Monday, February 29, 2016

Feb. 29th, 2016: Leaping Into the Whirlwind -OR- Getting Ready for a Super-Duper Tuesday

A veiled Sun in the morning sky seen through a silhouetted tree at Farragut Square, Washington, D.C., 10:07AM February 29, 2016.


I am in a hurry to post an entry before this calendar day ends since it is Leap Year Day 2016. Actually, I'm probably going to have to momentarily post this and then put it back into draft before I complete yet in order to have a timestamp of Feb. 29th.

Yes, I know that's cheating. Too bad. As the late, little-missed* Tony "Three Fingers" Scalia might have said: Get over it.

*That is, outside of rightwing judicial activist circles, which are responding accordingly following his death.

Another view from Farragut Square, Washington, D.C., 10:07AM February 29, 2016.


Now it turns out that I did in fact post an entry on this blog the last time it was Leap Year Day (or just Leap Day?) in 2012.

That was four months before I rejoined the gym, and I was nearly 40 pounds heavier (and more like 45 pounds of fat heavier).

Now I started this blog four years before that in 2008 -- also a leap year -- but my very first entry appeared in mid-April or about 6-1/2 weeks after the leap year day.

Since it is Leap Year Day, let's take a moment to remind ourselves how it works: Every four years (and always an even year) is a leap year except for the century year, unless the century year is divisible by 400.

Thus, 1896 and 1904 were leap years, but 1900 was not, just like 1700 and 1800 were not. However, 1600 and 2000 were leap years. 2100, 2200, and 2300 will not be leap years but 2400 will be.

Got it?

I can't even imagine what the world will be like in that far off time.

There was this enjoyable article on about how "Leap Day babies" -- those born on Feb. 29th -- experience life. (Normally, I dislike because of its Ezra Klein-style of endlessly technocratic and self-righteously pedantic pieces on just about every conceivable topic.)

It features interviews with 8 such individuals and they talk about when they celebrate their birthdays and other oddities because of their unusual birthdays.

Yes, Tony Robbins is a leap year baby (1960), as is the rapper Ja Rule (1976).

Tony Robbins is one strange fellow. Oh, and he's 6'7", according to Wikipedia.

Speaking of the gym, I just got home from it where I had a good multi-part workout, and now I'm cooking dinner. I'm making pork chops, steamed jasmine rice, and steamed broccoli. (OK, I did have a bunch of Pringles salt-and-vinegar-flavored potato chips.)

The bar at Mon Ami Gabi in Bethesda, Md., 3:54PM February 28, 2016.

Yesterday, Quill and I went there and had a wonderful time. I really like that place.


For tomorrow, I am not going to the gym but instead I'm going to first stop at Metro Center Macys to buy some more socks, boxer briefs, and t-shirts. I'm presently in a phase where I am turning over nearly all socks and a significant portion of the others.

Dupont Circle Metro escalators from the subterranean station to heaven Q Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:35PM February 28, 2016.


Thereafter, I'll stop at Trade and then go to Floriana to watch the fireworks, as it were, of the Super Tuesday multi-state primary results swoop in. To be clear, it is possible that Trump won't do as well as expected, esp. with the onslaught against him (see below) but he could also sweep up multiple state victories.

We'll know tomorrow night.

Of note, the Republican Party establishment and the mainstream media -- especially the cable news-and-commentary channels -- are in a frenzy the likes of which I've never seen, specifically, over Donald Trump ahead of tomorrow's Super Tuesday multi-state Republican primaries and the idea that he could win big in a number of states while Cruz and Rubio split the bulk of the remaining vote.

Suitably hysterical Huffington Post headlines from earlier today about Donald Trump and what his victories on Super Tuesday could mean.

The picture of Trump with Romney was taken back in 2012 when he endorsed him.


