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November 26, 2015: Thanksgiving Day and 46th Birthday - Overview and Photo Recap

My mom and Ray at the American Legion Post 175, Severna Park, Md., Thanksgiving, 3:06PM Nov. 26, 2015.


Blog Editor's Notes:

(1) This entry contains the cellphone images that I took today on Thanksgiving -- also my birthday -- while in Anne Arundel County with my mom and stepfather (Ray). It also includes two that Ray took and few weather images -- NWS advisory map and a regional radar mosaic -- from several hours ago as I started this entry around 5PM but got distracted a number of times.

(2) Keep in mind this entry -- like all my entries -- meant to be viewed on a regular computer and formatted primarily for Internet Explorer (secondarily, on occasion, for Chrome).

"Toothless" the dragon float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City as seen in a photo of the TV as it was being shown on WBAL Channel 11, 11:11AM November 26, 2015.

"Toothless" is from the How to Train Your Dragon animated movie franchise.

As for the parade, or at least the parts I saw, it was colorful, musical, festive, and interesting -- and also one non-stop, intricately interconnected infomercial for which Al Roker was proud to do his part.


Thanksgiving and my 46th birthday have collectively come and are quickly going.

The giant ellipsoidal blue water tower along East West Blvd., Severna Park, Md. 1:50PM November 26, 2015.

I have previously featured pictures of this "spaceship" blue water tower on my blog including this Thanksgiving day-related post from 2013 and Christmas 2011.

Note how the weather conditions are always the same on Thanksgiving and Christmas in our area -- tranquil, mild, and blah.


I'm back in my mom and Ray's place in the Rolpark trailer community in the back (or rather, front) room at the computer. We went to the Thanksgiving dinner in the downstairs all-purpose room at the American Legion Post #175 in Severna Park and sat for a little bit afterward at the upstairs bar. Oh, and we had the same bartender as last year.

Another view of the "blue spaceship" water tower along East West Blvd., Severna Park, Md., 1:50PM Nov. 26, 2015.

There are quite a few water towers that dot the suburban Maryland worldscape, in particular, in the Baltimore area. There are fewer in the D.C. Maryland suburbs.

I attribute that to the fact that the Metro D.C. area gets its water from a major river -- the Potomac -- that is effectively inexhaustible, along with the smaller Patuxent River (and the Triadelphia Reservoir on it) while the Baltimore area relies on two main interconnected reservoirs -- Prettyboy and Loch Raven -- and, on rare occasions as necessary, the Susquehanna River (or so I recall reading that somewhere -- I could be mistaken). This means (if I'm correct) that the Baltimore area has to hold more water in storage, hence the greater number of water towers).


Updated 11:35PM 12/2/2015: Oh, yes, I totally forgot to mention Liberty Reservoir -- the other biggie reservoir that supplies Baltimore and environs. End of update.


I intend to head back to D.C. tomorrow late afternoon or early evening on a MARC train (or, failing that, an Amtrak), although the plan also includes going to Annapolis late tomorrow morning / early afternoon with my mom. We'll walk around a bit and get lunch.

Obviously, I'm taking the day off from work tomorrow. 

Joe's Seafood and adjoining structures along Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, Md., 1:57PM November 26, 2015.

Joe's Seafood has been there, like, forever. I recall it back in the 1980s. Having said that, I've never actually been there.


The weather was sunny and unseasonably mild today with highs in the lower 60s Fahrenheit including 63F at KBWI (presently, the nearest of the four main regional climate stations to me) and at KIAD, 64F at KDCA, and 62F at KDMH (Maryland Science Center).

Java Divas pink coffee truck, Severna Park, Md., 2:01PM November 26, 2015.

This truck has been parked in that spot seemingly forever -- I can't recall when I first saw it, but I recall it having been there years ago. It never seems to move. There is a picture of it in the same Thanksgiving 2013 recap entry.


Tomorrow is forecasted to be even warmer and still sunny with high temps around 65F, perhaps a bit higher, although there might be some fog east of the Blue Ridge along the I-95 corridor due to the light southeasterly flow.

American Legion Post 175 exterior sign, Severna Park, Md., 2:02PM November 26, 2015.

American Legion Post 175 is located off Ritchie Highway along Manhattan Beach Road. My mom is a member there while Ray is a member at the American Legion Post 276 in Severn, Md. They go to both of them on occasion, usually for dinners.


The pattern is really just stuck in a warm and dull one, although a large-scale weather system is organizing in the Great Plains / central U.S. with numerous flash flood watches in effect across parts of Missouri, Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma, and northeastern Texas. These advisories give way to ice storm warnings and winter storm warnings across the Texas panhandle, central and western Oklahoma, New Mexico, and parts of Kansas. There are also widespread winter weather advisories in effect.  

The NWS weather advisories for the United States valid 2205UTC (5:05PM EST) November 26, 2015.

This does not include any legend.


This system is forecasted to bring a few day period of showers / light rain chances starting Sunday, although it will be weakening by the time it reaches the eastern U.S. as the overall positive height anomalies continue. It is very much the start of a major warm ENSO winter -- even if a "Modoki event" type.

Southeastern U.S. radar mosaic loop from 2008 to 2118UTC (3:08PM to 4:18PM EST) November 26, 2015.


There is a strong onshore flow along the Southeastern U.S. coast to the south of a sprawling 1052-mb high pressure centered about 100 miles south of St. Johns, Newfoundland and ridging over 1,000 miles to the south-southwest down the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. As the above regional mosaic composite radar loop from late this afternoon shows, this is bringing numerous scattered showers from near Cape Hatteras all the way down the coast to near Cape Canaveral. This includes where my crazy dad lives in Flagler County, Fla.

