Friday, November 13, 2015

Red Sky in the Morning, Sailor Need Not Take Warning; Vaping At Night, Get Out of My Sight

**This entry was posted November 13, 2015.**

A spectacular pre-sunrise dawn as seen from Aquia Creek Landing along the Potomac River in Stafford County, Va., November 12, 2015.

This picture and two more below (it's obvious which ones) were taken by Buddy Secor and reposted in this CWG entry showing the lovely sunrise pictures for Thursday morning ahead of a bit of rain (no biggie at all). The original images were posted on Buddy's Facebook site. Source / additional information here.


So I had intended to post an entry tonight -- topic uncertain, but I would have figured something out -- but instead, following a meh gym workout (6.74 mile / 60-minute plus 5-minute cool down jog; mediocre weightlifting, even more mediocre core workout; brief swim in the pool), I met a fellow who lives in my building and we went to Local 16 for a drink.

To be clear, he invited me out and I accepted. I was just going to stay home. For its part, Local 16 is less than 500 feet from my apartment. This fellow actually is rather interested in me, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Another wonderful pre-sunrise dawn picture as seen through the reeds at Aquia Creek Landing along the Potomac River in Stafford County, Va., November 12, 2015.

This picture is also by Buddy Secor and reposted in the above-linked CWG entry. Original source / additional information here.

Isn't this down near Woodbridge and M-WADE Tipperary Way?? LIKE! WHAT-EVAH!!


For starters, this fellow and I went to Local 16 rather than Larry's Lounge and its endless theatre including drama and those frickin' awful (read: hyper-violent) movies that are always being shown on the two TV monitors (even if muted / with music playing). (Oh, and I DETEST AND LOATHE actor Michael Douglas. He also reminds me in that arrogant jackass swagger built on a foundation of nothing of Wall-P, a.k.a., Pitty Shil).

But Dave was there and that made the whole thing even more complicated than it would have been because this combo, naturally, ended up in some endless, tiresome political conversation ...

... even while Dave was "vaping" like crazy -- that is, smoking those "electronic" cigarettes. See, in D.C., it's not illegal to billow that dry ice-like smoke indoors anywhere, and so folks do. It's just like smoking pot in D.C. -- it's only not illegal but encouraged - maybe because it potentially cuts down the violent crime rate. Or is it a tax everything thing?

I dunno.

He was asked at one point not to "vape" by a second bartender, but he kept doing it anyway, if only because the main bartender serving us (who had briefly stepped away) is also the general manager and had no problem with it and Dave knew that.

The other bartender said it could cause confusion with other patrons lighting up actual cigarettes -- and the place could get in trouble. To me, it resembled a theatre stage with billowing dry ice clouds creating that slightly sweet-acrid smell.

I was going to invite (well, I already have invited) Dave on the Buffalo Christmas trip with Gary and me, but I can't have that non-stop vaping in the hotel room, esp. in the Hyatt. Somehow in the past month, Dave went from Donald Trump-is-Our-Salvation to Vaping-is-Sacred (and I'll vote for Ted Cruz).

Anyway, returning to the fellow who lives in my building: He is, as I said, quite interested in me quite a bit. Given that he paid for the drinks tonight (I'm flat broke until later this Friday), and that I like him as a friend and didn't want to be a jackass, I let him back in my apt. Well, that was kind of a mistake, although not a disastrous one, just a bit awkward even if there was at once point a minor wrestling match (which I would have lost since he's about 60 pounds heavier and 5" taller than I).

I was not doing that.

A construction worker in the 1300 block of U Street NW, Washington, D.C., 10:17AM November 12, 2015.

That damn building is never going to be finished.


He seemed rather interested in my menagerie of stuffed animals (including all those plush hippos) on my bed (under the covers), after having plopped down on them. He even took a few pictures. He particularly seemed to like Flippo.


Doubtless, that's going to be on whatever social media site tomorrow.

Anyway, I got him to leave and now I'm home alone and ready for bed. I am, however, "smothered" in his cologne, which was kind of overpowering.

It's a breezy (actually, almost windy), nice fall night with temps around 58F here in D.C. proper. We had a touch of rain this morning with a frontal passage (0.01" KDCA, 0.03" KIAD, 0.07" KBWI, and 0.08" KDMH) but now it's just going to be dry for days. Here is a relevant CWG entry.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention: A neighbor of mine on this floor on this wing of this apt. building apparently died for unknown reasons. I'll write more about this if and when it is appropriate. He was a young (30-something) gay Hispanic fellow. I never talked to him much and now I feel badly about that.

Actual sunrise at Aquia Landing Creek, Stafford Co., Virginia, November 12, 2015 in a third picture by Buddy Secor and reposted in the above-linked CWG entry.

Source / additional info here.

Honestly, I can't stands Virginia, esp. exurban Northern Virginia. It's where political correctness run amok meets kooky petit-bourgeois American suburban fundamentalism in a true Frankensteinian hybrid.


OK, that's all for now. I'll try to update the blog tomorrow (Friday) evening although I desperately have to do laundry tomorrow. Also, I am still worried about next week as it looks to be quite chaotic with multiple work-related engagements including the Pittsburgh trip. However, I will certainly update the blog before then.


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