Thursday, January 14, 2016

Head (Cold) Case: An Update; Upcoming Buffalo Snow Chasing Trip; & Info on the Out-of-Season Atlantic (and Pacific) Hurricane(s)

The Old Post Office Pavilion -- soon to be the Trump* International Hotel -- as seen from just outside the William Jefferson Clinton (formerly the Ariel Rios) Building, Washington, D.C., 4:46PM January 13, 2016.

*Yes, THAT Trump.


Once again, apologies for lack of an entry last night.

Suffering from a head cold that made my equilibrium a bit uncertain, I left work early (around 415PM) and skipped the gym last night. Instead, I just did a second night out, as it were, first stopping at Harry's Pub for some dinner ... then walking to Trade, where I had a few drinks at Bartender Aaron's well while talking to this fellow who has become a regular there ... and then going with that fellow for a second, late dinner (on him) to Sushi Taro on 17th Street.

Of note, I had never actually been to Sushi Taro before in all my years -- decades -- of living in D.C. right in the neighborhood.

Blurry picture along the sidewalk by the entrance to the Washington Marriott at Metro Center, Washington, D.C., 5:46PM January 13, 2016.


Things were a bit fuzzy at that point and I just walked home by about 10PM and went straight to bed.

Actually, all things considered, it was a fun night, and I actually enjoyed the walking from downtown back to Logan and Dupont Circles on a cold January night, all bundled up. The fact that the wind had died down also made it enjoyable rather than agony.

An array of lights outside the building at the corner of 12th Street and New York Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 5:52PM January 13, 2016.

Yes, I walked past my favorite spooky -- and still abandoned -- Zion Building.


I am going to try to go to the gym tonight -- esp. as I have not been since Monday -- but I'm not sure how that will go, especially the treadmill part.

I still intend to post the pictures I took along the Potomac River on my walk last Sunday between the Washington Harbour complex and the Lincoln Memorial.

Wine glass at Sushi Taro, Washington, D.C., 9:02PM January 13, 2016.


Weather-Talk: Buffalo Snow and Out-of-Season Hurricanes

The Buffalo trip is this Saturday. The forecast features snow showers in light to moderate amounts with a more significant lake effect snow event on Monday and Tuesday (the day Gary and I return), but primarily south of Buffalo.

Gary and I may drive south of Buffalo on Monday -- he is renting an SUV -- to do what amounts to snow chasing.

I should also note that a very rare wintertime hurricane has formed in the Atlantic Ocean: Hurricane Alex, which started out as a subtropical system, has intensified into a bona fide hurricane centered about 450 miles south of the Azores and moving quickly toward those islands on a NNE trajectory. Its peak sustained winds are 85MPH.

NOAA satellite picture of out-of-season Hurricane Alex in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

I'm unsure of what satellite -- a GOES series one or a polar orbiter -- that took this image.


Quoting from the informative CWG entry on Hurricane Alex:

"Alex is in a rare spot for September, much less January," tweeted Eric Blake, a forecaster at the National Hurricane Center. "It is only the 2nd hurricane on record to form north of 30N (latitude) east of 30W (longitude).

The National Hurricane Center seemed stunned by Alex's strength in its 10 a.m. discussion, writing: "Remarkably, Alex has undergone the transformation into a hurricane. A distinct eye is present, embedded within a fairly symmetric mass of deep convection."

National Hurricane Center (NHC) infographic advisory #4 for Hurricane Alex issued at 10AM EST January 16, 2016.


The same CWG entry includes the following comment from Weather Underground meteorologist Jeff Masters linking this event to global warming:

"It is unlikely that Alex would have formed if these waters had been close to normal temperatures for this time of year ... The unusually warm waters for Alex were due, in part, to the high levels of global warming that brought Earth its warmest year on record in 2015. Global warming made Alex's formation much more likely to occur ..."

Sea surface temperature (SST) departures for much of the Atlantic Ocean and eastern and central Pacific Ocean as of January 12, 2016.


This is the first January hurricane in the Atlantic basin since 1938.

Earlier this week, another out-of-season hurricane formed in the Central Pacific -- Hurricane Pali -- so there was the following unusual situation noted in the CWG write up:

"On Wednesday, for the first time on record in January, the National Hurricane Center in South Florida and the Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu, were issuing advisories for active tropical cyclones."

That prompted this tweet from NHC staff meteorologist Eric Blake:

There are (as of now) approximately 130 comments to this entry, but I didn't bother to read them since the topic is "global warming" and that brings out the rabid Know Nothing stupidity of the phalanxes of rightwing internet trolls. (If Yahoo News were to pick up this entry, the number of comments would rise to about 4,000 -- none of which any sane person would want to read.)

OK, that's all for now. Again, I will try to update the blog tonight after my attempted gym visit, but this will all be a function of how I feel. I also need to do laundry.


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