Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mongolian Stir Fry -OR- "I Feel For You / I Think I Love You / Let Me Rock You Genghis Khan"

A sweeping vista of steppe land and snow-capped mountains with a river snaking through it somewhere in Mongolia.

The picture's color looks enhanced, but I don't know.


This is just a quick entry as I would like to take a walk this afternoon for maybe two hours. I'm also supposed to meet Andrea at Commissary around quarter to five.

It is an overcast, drizzly, cool day with temps around 48F here in D.C. Rainfall amounts were light in the immediate D.C. area with KDCA recording only 0.17" but the other regional climate stations had more: KBWI recorded 0.32", KIAD received 0.26", and KDMH checked in with 0.43".

Another weather system is forecasted to move into the region by tomorrow night with rain for Monday night through early Wednesday morning. The NWS QPF map has the Baltimore/Washington area in a 1" to 1.25" range. Parts of eastern Tennessee are in a 2 to 5 inch range with a bull's eye maximum of 6.41" near Chattanooga.

NWS 3-day QPF map valid 0Z - 11/30/2015 - 0Z 12/03/2015.


Last night, I met LP at Maxime in Georgetown -- I walked there -- and we had a nice dinner at the bar. The bartender (T.) is a young man from Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar or, if you prefer, Ulan Bator) who went to high school in a city in China (he said that is common for Mongolians to do that) and is in graduate school here in D.C. He speaks fluent English basically with an American accent rather than the more typical British accent for non-native speakers.

The Ukok Plateau near the far western Mongolian - Russian border.


When I was a very young, I was so intrigued by Mongolia. I recall being at my babysitter Mrs. Hill's house on Spruce Avenue in Wanamassa, New Jersey, and she had an old globe that I would often stare at for minutes. Mongolia was this strange "small" country tucked between the behemoths of the then-Soviet Union (USSR) and China. I forgot the color scheme but I think the USSR was a sort of salmon-red.

For some reason, I had an idea that Mongolia and New Jersey were the same size. Not sure why I thought that. This was around 1973-74.

T. showed us a 2-minute video of Mongolia that a friend of his made that could easily be a tourism ad shown in the United States. Parts of it were greener than I thought. I guess I thought the whole thing was the Gobi Desert.

Something like this.


T. was particularly proud of the ginormous Genghis Khan equestrian statue that was erected about six years ago:


Of note, Ulaanbaatar actually has a skyline:

Ulaanbaatar skyline in August 2013.

This is from this August 2013 article in the New York Times. The city has economically benefited greatly from the country's copper, gold, and coal mining.

The large, weird-looking building is called the Blue Sky Tower and it is 344 feet tall (the tallest in Mongolia), or so says the Keeper of All Knowledge. It is a mixed use building with hotel, and it has this website (this is the English version) with some cool opening music.


Oh, and speaking of Mongolia and the Gobi Desert, there is that awesome opening scene in my all-time favoritest movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind:

The Cotopaxi sequence.

Yes, there was an actual ship of that name that was lost at sea.


Anyway, thereafter we went to the usual spot: Larry's Lounge ... However, even that part was fun and then I got home (LP drove the short way) just before 3AM.

Driving along P St from Georgetown into Dupont Circle on a drizzly night, Washington, D.C., 12:13AM Nov. 29, 2015.


OK, I'm going to cut this entry short since I do want to get out of the apartment while it is still daylight.

My work / gym / life schedule is such that I might not post another entry until Tuesday -- and I'm bound-and-determined to post both the Annapolis and the Pittsburgh pictures in upcoming entries.



fifi said...

Hello, long time no see. I haven't been on a round of my bloggers for YEARS ,so thought I would drop by and here you are chatting about Mongolia....interesting.
anyway, nice to see you.

Regulus said...

Hi Fifi,

Thank you for stopping by. It looks like you have resumed blogging, at least for briefly, so I'll have to stop by occasionally again.

More generally, though, the heyday of blogging is long over -- as are all the comments. Indeed, I keep comment moderation on since the only comments are annoying spam.