Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Update: Annoying Laundry Time, Dull Weather Summary, and Recap of a "Fall Back" Halloween -OR- November Arrives

The sky as seen from the 1300 block of W Street NW, Washington, D.C., 2:27PM October 31, 2015.

I think those are a mix of cirrostratus and altostratus clouds in the sky, but it's hard to tell sometimes. The picture was taken next to the Anthony Bowen YMCA, where I went yesterday for my usual Saturday multi-part gym routine.


Sunday afternoon. November 1st.

I am getting a later start than I wanted as I didn't get up until noon -- on the just-returned-to-standard time, so 1PM daylight time. I also didn't have a chance to do my laundry last night because my schedule got bollixed up, so I'm doing it right now. I was sort of forced to do it because my Saturday night was altered by going to dinner next door in the Northumberland.

Rainy night time view from my apartment overlooking 16th and U Streets NW, Washington, D.C., around 11:30PM October 28, 2015.

It was briefly deluging as I took this picture.


I try my best to avoid doing the laundry except at what are usually slow times (e.g., Saturday evening or late at night). However, I needed to do it, and my schedule didn't look promising the next few days for it. Otherwise, I'm in a contest with the old Hispanic women and annoying young Millennial women who forever are doing their laundry, and it's always a contest to get a washer or dryer.

Worse is when there is only one dryer available but someone has left clothes it is -- invariably, it's female undergarment clothing -- and you are in a situation where you struggle with whether to remove it and have them walk in at that precise moment (with an uncertain and possibly hysterical reaction) or just wait. (To be clear, I've never had that happen -- the hysterical reaction -- but I envision such a scenario.)

Brilliant late morning Sun over L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C., 10:40AM October 30, 2015.


In fact, I have to play this damn game in a few minutes of writing this since I need two dryers but the washing machine use was such that I will only have two available dryers -- and one still had clothes in it.

As it is, I just want to get my Sunday started. I think I'm just going to take a bike ride, but realistically, I won't get started from my origin point at some Metro station in the Maryland (Montgomery County) or Virginia suburbs and then bike back into the D.C. until at least 330PM and, more likely, 4PM.

This would be fine except it is now going to be getting dark by 5PM (sunset tonight is 5:07PM EST). This could just torpedo the whole idea.

Weather-wise, it's a dull, flat day with a broken, high-level cloud deck interspersed with patches of blue and hazy sunshine. As of 1PM, it is 62F with a 56F dew point at KDCA under "mostly cloudy" skies. It actually rained a bit in the wee hours -- somehow, KDCA picked up 0.04" since midnight. KBWI had 0.02" and KIAD recorded 0.06".

There is a chance of rain showers on Monday night but it is totally underwhelming as a forecasted rainy storm system mostly bypasses the D.C. area to the south and southeast.

NWS surface weather map forecast at hour 36 for the U.S. Lower 48 and adjacent regions valid 0Z Nov. 3, 2015.


This is an instance where the fucking GFS model is the "correct" one because the Euro predicted widespread 1"+ of rain for our area, at least as of yesterday. The rule for our area is: Whichever model has the drier, warmer, shittier outcome is the correct one. Sterling (LWX) ALWAYS follows it and they are NEVER wrong.

Indeed, I'm so sure of it, that I'm not even going to bother to watch the model runs to see which "verifies" -- I KNOW precisely how it will play out: There isn't the SLIGHTEST chance the low will move farther north that forecasted and give us a lot of rain.

The lobby of the Northumberland (seen via my crummy flip-open cellphone camera), Washington, D.C., 7:42PM October 31, 2015.


Changing subjects ...

Last night, well, it kind of sucked.

Dinner at my friend's place in the lovely Northumberland was weird: Four people were there (my friend and his partner) and two guests (including myself), but there was only enough food for really three people. At one point, the partner put his hands on my plate and grabbed a piece of food I was going to eat (I'm not even sure what it was -- some strange onion-like object sliced with some apples).

I bought ice cream as my friend requested I do so, but only after he asked that I bring a salad, which I told him I could not do. In the end, we never had the ice cream, and it cost me $6.99 plus tax.

The movie we watched -- The Women -- was fine but very long (2:14). The other guest left around 11PM but I stayed until the end. (As for that other guest, he is part of the whole JRs/Cobalt kickball league, which I've never understood, and he explained to me how it works including the colors used.)

One of the Halloween-themed skull decorations at the downstairs bar at Floriana, Washington, D.C., 9:27PM October 30, 2015.

This was on Friday night.


I left around midnight, stopped by my apartment briefly, and then headed back out. I made it to No. 9 but it wasn't very crowded. There were lots of people in Halloween costumes (I was not one of them). LP showed up from a party somewhere here in the city and we walked via a brief detour to Fox & Hounds to see Jamie and Jenny in their amazing horror movie costumes to Larry's Lounge, where it looked like the aftermath of a shit-show of a night.

It was at that point 130AM EST -- after the fall back to standard time -- but the place was closing anyway, as were other places, so I just went home. That is, the return to standard time did not extend the night at the places I encountered last night.

As an update (at 1:14PM as I write this), I was able to get two dryers.

OK, I'm going to try to post an update on Cyclone Chapala later tonight, since (as my previous entries show) I am quite interested in this unusual weather situation even if it is on the other side of the world.


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