Today and tonight, it was no holds barred as the media (esp. CNN and MSNBC) tried to paint Donald Trump as a Ku Klux Klan-loving racist. It was prompted by some (obviously intentionally) weirdly phrased comments Trump made in response to being asked about the support David Duke and his ugly ilk have thrown to Trump. Jonathan Chait had an interesting take on it -- comparing Trump's repeated use of the phrase "I know nothing" to the Know Nothings of the 19th Century.

Chait concludes: "Possibly Trump is making a clever historical reference that he will later explain when he reveals that his entire political profile from 2011 through 2016 was a form of guerrilla theater designed to smoke out the widespread appeal of Republican racism. Or else, more likely, he is even stupider than anybody previously believed."

From where I sit, the beauty of what is happening on the Republican side this primary season is that the party drew up rules after the 2012 season to wrap up the nominating process more quickly, and in the process, created a situation perfect for Trump to hijack, esp. with Texas voting tomorrow (and Cruz likely to win there and only there).

Dusk as seen in the 1700 block of Q Street NW, Washington, D.C., 5:43PM February 29, 2016.

The illuminated building is the Cairo, which predates and is ultimately the reason for the building height restriction in D.C.


For me, obviously, I don't want a Trump presidency -- and I think that is extremely unlikely -- but the idea of either a slimy fake-fundamentalist huckster such as Ted Cruz or a wind-up doll robot of the 0.01% billionaire donor class in the form of Marco Rubio (who subscribes to the whole dreadful "movement conservatism" bullshit) as president (in the event either beat Hillary Clinton) also fills me with dread.

Yet the GOP Establishment and the Beltway media (think Fred Hiatt) are frantic to have another overclass-approved zero-sum presidential race to ensure the destructive neoliberal world order survives another year (while keeping the GOP rubes ginned up on movement conservative nonsense).

In this sense, neither the establishment, nor the mainstream media / punditry, nor the oligarchical overclass comprehend what is really going on this year -- and what Trump means to so many voters (and not all Republicans).

Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus in action.


As for Democrats, I don't even know what to think of them, except I'm glad that Bernie Sanders is turning out to be more of a useful political gadfly than a real threat to Hillary since there is no plausible scenario in which he -- a septuagenarian Jewish self-avowed Socialist who has embraced Fidel Castro in the past -- could carry more than a handful of states and be wiped out, McGovern-style.

1972 presidential election results by county; red is for Nixon and blue is for McGovern with degree of shading indicating margin of victory.

McGovern's only electoral college victory was in Massachusetts and the District of Columbia for a grand total of 17 versus Nixon's 520. The scale of this victory makes Nixon's paranoia and the whole Watergate debacle all the more baffling.


The Republican primary has turned quite crude in the past few days as Rubio tries to emulate Donald Trump with the gratuitous insults -- even making indirect jokes about Trump having a small penis (because apparently he has small hands) -- but how this is supposed to make the self-described "Disciple of Ronald Reagan" more electable and even loveable is beyond me.

For his part, Trump's twitter feed has been lit up with a fire hose of invective at "Little Marco." If there is one thing Trump does well, it's insults.

Josh Marshall had a good take on it when he wrote the following:

"Trump's insults are childish and often silly. But they are almost always very well targeted and slash at some deep vulnerability in his victim. Rubio's off calling Trump orange and small-handed and saying he's flying on 'hair force one.' These rips must sound awesome if you love Rubio and hate Trump. But actually Rubio is just flailing."

The full piece is here (link embedded): Too Weak a Reed.

And with that, I will wrap up hits entry -- but not before we end with a Leap Year Day conundrum for Wall-P:

"Uh, oh, Wall-P. A deep-pocketed client is on Line 2. Staff is on Line 2, and she's pissed. And your money is on Line 3 and the frickin' Dow just fell 400 points. How do you respond?"

"Eh. Eh. Ehehe. The obvious correct response is to follow the path wherein the most power and greatest amount of money are to be realized regardless the immediate implications. Therefore, we conclude --"

"Ohhhh, shut-up, you silly stooge-bot. Why do I even bother asking?"