American Legion Post 175, Severna Park, Md., 2:02PM November 26, 2015.


There is absolutely no Arctic onslaught of any sort in the offing and snow is highly unlikely for the next few weeks at least. If Gary and I do indeed go to Buffalo again for a Christmas time visit (Dec. 25 - 29), it could very well be the second year in a row of no snow -- something that hasn't happened in many years, which makes it all the more likely that it will happen on my stint there.

If that does happen, I'm unlikely to try for a third year in a row.

The main level bar at American Legion Post 175, Severna Park, Md., 2:05PM November 26, 2015.

That as my mom signing us in (as she is the member). Thanksgiving dinner was $8 this year, up a dollar from last year. The bar drinks are still very inexpensive.


As noted, today is my 46th birthday. I had birthday greetings from some of my friends -- Gary, DD, Andrea, and LP. In LP's case, he left me a voice mail (rather than a text) that included listing out the birthdays of some famous people on Nov. 26th.

Thanksgiving dinner in the all-purpose downstairs room, American Legion Post 175, Severna Park, Md., 3:05PM November 26, 2015.


That roster includes the great Tina Turner, the late crooner Robert Goulet, comedian Rich Little, actor Daniel Davis, Seventh Adventist Church founder Ellen G. White, air conditioner inventor Willis Carrier, the late puppeteer Wayland Flowers, and legendary reporter Eric Sevareid, just to name some Americans to say nothing of other folks in other countries at other times. (LP didn't list all those.)

Back at the main level bar at American Legion Post 175, Severna Park, Md., 3:05PM November 26, 2015.


I'm omitting a part about my father that soured the night. I'm extremely upset with him at what I perceive to be vindictive and purposeful mind games he is playing in trying to reach me -- or else, he's just frickin' nuts, which isn't much better.

I am considering cutting off contact with him. I think it is reaching that point. I'll explain more in a subsequent entry.

Yours truly, Richard Todaro, with my mom, American Legion Post 175, Severna Park, Md., about 330PM, November 26, 2015.


Instead of that, I'll relate that I chatted with my mom about my friend Dave J. even while having a vigorous text exchange with him.

I really need to go to the gym -- and intend to do so on Saturday and thereafter get back into my Mon-Wed-Sat or Tue-Thu-Sat routine.

My mom and Ray, American Legion Post 175, Severna Park, Md., about 330PM, November 26, 2015.


The rest of the entry just contains pictures that I took today and additional random commentary.

2 Evergreen Rd, Severna Park, Md., 3:58PM Nov. 26, 2015.

I am posting this picture and the one directly below -- of 4 Evergreen Road -- because my mom worked for the law firm that is housed now at 2 Evergreen Road but for many years (decades) was housed at 4 Evergreen Road. She worked for that law firm from June 28, 1984 to January 18, 2015 with all but the last two years at the 4 Evergreen Road address. I was 14 when she started there and in 8th grade, living with her and Ray in Glen Burnie.

Yes, this little law firm moved exactly one suburban building structure over.


4 Evergreen Rd, Severna Park, Md., 3:58PM Nov. 26, 2015.

This is the building -- a veterinary clinic -- where my mom worked for about 28 of the 30-1/2 years at that law firm. I'm not going to go into any more details (though I'd love to) except to say I am glad she is retired and rid of that place.

I once calculated how much the world's human population had changed in those 30 years and 6 months. Let's just use the general ballpark figures of 130 million births and 52 million deaths (assume it is constant in that time period -- which probably is not the case, but whatever). Start with a 1984 world population of 4.78 billion.

This means that 130,000,000 births/year x 30.5 years = 3.97 billion births and 52,000,000 deaths/year x 30.5 years = 1.59 billion deaths.

4.78 billion + 3.97 billion = 8.75 billion minus 1.59 billion = 7.16 billion.

The world's population is estimated by the UN as of mid-2015 at about 7.35 billion, so that's fairly close for these purposes. Also, note the absolute shift in the number of people alive now that versus then: 1.59 billion (alive then, dead now) + 3.97 billion (not born then, alive now) = 5.56 billion.

The absolute shift is larger than were the total number of people alive in 1984.


Houses along Benfield Rd, Severna Park, Md., 4:04PM November 26, 2015.


Sunset at Rolpark, Millersville, Md., 4:25 Nov. 26, 2015.


This is a ceramic baby that my late cousin Betty Lu made for my mom and that she has had as far back into my early childhood as I can recall.

Betty Lu was my paternal grandmother's older sister's daughter (one of two, both of whom have passed away). She lived in New Jersey. She made this for my mom when she was married to my dad. The little plate contains info on when I was born (date, weight, and length).


I am actually completing this entry around 12:30AM. I started it hours ago (around 5PM). The timestamp on it will show Nov. 26th because I did a quick initial posting around 1145PM and then reverted it to draft.  

The others are asleep. It is very peaceful and cozy here again in the little trailer in this little carpeted, lamp-lit room. (I'm again sleeping on the floor with a bunch of blankets and pillows.) I can occasionally hear muffled rumbling -- jets taking off or landing a few miles away at BWI Airport. I have a fan here that I'll turn on it a bit.

A close-up of aforementioned ceramic sculpture.


OK that's all for now. I am probably going to skip an entry tomorrow (Nov. 27th) and instead won't post another one until Saturday evening (after the gym). The Pittsburgh pictures will have to wait a couple more days.


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