Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Substitute Entry of Late Night Odds & Ends -OR- On the Difficulty of Keeping Up This Blog

A house in the 2100 block of R St NW, Washington, D.C., 3:21PM December 6, 2015.

I didn't get the exact address but that's an interesting red door.


OK, I started an entry and have a lot of content, but there is simply no realistic way I can complete it tonight, especially as I want to include the topically-unrelated Pittsburgh pictures.

I'll continue working on the entry tomorrow and post it at some point. This entry is just a brief substitute one to cover a few general items.

This just isn't going to be a very good week or blogging. It's just very challenging to keep up the whole blogging effort, especially when I can only do it really late at night when I've completed everything.

I'm also chagrined at how difficult it is to keep up this blog, and the fact that I am behind on multiple entries and cannot keep it as up-to-date as I would like.

That is, I simply cannot post personal updates, weather summaries, and react to every news development in this nutty time, especially of the political sort.

Donald Trump's "extraordinary escalation" of his anti-Muslim rhetoric in the wake of the San Bernardino mass shooting last week that killed 14 people is just such an example -- he is calling on a complete barring of all Muslims entering the U.S. until the U.S. Government can "figure out what is going on."

We'll have to see how the other GOP clown car candidates respond to this one, not to mention the public -- or at least the GOP frenized base. I'm intrigued he made this announcement on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

As of now, Hillary is holding her own in the match ups in our bitterly polarized time. (I genuinely don't know what to make of the fact that the comically absurd Ben Carson, who is basically running a conservative marketing scam in the spirit of the collective conservative (i.e., rightwing) "long con" rather than a candidacy, polls well in a match up with her. That's just simply a ridiculous proposition.)

One thing seems increasingly clear: President Obama seems to be just drifting through his last year in office and having foreign policy issues and fear of terrorism dominate the discourse tends to pull his already-mediocre popularity down. Obama himself just seems totally spent.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, here is linked an excellent article -- alas, on the Salon.com site -- by Nico Lang:

I was going to repost the entire piece (and intersperse the Pittsburgh pictures) but that's not feasible right now. Just read it.

As of the posting of this entry, the column has nearly 2,400 comments and 16,000 Facebook shares. Not that I'd ever read the comment section.

Having said all of that, I think the entry I was composing is an entertaining one, especially since part of it involves the discussion of a colonoscopy (there's a reason for that) and were I a straight, married man at my age ...

... having long since been turned into a buccal-pumping frog by my 300-pound wife living on an exurban lily pad, eating meatloaf and mac-and-cheese dinners and breaking wind by the TV, I would have a colonoscopy schedule dictated by her.

Above: I'd like to (re)introduce you to my Parallel Earth straight self version's wife, Nag-'Em the Concerned Cheesecake-Eating House Hippo.

It was a tiring bar-centered weekend -- the usual stuff, although I had nice times with Chris H., Dave, and Roger, even if it was mostly bar-centered -- while tonight was a gym night. The gym visit was ruined somewhat by an issue with a trainer and the music at the gym, but I'm not going to get into that now. I wrote a letter of complaint, though.

Another "money shot" of my Parallel Earth straight self version's beautiful wife taken on our 5 year anniversary trip to Disney World "with the kids."

I want to twang, er, croon a country-and-western song to her. Oh, and our three children have names like Tyler, Kaitlin-Bonnet, and Amber-Lynne. They are all sticky and poopy, and Amber-Lynne is a SPECIAL NEEDS child with gluten and peanut allergies.


The weather continues to be mild, dry, and blah with nary a sign of wintertime, although the nights have been chilly. A low pressure system skirted south and east of the D.C. area today. The cloud shield just reached overhead and looked interesting, as the picture directly below suggests:

The sky over L'Enfant Promenade, Washington, D.C., 2:00PM December 7, 2015.

Those were the clouds from a system passing across the Virginia Tidewater and lower Delmarva, just clipping St. Mary's County.


It is supposed to be very mild this weekend -- well into the 60s Fahrenheit for highs that might make a run at the relatively low record daily highs at KDCA later this week including 67F on the 10th and 68F on the 11th.

It was on Dec. 7th, 1998 that KDCA reached 79F -- the warmest ever in December in Washington, D.C. (It also reached a daily record of 76F on Dec. 4th and 78F on Dec. 6th, 1998.)

Info source here.

Oh, yes, I think I'm borderline persona non grata in the comment section of the CWG. Oh, well.

OK, that's all for now.


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