OK, that's all for now. Oh, yes, I should mention that while I want to do a Monday / Wednesday gym schedule, owing to an office happy hour on Wednesday, it is going to be again Monday / Thursday.

Two young guys walking their basset hounds, standing at the corner of P and 15th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 5:52PM February 28, 2016.

I was talking to No. 9, where I stayed for a while (meeting with Gary) before going to Trade and then heading home. (I had silly conversation with a guy who insisted that Earth's orbit around the Sun is a spiral. Bartender Jose heard the conversation. As he insisted upon that, I said simply, "This is a silly conversation.")


My next update will be in a day or two (but probably not tomorrow night). Oh, yes, I didn't actually complete this entry until 1:31AM March 1st. Boo.


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jukebox Saturday Night for Feb. 27th, 2016: The Feels Good, Ambrosia, and Not Galileo Edition

Let's start off this jukebox Saturday night edition with something really nice ...

"Feels Good" by Jim Adkins from his City Streets release (2008)

Here is Jim Adkins website.


For some reason, I've never featured any music by the group Ambrosia. Let's change that with what was one the group's biggest hits -- not to mention a wonderful song...

"Biggest Part of Me" by Ambrosia from the group's One Eighty album (1980)



And let's end with something more dance beat / electropop ...

"Dynamite" by Taio Cruz from his album Rokstarr (UK release 2009, US revised release 2010)

By the way, when I first heard this song at the gym a few year ago, I thought Cruz was saying "Galileo" instead of "Gotta let go" ...

The video is suitably ridiculous. These young R&B/hip hop singers don't realize that the videos they create are -- once you cut through all the postmodern pyrotechnics and orgasms -- little more than updated minstrel shows. Of note, he is the only male in the entire video.

OK, that's all for now. Heading out shortly. See my previous entry for an update.


Saturday Evening Post for Feb. 27th, 2016: More Primary Colors; Chait and Krugman Good Reads; & Personal Update (Regulus Dark Energy-Style)

**This entry was posted February 27, 2016.**

Corner of S and 17th Streets NW, Washington, D.C., 9:52AM February 25, 2016.


For starters, as the New York Times online headline says, routed Bernie Sanders in today's Democratic primary in South Carolina. With just about all the votes counted, she won with 73.5% of the vote to Sanders' 26.0% and won every county. With 99 percent of the vote counted, this corresponded to 267,216 votes to 94,281 votes.

New York Times headline announcing South Carolina Democratic primary results, 9:27PM February 27, 2016.


The vote was called by the news networks the second the polls closed at 7PM. Her margin of victory among African Americans was massive -- approximately 8 in 10.

This is very good news.

The multi-state "Super Tuesday" contests is this Tuesday and the Republican Party leadership and its media minions are about as manic as it has ever been trying to stop the interloper Donald Trump, who it turns out is just giving lots of GOP base voters exactly what they want.

Many of them first and foremost aren't about tax giveaways to the Koch Brothers and other billionaires, giving their Social Security to Wall Street, gutting rule and regulation there is, and even worshiping George W. Bush. This has deeply confused and disturbed not just the GOP Establishment but also the whole neoliberal order and its "Gang of 500" Inside-the-Beltway media courtier class.

Rather, they are about an authoritarian strongman who will kick ass and be on their side against the world that they fear and loathe (not entirely unreasonably, given how much devastation the whole neoliberal world order has unleashed upon them in the past half century).

Marco Dummo Rubio's aggressive performance at a debate Thursday night resulted in the GOP operatives and pundits dissembling the word on Friday that Trump was finished, but Josh Marshall at gave what I think is a reasonable explanation of why that isn't so.

Oh, and there was hysterical -- "shrill" in the Post's very own Post-speak -- Washington Post editorial against Trump. This represents the neoliberal Washington Consensus position. Fred Hiatt himself probably wrote it. This neoliberal establishment sort of exists synergistically with the D.C.-based Conservative Movement, Inc.

