Thursday, January 28, 2016

Temporary Telephone Misplacement, Long-Term Life Plans

Not that anyone other than Gary ever really texts or otherwise reaches out to me, but I have temporarily lost my phone as a result of some unpleasantness last night during a greasy, nasty dinner that has left me with an upset stomach. I might not get my phone back for a few days.

With just a few exceptions, I don't really have any friends or relationships anyway, so it doesn't matter, especially since those who are my close friends can reach me in other ways.

Also, I've decided that I will likely move in with my mom when the time comes. Ray is not in good health at all and he will not be getting any better. My idea is that we will live together somewhere in suburban Maryland -- maybe Bethesda or Silver Spring. As it is, I need to get out of Washington, D.C. I can't continue to live here, not like this.

I hate it here. I have for many years, and it isn't going to ever change.

I'm going to try to go to the gym tonight. It usually makes me feel better. It's really the only good thing I do.

Let's get this goddamn day started.


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