Monday, January 4, 2016

A Mental Health Day's Nighttime (Abbreviated) Musings

The steeply sloping cobblestone street of the 1200 block of 35th Street NW in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., looking toward the Key Bridge and the Rosslyn skyline, 5:05PM January 3, 2016.

The next "street" over to the west isn't a street at all but the famed Exorcist Steps.


This is a genuinely brief update because I actually have some work to do tonight ahead of tomorrow morning. I intend to be in bed not ridiculously late, though.

I actually would have had time for a full entry -- one featuring the 14 or so pictures I took yesterday (Sunday) on a walk from Ballston back to Dupont Circle (primarily in residential Arlington, though several in Georgetown as well) -- because I finished everything I needed to do.

This included a full 3-hour, multi-part gym workout, laundry, grocery shopping, and dinner. I even met Dave J. for a short period at Larry's Lounge. I was able to do all of these things on this Monday because I did not go into work today. I was not feeling well this morning, but in the end it was more of a mental health day than anything.

Anyway, my intention is to post an entry tomorrow night with those pictures.  

The house at 3424 Prospect Street NW, as seen from the 1200 block of 35th Street NW, Georgetown, Washington, D.C., 5:04PM January 3, 2016.

The view from those south-facing windows -- esp. the third floor one -- must be tremendous (see just the street-level view in the lead image).

In all my years in D.C., I've never actually known anybody to live in one of these Georgetown residences.


Of note, it is a genuinely wintry cold, blustery night outside with an air temp around 25F even right here in the District proper (26F at KDCA at 10PM), dew point 4F, and gusty northerly wind of 20MPH with gusts to 35MPH, which is creating a wind chill in the 12F range.

This is quite a shock from all the recent record warmth. However, no snow is in the forecast here and that is unlikely to change for at least another week. (BTW, this might be the first time this winter season I've used a cold weather thermometer image.)

I'm snug in my little dusty efficiency lost somewhere in Washington, D.C.

That's all for now, except for this: What I should have said in my previous entry is this: I'm sorry that I'm not married with a combined half million dollar plus annual household income, a Midtown Manhattan residence, and one house-a-piece in rural Connecticut. That's not my reality, so $40 becomes a big deal.

As it is, I'm way overspent this Christmas - New Year's holiday season.

That aside, and more generally, we should have just left well enough alone with the previous weekend's really nice first visit.

OK, there, I'm done with that topic.

Again, I'll try to update this blog tomorrow night.


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