Don't get me wrong: I don't want Trump as U.S. President, but I want the little toy robot of the 0.01% donor class, Marco Rubio, and the slimy, slithery Ted Cruz even less -- and all the more so because Rubio probably has the best shot at beating Hillary.

Both Jonathan Chait and Paul Krugman have had some great pieces discussing Trump and the Republican Party. Here are some (links embedded):

This one is about N.J. Gov. Chris Christie's unexpected endorsement of Donald Trump following his own withdrawal from the Republican race.

This is a great piece about the whole GOP movement conservative "wingnut welfare" machine in D.C. and how out-of-touch it turns out to be with many of the GOP base voters.

As ever, I recommend both Prof. Krugman's twice-a-week New York Times op-ed columns and his regularly updated blog.

As for the danger of having Trump as the GOP nominee in that he could actually win the presidency, Jamelle Bouie at Slate had a good piece on this: Don't Panic About Donald Trump in which he raises some good points on why a Trump victory in November is still unlikely.


Personal Update ...

As an update (and because I lack sufficient images, I am just reposting some scenic and one dramatic image that I've posted in entries over the past few years; download the images if you want to know where they were taken and, in some instances, when) ...

Yesterday turned out to be a rather difficult day in that I had multiple problematic encounters with people.

For starters, a lunch I was looking forward to at Continental Pool Lounge in Rosslyn with a co-worker was initially badly soured by two astonishingly rude staffers, one of whom was our server, but things were smoothed over and then he actually ended up being kind of decent to me, and I tipped him in turn (esp. since he comped me a glass of wine).

My co-worker -- a young fellow a number of years my junior -- was just semi-amused by the whole thing.

I'm outright omitting the second issue since it is work related (and does not involve me but I had to play a role in it).

Later, I went to Floriana, where I had a nice chat with a young guy new to D.C. from New Jersey (not far from my hometown of Long Branch, actually). I then went to Trio, where I had dinner and nice conversation with two fellows, one of whom is a D.C. elementary school teacher. He was interested in my talk about the upcoming Aug. 2017 solar eclipse that transits the Lower 48 and said he would like to use that as a science lesson as the time approaches.

Things then soured when I went to No. 9, where some guy (significantly larger than I am) basically didn't like how I looked and that I was standing near him and his friends, and practically tried to manhandle me to "get in and get your drink and go!" He also preceded this by saying to one of them that I looked like a "serial killer." Keep in mind that I stood next to him all of 15 seconds before this happened.

Needless to say, I didn't take kindly to that and we exchanged some words including "frig you, you don't impress me at all!" (That was I and after he made some vaguely threatening comment.)

The guy quickly sought the intervention of one of the bartenders. I knew the guy was a pussy. That bartender hadn't seen anything and I just moved farther down the bar and it was over.

As for me, I tend to have two settings: submissive and docile or explosion. Despite my best efforts, there isn't a lot of in between.

This occurred as I was in a text change with someone about another situation that I simply cannot go into at all (again, not involving me -- and I don't want it to involve me).

I then went to Trade, where everything was fine and then I walked home.

I just don't know why so many people take a disliking to me so quickly. I guess I just have some negative aura or dark energy, as it were.

Anyway, today, I went to the gym and had a good workout.

Upon returning from the gym, I made dinner (although it turned out kind of crappy) and did my laundry. I did three loads -- whites, coloreds (gee, that sounds awful), and one of my quilts (the one I used as a main "mattress" in my pile of quilts, pillows, blankets, and plush stuffed animals that forms my bed on the floor in this tiny dust-ball of an apartment somewhere in Washington, D.C.

I had to wash this quilt and sheet because last week, I kept having night sweats, which are kind of disgusting. I don't know why that happens. Thank God I have a box fan that somniferously whirls a steady stream of air.

For tonight, I'll just do my usual three-step: Floriana, No. 9, and Trade. For tomorrow, I'm supposed to have lunch with Amy in Bethesda.

OK, that's all for now. Jukebox Saturday night entry to follow momentarily.


