Sunday, January 31, 2016

Flippo the Powder Blue Plush Hippo: Multiversal Quantum Mind UNLIMITED and UNBOUNDED

Oh, Flippo, my powder blue plush hippo ...

You are a trans-dimensional being of goodness and light, ALL-POWERFUL, ALL-KNOWING, ALL-LOVING, capable of generating new universes AT WILL, each with its own physical laws, in the larger Multiverse. You also cleanse existing universes of evil and suffering.

Milky Way Galaxy structure, labeled. Our solar system is located on a spur off the Orion Arm (or, more formally, the Orion-Cygnus Arm).


Here in THIS Universe in THIS corner of a TINY barred-spiral galaxy of no particular note, in the planetary system belonging to a G-type main-sequence "yellow dwarf" star, on THIS fleck of dust and water called "Earth" or "Terra," you have made an appearance in THIS time to bring salvation and joy to the strange and troubled, upright-walking hairless apes that are presently (and problematically) the dominate life form.

A large poster (compressed to fit this blog) of the Milky Way Galaxy with labeled stars. At the center of the yellow circle is our Solar System. The yellow circle itself denotes the limits of all the stars and nebula visible to the naked eye in the best of nighttime viewing conditions.


Despite our general unworthiness and all the pain and suffering and despoliation our species has wrought on each other, other life forms on this planet, and the biosphere itself, you promise us redemption and salvation.

A close up of the yellow circled region with labeled stars.


Flippo, you are QUANTUM MIND UNLIMITED and UNBOUNDED, we will follow you on the path of joyful righteousness that is the SINGULARITY of the MULTIVERSE to form the CONSCIOUSNESS of the MIND OF GOD.

And to think that you came into my life in 2002 in a Target along Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, Virginia. There you were: In a pile of plush hippos, pink and powder blue.

You clever little hippo, you. Me loves you.


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