Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On Anniversary Time and Life's Uncertain Tide Plus Brief Daily & (Yes) Meteorological Update

An absolutely wonderful picture of my mom and stepfather (Ray) taken earlier this Monday afternoon at the Rusty Scupper in Baltimore at the Inner Harbor where they went to celebrate their 41st anniversary.

I think this might be one of the best pictures they've ever taken together.

Congratulations, mom and Ray! That is a wonderful achievement.


The Inner Harbor and nearby Baltimore skyline as seen from the Rusty Scupper, 12:20PM December 28, 2015.


Yes, it was on December 28, 1974 that they got married -- by some Army chaplain at the old Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. I had just turned 5 years old and only vaguely remember that. I do know I was not at the wedding.

It was the event that completely redirected the course of all our lives, and it is, why we ended up in Maryland. It is also why I, through a convoluted process stretching over 40 years, ended up living at the present time in Washington, D.C.

Well, if I hadn't ended up here, it would have been somewhere else under who-knows-what circumstances. You can't prove the counterfactual... 

Another view of the Inner Harbor and nearby Baltimore skyline as seen from the Rusty Scupper, 12:20PM December 28, 2015.

Despite being a bad-ass city suffering all kinds of urban pathologies, Baltimore has a distinctly post-modern skyline (not my own notion), as I discussed in this Herculean entry back in Oct. 2012 after Chester and I tried to locate the city's geographic corner and inflection points.


My parents weren't married very long back in New Jersey, and there is no question but whose entire fault that was -- my dad's -- but let's not get into that now. However, I was thinking that at this rate with him down in Flagler Beach, Florida and given his living situation, I might not see him again. He will be 75 next month.

Here is a picture of my parents together at The Branches in West Long Branch, N.J., on January 27, 2013 on the occasion of my late great Aunt Babe's 100th birthday party. I was able to get my mom to go to this event on the paternal side of the family.

I'm not sure I'll get a picture of them together again.


Of note, my dad sent me a Christmas card with a very nice letter. He does that when he realizes -- as he now has with me -- that he has lost control of a situation, or rather, control of someone, in my case, because I refuse to put myself in harm's way (for his bizarre amusement) by participating in the Southern trailer park-and-karaoke-bar freak show chaos that is his life of choosing.

Oh, grandma (and you, too, grandpa) ...

What the hell happened to our family??



As a brief update ...

I was onsite at DOE today (Monday) rather than in my usual office -- and I actually made it almost perfectly on time by 9AM. I have to go there again tomorrow, so I can't post too long of an entry. On Wednesday, I'm back in my regular office.

I'm filling in for a colleague who is away on Christmas vacation.

The DOE cafeteria, Washington, D.C., taken at 1:11PM December 28, 2015.

These curtains are forming a dark backdrop to the Christmas tree in the cafeteria. It is still up but, I assume, soon to be removed until next year.


I made it to the gym tonight. It was an OK workout although I skipped the pool. I'm thinking of going to the National Capital YMCA on Wednesday night for one last and final time. The old dinosaur of a facility closes for good on New Years Eve (that would be Thursday) and is to be demolished and replaced with some office or mixed-use building.

As it is, the Washington Catholic Archdiocese owns half that block of Rhode Island Avenue between Connecticut Ave. and 17th Street NW.

I am a bit worried that once the New Year starts, the YMCA Anthony Bowen is going to be crazy mobbed as a result of the influx of potentially hundreds of former National Capital members -- in addition to the usual post-holiday January surge in attendance.

For tomorrow night, I'm just probably stop at Trade and/or No. 9 en route home.


Yet Another Weather Update (I Can't Help It) ...

Portion of the eastern U.S. NWS high-resolution surface weather map at 0300Z December 29, 2015.

This map reveals a leeside Appalachian coastal plain cold air damming situation as powerful and destructive storm system lifts up toward the Great Lakes, weakening as the closed low opens up and the surface low occludes.


It's a rainy, drizzly, chilly night across the Baltimore/Washington area including right here in D.C. It feels cold with the rain and the northeasterly wind, at least in part, because of the contrast to all the record and near-record warmth of the past week but, in fact, the current air temp (42F with 41F dew point at the 11PM at KDCA) is, at most, just average for this time of year (in particular, a daytime average).

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard base reflectivity mode looped from 1038PM to 1120PM December 28, 2015.


Rainfall totals have been light so far area-wide -- mostly under 0.1" -- but anything that falls will add to the yearly surplus (except at KIAD, where the 2.5 inch year-to-date deficit is probably too much to overcome in the next three days). I'll have end-of-year summaries for the three airports and KDMH.

Sterling (LWX) NWS radar in standard composite mode looped from 1028PM to 1114PM December 28, 2015.


However, I'm truly going to keep this entry short tonight. There were a few other items I wanted to post -- links to political-themed pieces that I liked -- but I'll refrain for now and perhaps post them in the next entry.

OK, that's all for now.


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