Friday, February 26, 2016

In Lieu of Another Friday Night Dinner Party with Fred Hiatt's Washington Consensus -OR- The Moore of 1812

Farragut Square in downtown Washington, D.C., on a bright, blustery morning, 10:01AM February 26, 2016.

I took the (S9) bus rather than walking down 17th Street this morning to Farragut West Metro.


Pop Quiz: Identify the Image ...

This is ...

A. A picture of my betrothed, BIG Y'EYEMAH, as I prepare to have my afternoon tea.

B. A newspaper image taken at a recent Tea Party rally in some erstwhile slave-owning-intensive Southern county.

C. A picture of Mattie Wade's new boyfriend (an erstwhile fashion model).

D. A photo of Mattie Wade (getting out of the swimming pool last August at an apartment complex somewhere in the Northern Virginia exurbs).

E. The picture on my cubicle wall along with a tea bag and a little rubber wind turbine that sits on my desk.

Correct Answer: C, I mean E.

Oh, and it was lemon zinger tea.


So I was going to post a political entry tonight -- focused, as I mentioned in my previous entry, on the role of the Washington Consensus neoliberal order, and the Conservative Movement, Inc., with which it exists synergistically in creating Donald Trump -- but I think I'll refrain from that for the time being as I would like to go out and about this Friday night (without a ridiculously late start).

That being the case, I'm going to head over to Larry's Lounge briefly before going to Trade, although I think I'll get dinner at Logan Tavern, too. I kind of like that place.

Corcoran Street Safeway, Washington, D.C., 10:45PM February 24, 2016.

This Safeway actually fronts onto 17th Street NW. I've no idea nor do I care what the whole Monopoly game contest is.


For tomorrow, I plan to have a regular Saturday afternoon gym visit. I'll post an entry in the evening , namely, another installment of my jukebox Saturday night feature and perhaps a Saturday evening post to precede it.

I'm going to end the entry now, but before I do, I want to show this picture ...

The tallest skyscraper in Rosslyn (Arlington), Va., on a bright, blustery winter morning, 10:18AM Feb. 26, 2016.


As the caption suggests, I took this picture at 10:18AM this morning in Rosslyn (Arlington), Va., and it is of the tallest building in Rosslyn.

It is located almost directly above the Rosslyn Metro and two blocks from where I now work.

Despite the fact that I've been in this new office location since Feb. 1st, it only dawned on me this past Wednesday that this building IS in fact the 1812 North Moore skyscraper that went up in 2013 (and that, alas, remains vacant).

The building is so named because it is located at, yes, 1812 N. Moore Street. The 1812 may or may not have something to do with the war of 1812. The previous building on the site had the address 1815 (it is the 1800 block) but it fronted onto N. Fort Myer Drive.

With a 390-ft height, 1812 North Moore is the tallest skyscraper in the Metro D.C. area (and it is not in the District so the height restriction doesn't apply, so frig you).

I didn't realize it was 1812 North Moore because from street level, you cannot see its distinctive feature: the pyramidal structure atop it. From a bit farther away, it looks like this:

The Rosslyn skyline including 1812 N. Moore skyscraper as seen from the Key Bridge over the Potomac River in an undated (but clearly recent) photo I found online.


Just as you cannot see from street-level the "wave-like" glass atrium roof atop the World Bank Building located at 18th and H Streets NW here in D.C., you cannot see the pyramidal structure of 1812 N. Moore from street-level because the structure is simply not large enough vis-à-vis the entire building.

Of note, I can see the Rosslyn skyline -- including this building -- from my apartment located about 2-1/2 miles away near 16th and U Streets NW.

I've said it before and will say it again: Rosslyn's downtown urban core is a sort of Potemkin Village in that it isn't even an actual city -- it's just part of Arlington County -- and sort of futuristic ghost town city at night (although there are condos, etc., quite nearby).

OK, that's all for now.


"Let's Go Surfin' Now, Everybody's Learnin' How, Come On and Safari with Me"* -OR- The Wind and the Waves After the Storm

**This entry was posted on February 26, 2016.**

*With apologies to the Beach Boys.

