Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday Evening Post for Dec. 26th, 2015: The Warm and Wet Christmas Recap Edition (Plus Weather Update)

**This entry was posted December 26, 2015.**

The Francis Scott Key Bridge and Potomac River in the fog on Christmas Day, December 25, 2015.

I'm unsure of the time but it was (obviously) nighttime. This picture appears in this CWG entry and was taken by someone identified as Andrew Pasko-Reader. Of note, this individual has some amazing photos on his Flickr page.


This is just a brief Saturday night update as I'm (as usual, it seems) in a hurry to meet someone. I've already composed my jukebox Saturday night entry -- and I've opted to do a Christmas-themed one even though it is the day after Christmas.

Kristof playing an old piano at John's place, Arlington, Va., 7:35PM December 25, 2015.

I always forget that Kristof can play the piano and keyboard quite well.


I managed to make it to the gym today, and I have to say it was a difficult hour-long jog (actually, 65 minutes with the cool down) totaling 6.64 miles. Given the liquor excesses of the past several days, I was in crummy shape and my pulse was worryingly racing by the end but I got through it and then later on -- after the weightlifting and core workout -- I felt much better.

It's such a weird Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde way to live of too much drinking and then strenuous gym visits (Fred's term, not mine, but I like it).

The Christmas party last night at John's place, Arlington, Va., 8:20PM December 25, 2015.


Yesterday, I went to John L's condo in Arlington with Gary, where we met Kristof, Dilshan, and a few other folks including John and Anna. We had quite a nice time. The bulk of the pictures in this entry were taken there by my crummy flip-open cell phone camera.

Yours truly holding up a copy of Slavoj Žižek's book "Living in the End Times," Arlington, Va., 9:02PM December 25, 2015.


At one point, it was literally monsoon-ing with rain outside in the near record Christmas warmth courtesy a wet tropical air mass. We had to open the window to allow a breeze in because it was so stuffy -- what with the building's a/c already turned off. (Thankfully, I have a window a/c in my apartment.)

(Official rainfall totals yesterday ranged from 1.08" at KBWI to 0.67" at KIAD to 0.30" at KDCA while KDMH received 1.96".)

Later, I went to Larry's Lounge, where I met Brian and Greg -- in town from New York City this weekend. Actually, I am supposed to meet Brian for dinner at Logan Tavern at 830PM 845PM, so I need to cut this entry short.

This picture of a hungry waif of a child, one of his wide eye visible while the other is concealed under a mop of hair, and holding what looks like a little cup of soup is on a wall in John's place. A family member painted it. I found it captivating and disturbing.


The weather today has been overcast and drizzly with temps in the 50s Fahrenheit. It's 52F with drizzle and mist at the 7PM hour at KDCA. While this 52F is still 8F above the normal daily high of 44F, it feels almost chilly after all the record and near record warmth. (To be clear, it still touched 60F earlier today at KDCA.)

A frontal boundary extending to the southwest back to a powerful storm over the Southern Great Plains (see below) has sagged south of the region, allowing maritime polar (mP) air to engulf the East Coast coastal plain and piedmont.

The boundary is forecasted to move back north as a warm front and near-record to record warmth -- around 70F -- is again forecasted for tomorrow for both the high temps. and overnight lows.

Here are tomorrow's temp records -- record highs and record high minimums (lows), respectively:

KDCA: 72F (1971) / 50F (1881)
KBWI: 65F (1949) / 52F (1949)
KIAD: 73F (1971) / 52F (1971)

Of note, there were no record daily highs on Christmas Day at the three airports owing to the clouds and rain, but there were record daily high lows. Christmas Eve featured record highs at all three airports -- 71F -- and record overnight high lows including in two cases (KIAD and KDCA) all-time record December high lows of 63F and 60F, respectively.

The 18Z 12/26/2015 GFS showing 6-hr precipitation, mean sea level pressure (MSLP), and 1000-500mb thicknesses over the United States valid at 0Z 12/27/2015.


One other weather story of note, a deep closed low that has "dug" all the way south to Old Mexico and is bringing all kinds of stormy weather to the Southern Great Plains along a powerful pressure and thermal gradient. The following are the current weather advisories in effect as of 7:35PM CST in the Norman, Oklahoma NWS (OUN) county warning area (CWA):

That's quite a colorful potpourri. It rivals the colors I use in these blog entries.


OK, that's all for now. Jukebox Saturday night entry to follow momentarily.


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