Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Evening Post for Nov. 21st, 2015: The Palka-Cabra's Winter Snowcast Plus Brief Update

**This entry was posted November 21, 2015.**

A rainbow appears in the departing rain showers on the evening of Nov. 19, 2015, Washington, D.C., as seen from somewhere at the edge of the Foggy Bottom - GWU district.

This picture was taken by Instagram user "paradeinpink" and posted in this CWG entry. I was away in Pittsburgh for this weather event.


Tonight is a chilly, clear, moonlit night with just a very gauzy high cloud deck. Temps are falling into the 40s Fahrenheit. A cold front is approaching that might bring a few light rain showers and then much colder weather with highs only around 49F tomorrow and lows of 32F or lower even at KDCA proper, which would be the first freeze of the season "officially" in D.C.

As the lead image suggests, and while I was in Pittsburgh, it rained back here on Thursday. Specifically, it rained to the tune of 0.63" at KDCA and 0.62" at KBWI. Meanwhile, KIAD had 0.39".

Nevertheless, there continues to be a paucity of "weather" in the eastern third of the U.S. this autumn.

Oh, yes, the Palka-Cabra Creature is "predicting" below normal snowfall for the winter because she's, well, the Palka-Cabra creature.

"And you know what, Morris? I'm happy to say that I now think it will be warm with no snow for the entire winter!"

These local TV "news" channel winter season snow amount forecasts - even given as ranges -- are bullshit. The NWS certainly doesn't issue these kinds of products because it knows better. (I'm kind of baffled why CWG issues them, including for this season.)

However, the general public hasn't a clue what the actual snow averages are for any given locale in our region.

Furthermore, any "forecast" sails across the event horizon of this media memory black hole. Rather, it all just exists for immediate, commodified entertainment value from the local infotainment channels.

The Palka-Cabra's dream climate ...

There she is ...


As the briefest of updates ...

I had a good, multi-part gym workout of 3-1/2 hours duration this afternoon ending with a swim. Last night, I had dinner with Dave J. at Dupont Italian Kitchen and then we walked around a bit, ending up at Larry's Lounge. I was quite exhausted by the time I got home at 145AM, having gotten up at 615AM and been out.

Tonight, I am meeting Damon at Bistro Bistro at 8PM. I wanted to go to Maxime, but he did not want to walk to Georgetown. For tomorrow, I'm going to Bethesda to meet Quill for a late lunch, at least that's the plan for now. A funeral for a dead woman on her parents' block might interrupt that, though.

A jukebox Saturday night entry is to follow, although it will likely feature just one song rather than the usual three. This is because I inadvertently erased the draft text message that I keep on my old flip open cellphone that contains song titles and/or performers' names (or sometimes just lyrics excerpts) that I hear during the course of the week just for the purpose of posting jukebox Saturday night entries. Secondly, I am pressed for time (dinner plans).


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