One of the ginormous waves that have been lashing the north shore of the Hawaiian Islands this week.

This photo was taken on or about Feb. 23rd by Instagram user clarklittle and reposted in this Huffington Post article. I think this picture was taken on Oahu around Waimea Bay, but I'm unsure. For more on this, see bottom of entry.


So I am getting an extra late start on this entry, and because I am tired and want to be at work on time tomorrow, not to mention the fact that I have a jumble of things I want to post, I think I am just going to refrain from attempting to post anything substantial right now other than a weather update recapping yesterday's storms.

This entry does contain three pictures that two friends sent me as well as a few pictures I took.

Looking "up the skirt" of the ginormous Hughes Memorial Tower and its little companion tower, Washington, D.C., February 25, 2016.

This was sent to me by my good friend Chester. He took a bit of walk from Silver Spring down Georgia Avenue to the site of this our favorite D.C. transmitter tower. (My friend Wendy lives very close to this stop, but she is away in the Middle East helping war refugees.)

I'd like to know why it's called Hughes Memorial.


I'll try to post a more complete entry later this evening (i.e., after work later today) and, yes, it will involve political commentary. Fred Hiatt's Washington Post Editorial Board -- American work class-destroying Neoliberal World Order Central -- is soiling its Washington Consensus dainties over Donald Trump and I love that fact.

Sally Quinn's dinner party is being ruined, I guess.

In Post editorial board-speak, it is the one being "shrill" (over the Trump phenomenon). "Shrill" is one of its harsher insults that it throws at those it doesn't like (usually left-liberals) along with "partisan" (again, mostly at the left).

But let's hold off on the good stuff for now.


NWS high resolution surface weather map for the northeastern U.S., valid 3Z February 26, 2016 (10PM EST Feb. 25, 2016).


It is a gusty, blustery, mostly cloudy night with some scattered flurries although the surface air temp. is well above freezing (39F at KDCA at the 1AM hour and fairly uninform area-wide given the mixing, hence it is 37F at both KBWI and KIAD). Winds tonight have been around 20MPH with gusts up to 35MPH.

Radar capture at 5:25PM EST February 24, 2016 showing the squall line approaching the immediate D.C. area.

I think this is the Sterling NWS radar prettied up by Weather Underground, but it could be another radar. I can't quite tell. It appears in the first CWG entry linked below.


That giant storm system that brought the squally thunderstorms with heavy downpours to the entire Baltimore/Washington corridor last night is now way up over the Canadian Maritime provinces, but the pressure gradient is still tremendous, hence the northwesterly (cyclonic) flow.

The barometric pressure on Wednesday evening at KDCA actually got down to 29.28" (991.5mb), which is rather low for here. KBWI got down a bit lower at 29.27" (991.0mb).

Severe weather summery for the Baltimore/Washington region in the February 24, 2016 outbreak.

This was put together by Jordan Tessler, and it appears as well in the first CWG linked below.


The CWG has these two entries recapping the squall line that blasted across the region last night (links embedded):

Oh, God, not the derecho again.

What looks very much like a rotating wall cloud over Dumfries, Va., yesterday early evening (Feb. 24, 2016) in a picture taken by Tricia Bovey and posted on her Twitter site and reposted in the above-linked CWG entry.


Here is the second CWG entry:

Oh, and there were apparently lovely rainbows on Thursday morning at sunrise, which I missed, of course:

An almost artificial-looking picture of a rainbow and the morning sunlit Washington Monument in a picture taken by a man described in the above-linked CWG as the husband of Anne Marie Materna Hauer and posted on her Facebook account and reposted in that entry.

Does this mean the pot of gold is at the base of the Washington Monument? My guess is that it is with a leprechaun on the Fox News Channel peddling gold bullion for the always-imminent Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation.


