Monday, February 8, 2016

A Monday Ends Much Better Than It Began; Tuesday Low Snow Expectations; and This is Y

A lovely snowy landscape image of field and fence with distant winter forest that I found online (as a still from a music video), but I've no idea where or when it was taken).


OK, it is almost 11PM as I start this entry, and I simply cannot be up late tonight. I made it to DOE HQ by 9AM this morning and I intend to do it again tomorrow and for the remainder of the week rather than being late.

My day was kind of OK, despite how awfully I was feeling this morning.

Sterling (LWX) CWA weather advisories (with legend) updated February 8, 2016.


The weather is complicated with snow in the forecast -- except widely varying possible amounts based on whatever model and model run you choose to believe. Basically, anything from no snow to 8+ inches for D.C. itself. Sterling (LWX) has taken a conservative approach and is predicting about 2 inches in D.C. proper and more toward northern Maryland. The Baltimore area is still under a winter storm warning while the immediate D.C. area is under a winter weather advisory.

Snowfall amounts are going to be driven heavily by the mesoscale thermodynamics in this system.

Mount Holly / Philadelphia (PHI) CWA weather advisories (with legend) updated February 8, 2016.

This shows the extent of the winter storm warnings into southern New Jersey. Monmouth County (where I was born and lived for most of the first 10 years of my life) is under a coastal flood warning as well as a winter weather advisory, but the more serious advisory takes precedence on this map.


I'm not going to go into this now -- I just don't have time. You can look up the recent CWG entries if you are so inclined.

It is raining lightly now. After this weather system, it is going to get brutally cold for about a week. Highs on Sunday are forecasted to be around 21F and overnight lows in the single digits in D.C. itself.

The Sterling (LWX) county warning area (CWA) most likely snowfall map through 10PM Feb. 10, 2016 issued (image generated) at 9:45PM tonight.

This map doesn't take into account the National Airport (KDCA) systematic and sustained snow undercount effect, although it captures accurately the tidal Potomac effect.


I had a very good workout tonight -- the full, multi-part one of jogging, weightlifting, core, and a quick swim. I'm unsure if I should go tomorrow as I had planned (recall I was going to have an extra gym workout on Tuesday night in lieu of my post-work one-night-gym, other-night-bar routine precisely because of my schedule this week).

I had intended to post this in an entry discussing my Super Bowl thoughts, but I never got around to that. I'd still like to post the image because it's damn funny.


Depending on how much snow falls and if it looks like Donald Trump will win the New Hampshire GOP primary, maybe I'll go to Floriana instead. (Tomorrow is the New Hampshire Dem and Repug primaries; New Hampshire Dems will almost certainly do the dumb thing and give a big win to Bernie "43-State GOP Rout" Sanders. Thereafter, the terrain should be more favorable for Hillary. As for Trump, if he doesn't really do well tomorrow, he's probably finished in the GOP primary process.)

Speaking of the gym, I had a nice email from the Anthony Bowen YMCA that almost seemed personalized to me (I suppose it was based on how often I go to the gym). The YMCA sends out these emails entitled "This is Y: your daily motivation" and today's read as follows:


Rather than a short-term project, you are making your exercise routine a lifestyle. Keep up the great work.

It was signed by the Wellness Director.

OK, I'm going to end this entry now. I do want to discuss in an upcoming entry something I really need to get out there: The fact that I am at this point in my life not a very good friend to a lot of people, by which I mean I am not loyal at all, but I don't want to broach this topic right now.


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