Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jukebox Entry for Nov. 14th, 2015: Remembering Paris and Never Forgetting Good Times Edition

This just seems the right thing to post (plus it is lovely) ...

"À Paris" by Yves Montand (date uncertain but likely mid-20th Century)

Paris will always be.


Continuing with our tribute to Paris in this terrible week for that incredible city ...

"Afternoon in Paris" by John Lewis and Sacha Distel from their album of same name (1956)

Lewis wrote this jazz standard in 1955. It's a wonderful piece. This is the full 9+ minute version.


While I suppose it is not entirely appropriate for the occasion, I'd like to end on a hopeful note -- plus I just really like this song and this group's music overall ...

"Good Times" by Chic from the group's Risqué album (1979)

Chic is probably the definitional disco group of the 1970s.


OK, that really is all for now. I'll try to post another entry in a day or two. However, depending on how my week unfolds, there is a chance that I won't post another entry until the middle-to-end of the next workweek (i.e., Wednesday or Thursday night).

For tonight, I'm going out to get dinner and then will do some combo of my usual assortment of places. It's a chilly, breezy, starry night here in D.C. now in mid-November.


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