Rainfall totals for the two-day event varied widely and were as follows:

KDCA: 1.62"
KBWI: 3.21"
KIAD: 1.14"
KDMH: 3.06"

The Feb. 24th KBWI total of 2.61" was easily a daily record, surpassing the 1.70" set in 1979. KDMH had 2.49" but it doesn't have a 30-year climate normal base period yet.

The weather should calm down for the time being -- and even start to warm up to about 60F for highs this weekend. The longer range pattern might turn colder / wintry again in early March.


Changing topics, I'd like to introduce Briar Rose to you ...

My very good friend Andrea just got a new dog a couple weeks ago and this is she.

Related to the weather, she and Andrea got very wet last night returning from doggy day care and after a bath and being properly dried, she went right to bed.

How adorable. I'm looking forward to meeting Briar.


As a personal update, last night, I went to dinner at the Post Pub (at the bar) and then went to Trade to meet Kristof. Gary then showed up and after we all departed, I went briefly to Floriana before going home (stopping at the Safeway).

Earlier tonight, after work I went to the gym and had a good multi-part workout. However, I think a Monday - Wednesday gym schedule is better than a Monday - Thursday one.

The Post Pub, Washington, D.C., 6:58PM Feb. 24, 2016.

Yes, it's named for The Washington Post, which used to be located around the corner on 15th Street but has since moved to K Street. I walked there in a deluge from Metro Center, where I had gone to the Macy's to get some new socks and boxer briefs. I had that all safely stowed away, so that didn't get wet.


I'm going to end the entry shortly, but I would like to note -- and, yes, here is another CWG entry about it -- the massive waves of up to 40 feet at Waimea Bay, Oahu that resulted in a rare Eddie Aikau surfer competition (not to mention some damage to beach front homes and property). (These competitions apparently only happen when waves in Waimea Bay are at least 20 feet high.)

Picture from the "Eddie" surfer competition at Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, February 25, 2016 in a picture by Ric Noyle and posted in the above-linked CWG entry.


Named for the late legendary surfer Eddie Aikau, this competition involved his 66-year old brother, Clyde. Here is a local Hawaii news story about it.

The gargantuan waves were pumped up (as they always are) by the monster extratropical cyclones thousands of miles away up to the Gulf of Alaska.

Honestly, I don't know how these surfers ride those waves as they do. The power of those waves is phenomenal.

Good God.

(This is another picture from Instagram user clarklittle.)


OK, that's all for now. I'm heading to bed and dreamtime. Again, I'll try to update the blog Friday (this) evening.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Hump Day General and Weather Update -OR- Trumped Up Again

WEATHER UPDATE 5:27PM 2/24/2016: See below.

Rainy rush hour traffic along K Street NW, downtown Washington, D.C., February 23, 2016. Photo by Andrew Pasko-Reader via Flickr.

This picture is featured in this CWG entry.

I tried to take a couple pictures walking through downtown D.C. on a chilly, drizzly, gloomy evening, but they didn't come out nearly as nice.


OK, this is a brief morning update ...

I didn't take the computer home last night and I'm probably not going to do so tonight either, esp. with the weather forecast and the fact that I'm again not going to the gym. Tomorrow night will be a gym night as will my usual Saturday afternoon. I think I'm meeting Quill for lunch on Sunday in Bethesda.

It's a drizzly, showery, seasonably chilly day across the D.C. area with 11AM temp of 47F and 46F dew point at KDCA.

Rainfall totals since yesterday have included the following:

KDCA: 0.64"
KBWI: 0.73"
KIAD: 0.57"
KDMH: 0.74"

Sterling (LWX) NWS county warning area (CWA) advisories as of 11:19AM February 24, 2016.


There is a flood watch out for much of the region based on the chance of heavy rain shower and even thunderstorms later this afternoon as a vigorous, occluding low pressure system moves up the Ohio River Valley from Kentucky to Lake Erie by this evening. This will drag a warm front through the region (temps should climb into the low 60s F by this evening here in D.C.), followed by an energetic cold front.

