 percent of the vote to Trump's 24.4 percent and Rubio's 22.9 percent with the rest of the GOP clown car bringing up the rear starting with Carson (9.3 percent) and then Rand (4.5 percent). JEB! received 2.6 percent.

New York Times online headline showing Iowa caucuses results as of 10:42PM EST Feb. 1, 2016.


Well, at least we won't have another frickin' Bush in the White House.

These numbers are with about 90 percent of the total in. The final tallies will vary somewhat but I'm not going to stay up and wait for that.

This is a great picture, except I don't know if it is "real" or not (as in staged): It purportedly shows members of a Rwandan bicycle team (!) seeing snow for the first time while on some bike race.

No idea where or when it was taken and I'm too tired to try to look it up now.


If this is the beginning of the end of Trump -- as Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry suggested would happen in this piece that I cited in my previous blog entry, I'm unsure whether it upends the whole case laid out days earlier by his colleague Michael Brendan Dougherty that I reposted in full here.

Instead, it might just proof-positive that America's political system is almost superhuman stable no matter the situation (even when it would help to mix things up) such as now when an oligarchical overclass has hijacked and is destroying the country's future. For that reason, I'm not sure if that is good -- and that's NOT because I would want Donald Trump as president. (To be clear, I'm a Hillary fan.)

One last item: Josh Marshall posted an update at one point saying that there must be wild celebrations in the Chamber of Commerce's D.C. office over Rubio's performance.

OK, I'm going to sign off tonight.

A white pelican takes to flight over Walvis Bay, Namibia, July 15, 2006.

Pelicans are so damn cool looking -- practically pterodactyl-like.


Again, tomorrow is my first day in the Rosslyn office. My morning commute is probably going to involve a walk to Foggy Bottom Metro (rather than going to Dupont Circle and transferring at Metro Center) and a single Metro hop to Rosslyn. I'm unsure at this point.

As for tomorrow night, it is not a gym night. My plan is commute back from Rosslyn via the Metro to McPherson Square (where I would go from the direction of L'Enfant Plaza anyway on non-gym nights) and stop at Trade for a bit. I might not post a blog update until Wednesday night. Unsure at this point.

Sunrise over the South China Sea as seen from a beach somewhere in Vietnam.

I never get tired of this image. It's so familiar (Jersey shore!) yet in such a strange context (Vietnam).


Signing off and going to bed.



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