While there may be a line of strong-to-severe thunderstorms (yes, in late February) and some heavy rainfall, the QPF totals are now forecasted to be lower than first anticipated. Nevertheless, the flood watch remains in effect for the time being.

NWS high-resolution surface weather map for a portion of the eastern U.S., 12Z (7AM EST) February 24, 2016.

The same storm system is bringing winter storm and even blizzard conditions to parts of the upper Midwest including the Chicago area. Up to 14 inches of snow are forecasted just east of Chicago in Gary, Indiana.



New York Times online headlines announcing Donald Trump Nevada GOP Caucuses win, updated at 10:30AM February 24, 2016.


So the big news is Trump TRUMPED Cruz and Rubio (and the rest of the remaining GOP clown car) in the Nevada Republican Caucuses last night. With 100% of the vote tallied, Trump won with a startling 45.9% (recall that Nevada Republicans include quite a few Mormons) versus that tool of oligarchy, Marco Rubio, who garnered 23.9% and the scary-slimy Ted Cruz, who won 21.4%.

The perennially-sedated and incoherent Ben Carson received 4.8% and the hapless John Kasich just 3.6%. Not shown here, but JEB! -- who had already dropped out after South Carolina -- somehow won 0.1%.

Left: The actual vote totals (remember this is a weird caucuses process). Source:


Yahoo News headlines announcing Donald Trump Nevada GOP Caucuses win, 11:22AM February 24, 2016.


As for The Donald, he had this to say of his victory:

"We won with young. We won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated. We're the smartest people with the most loyal people."

I love the poorly educated. Ha ha

Of note, some caucuses campaign workers were spotting sporting Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" t-shirts, which is probably a no-no.

A man working at one of the GOP caucuses precincts in Nevada last night wearing a Donald Trump shirt. Source image here.


Last night, after I left work, I first went to Trade and then to No. 9 for a bit before heading to Floriana downstairs bar where I watched Hillary's turn at one of those CNN "town hall" meetings. (I saw Bernie talk while at No. 9, but it was just close-captioned, no volume.) Later, it was just jazzy music. I also had dinner there before walking home.

For tonight, I am again skipping the gym. (I wanted to talk off two days.) I may be meeting Kristof and/or Gary at Trade.

Oh, yes, here is today's Pearls Before Swine ...

Ha ha


OK, that's all for now. My next update should be late Thursday (or early Friday).


WEATHER UPDATE 5:27PM 2/24/2016

OK, it's about to get quite bumpy here in the next 25 to 50 minutes as a powerful line of thunderstorms tears across the Metro D.C. area. There have been multiple tornado warnings in parts of south central and central Virginia.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in base reflectivity mode looped from 419PM to 457PM February 24, 2016.

The red enclosed areas are tornado warnings.


Sterling (LWX) NWS county warning area (CWA) advisories as of 5:10PM February 24, 2016.

The yellow shading is a tornado watch.


What's more, the tornado warnings seem to be lining up in such a fashion that it is quite possible D.C. itself will have one for a time.

There is a tornado watch in effect for the area through 11PM tonight, although it will certainly be cancelled before that time as this weather situation will be long over by that point.

The temperature at KDCA popped up to 65F by 3PM -- up 22F from 9PM. At the same 3PM hour, KIAD was 44F. The high-resolution surface weather map at 18Z (2PM EST) shows why:

NWS high-resolution surface weather map for a portion of the eastern U.S., 18Z (2PM EST) February 24, 2016.

The warm front was crossing the District from the southeast but had not yet reached Dulles Airport 25 miles west of the city.


For a broader look at this impressive storm system, here is the Great Lakes sector composite radar mosaic:

This is looped from 1858UTC to 2008UTC (2:58PM to 4:08PM EST), February 24, 2016.

Note: UTC and Z denote the same time.


For updates on the weather situation, see this CWG entry (link embedded) (note that the titles of these entries sometimes change): Updates: Tornado watch for entire D.C. area through 11 p.m, flash flood risk as well.

End of Update and of Entry.